Do Dr Martens Stop Squeaking

Yes, they do. But stopping the squeaking of Dr martens will require time and several other genius and creative hacks.

In spite of the fact that these cool shoes have been worn by musicians, activists, and celebrities, it subtracts from the cool factor of it to have a squeaking sound follow you everywhere you go while wearing a pair. So embarrassing.

Do Dr Martens Stop Squeaking

How to rid yourself of this small drawback has got you scratching your head and looking up anything on the internet to fix this situation.

The solution to your problem is at hand. But remember that to solve a problem it is important to understand how it started.

Dr. Martens, known as Doc Martens or Docs, are heavy shoes developed by Klaus Maertens, a German military doctor, in 1945 as a result of a skiing accident that left him with a broken leg.

These shoes were modeled after the army boots using rubber from thick tires for the soles.

Maertens enlisted the help of an old friend, an engineer named Herbert Funck, in modifying these shoes, after realizing the shoes were still uncomfortable for his healing leg.

Funck used molded PVC in such a way that air was captured in pockets in the rubber.

This invention was then attached to a shoe using a process by which one sole was sewn onto the shoe and a second sole was heat-sealed to the first layer.

This sole later became known as the AirWair sole and the major culprit for the squeak in Doc’s shoes.

Dr. Martens and Funck began selling the shoes after the war in 1947 under the name Dr. Martens.

Initially favored by injured German soldiers from the war, housewives soon started buying Dr. Martens.

These shoes became sought after beyond Germany and an English manufacturer named R. Griggs and Company purchased the rights to the sole and began manufacturing a variety of shoes.

The first pair to be released was called 1460 because the first shoe was produced on April 1, 1960, and the shoes were renamed, Dr. Martens. 1460 is the iconic Doc Martens.

It is a red or black leather ankle boot with yellow stitching around the rubber sole. Doc Martens have been worn by musicians and celebrities including a Christian leader, Pope John Paul II who wore white Doc Martens.

Doc Martens have been associated with rebellion although it turned out to be a favorite among police officers, factory workers, and postal workers.

Today Dr. Martens are made in a number of styles including sneakers, pumps, and knee-high boots but 1460 remains the top-selling Doc Martens shoes.

Doc Martens have remained a symbol of youth and have influenced the development of boots like timberlands.

Besides the unfortunate squeaking that is a fall out from AirWair soles with extra air, there are a few other reasons for Doc Martens squeaking.

  • Friction Between Two Parts of the Shoe

Sometimes there is friction between two parts of the shoe which results in a squeaking sound as you walk.

  • Perspiration or Moisture

Perspiration or moisture can cause a squeaking sound as well.

  • Wet Shoes

When Doc Martens, like any other shoes, gets wet these shoe squeak.

  • Use of Too Much Adhesive in Shoes

At other times the use of too much adhesive in the shoes brings along with it the annoying squeak.

  • Abrasion Between Shoe Soles and A Surface

Sometimes shoes squeak simply because of abrasion between the soles and a surface.

How to Stop the Squeaking

Having considered some of the main reasons why Dr. Martens squeak, it is now time to look at some ways you can get rid of the unwelcome squeak.

The very first step to take in this regard would be to identify where the shoes are squeaking.

How can you find out where your shoes’ squeaking is coming from? Take a walk. Listen for the squeak as you walk.

Move your feet up and down, back and forth, left to right, and listen.

If you can ask another person to listen for squeaks as you move, it would be even better.

You will discover where the squeaky noise is coming from. Then it would be time to take action to fix it.

Pinch A Hole in The Sole

A quick fix for Doc Martens AirWair soles would be to pinch a tiny hole at the bottom of the sole using a thin needle.

This will enable the extra air to escape and with it the notorious Doc Martens squeaking.

Apply Some Powder

Where the squeaking is caused by friction of the shoe there are four powders, one of which when applied can stop the squeaking.

They are powders that can be found in any household. These are talcum powder, baby powder, bicarbonate soda, or corn starch.

These work by drying up any moisture caused by the friction. To use the powder simply lift the inlay of your shoes and sprinkle bicarbonate soda or any other powder on the midsole.

Then place the inlay back and say bye-bye to the squeak. A bonus benefit when you use bicarbonate soda is that it battles smells in your shoes.

Use Some Lubricant

Another method of getting rid of the squeak would be to use a lubricant for cars, bicycles, and locks on your shoes.

Spray a bit of the lubricant on the squeaking area and wipe with a dry cloth. It is important to note that this lubricant may stain your shoes if not applied with utmost care.

But ultimately the squeaking will be eliminated.

Take It to The Shoemaker

When every other measure fails, it is time to take your Doc martens to a professional in the shoe department, a shoemaker.

The shoemaker will determine what corrective method will suit your shoes and rid you of the squeaking in them.

Now that you are aware of how to stop squeaking in your Doc Martens, perhaps you should consider a few preventive measures for other causes of squeaking apart from ones resulting from too much air in the AirWair sole.

  • If you happen to walk in the rain, maybe because it is romantic and you are dying to catch cold or poor luck, be sure to let your shoes dry. Never put on damp shoes as this is not only likely to lead to a squeak but also a fungal infection or damage to the shoes.
  • Use the right maintenance products for your shoes so that they can last longer.

Doc Martens have recently been growing in popularity with all the actors and other celebrities that have been spotted wearing them.

Apart from the 1460 boots which are a classic, there is a wide range of other styles and designs catering to a very vast range of people’s tastes and interests.

In the last few years, vegan Doc Martens have also been added to the shoe options available. Doc Martens have a reputation for being a little tough to break in when they are new.

So, below are a few bits of wisdom and tips compiled from various owners and experts on Dr. Martens boots to help you break into your new pair of Doc Martens

  • Ease into your new Doc boots by putting them on and walking around the house. Do this as often as you can to get used to the feel of the shoes.
  • Try to soften the leather of your boots with a shoe softening agent. Dr. Martens balsam comes highly recommended for this purpose.
  • You could remove the inner sole of your shoe if you experience any discomfort while walking.
  • Wear more than one pair of socks or a very thick pair of socks with your boots on the first few occasions you get to put them on.
  • Consider investing in boot stretchers which you should use in your boots. These would help especially with the toe area of the boots. Use them at night for the first two weeks.
  • Use your hands to gently bend your boots a few times.
  • When buying Doc Martens, opt for a pair made from softer leather.
  • Hang in there with all the preceding steps for a few weeks. Once you have broken into your Doc Martens they will become very comfortable to wear. And you will be wearing them for a long time since they are generally considered to be one of the strongest and most durable shoes you can ever have.

Some styling ideas with Dr. Martens

Doc Martens gives off an instant cool factor and can be worn by men, women, or children.

The classic doc martens can go with almost anything when trying out corporate casual or casual looks. Pair with jeans and a leather jacket or a floral dress for an instant toughening up of your look.

Doc Martens platform sandals are great with jean shorts and roomy cotton blouses for women. Doc Martens boots pair well with snug-fitting distressed jeans and dark t-shirts.

Doc Martens Size Guide

So now you are looking to buy a pair or two of Doc Martens. How exciting! Below is compiled a few size guide tips from for you to consider before hitting the checkout.

  • Dr. Martens do not carry half sizes. They offer whole sizes. If you are a half size it is advised that you go down to the nearest size.
  • The fit may vary based on the style of the shoe.
  • If you go up a size it will only change the length of the shoes, not the width
  • Sizes are marked on the tongue of the shoe and the ankle strap of most sandals.
  • Inch measurements are the length of the insole not the length of the foot meant to fit in that size
  • Before selecting shoes, measure your foot from heel to toe while standing and wearing the socks you would wear with the shoe. Use the measurement as a reference for the length of the insoles you choose.
  • Consider whether you would like a roomier or tighter fit. A 9.5†foot may fit into a US size 6 technically but a size 7 with more wiggle room would be more comfortable for a person who wants a roomier fit.
  • Bear in mind that the foot is three-dimensional. As a result of this, any two-dimensional measuring tool can only approximate your size.

Here are some favorite Doc Marten shoes

Dr. Martens Women’s 1460 W originals lace-up Boots

do dr martens stop squeaking

The options are almost limitless for these shoes as they are available in over 10 colors to choose from.

It is no wonder it is a hit on Amazon since it is designed like the original 1460 model. It features a rounded toe area for ease in breaking in and is made from cowhide leather.

With the lace-up design, it also features a no-slip PVC AirWair sole.

These shoes are a nod to Dr. Martens’ history, a long and enduring history like these shoes could be for you.

Dr. Martens Hardie Men’s Chelsea boots

do dr martens stop squeaking

These come in three great colors. But the whiskey is a surprisingly great color for styling various casual or corporate casual looks or for that devastating heartthrob vibe if that does it for you.

It features a considerably fuss-free pull-on style with elastic side panels. It is built on the Dr. Marten air-cushioned sole and has the classic yellow stitching.

Lined with moisture-wicking material it ensures your foot stays dry.

Dr. Martens 2976 Women Quad Chelsea Boots

do dr martens stop squeaking

These are a great addition to any closet because they are uber stylish, edgy, and highly functional.

These boots are 100% leather and are constructed on the Dr martens iconic air-cushioned sole including the yellow stitching.

The 2976 women’s quad boots are made with elastic side panels for pull-on wear instead of a lace-up design.

Dr. Martens Unisex Gryphon Gladiator Sandals

do dr martens stop squeaking

These sandals come in black Brando and charro colors respectively. Made of 100% Leather with a rubber sole, the Dr. Martens Unisex Gryphon Sandals pay homage to the ancient gladiator shoes with smooth leather uppers.

It is lined with soft breathable textile. A great and practical style for men and women that would be especially handy on hotter days or in hotter climes.

Dr. Martens are the quintessential youth shoe with a long and useful history from Germany to England and then the rest of the world.

There is a Dr. Marten for everyone -Vegan, non-vegan, men, women, and children.

Dr. Martens may squeak but you have learned that the squeaking can be stopped.

A little effort and patience might be required to break in your Dr. Martens but it will be worth your while as it will serve you well for a long time.

You can be certain that wearing any one of the wide range of fashionable styles or designs of Dr. Martens shoes, is guaranteed to add that extra bit of personality to any outfit.

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