9 Best Shoes for Kpop Dance

There are a lot of available shoes in the market and even online that you can purchase which leaves you confused about which one is the best for Kpop dance.

Not to worry, below are shoes that you can purchase for Kpop dance and they are of good quality without too much grip for you to move easily and quickly on the dance floor.

S/n Top Kpop dance shoes
Ranking Rating (1-5)
  1. Original Adidas sleek Best overall (Unisex) 5 out of 5
  2. Track Balenciaga sneakers Best breathable (Unisex) 4.4 out of 5
  3. Converse men’s run star hike Best lightweight (Male) 5 out of 5
  4. Adidas Yeezy boost clay Best fashionable (Unisex) 4.8 out of 5
  5. Converse Chuck Taylor All-star Best insole (Unisex) 4.5 out of 5
  6. Capezio Rockit women’s Dance Sneaker Comfortable (Female) 4.2 out of 5
  7. Adult Sneaker Split-Sole Best spin (Unisex) 4.3 out of 5
  8. POP Tart Grid Pastry Adult Sneaker Best fashionable (Unisex) 3.7 out of 5
  9. Nike Air Force Men’s Low Sneaker Best lightweight (Male) 4.6 out of 5

What you must consider before buying a shoe for kpop dance

For Kpop dance, the shoes required for you to wear are a sneaker or a trainer with any design “that does not have too much grip like the sneaker or trainer made for sports”.

This simply means you cannot wear your regular type of cover shoes, flip-flops, and so on.

Why? The main reason behind this requirement is not so hard and it is for the dancer’s good. It is for a good movement – for you to be able to move quickly and easily on the dance floor.

Kpop dance involves a non-locomotor movement that is done with the axis of the body and the person either stays on one spot or moves in various directions.

It involves bending, sinking, turning, and other force-related movements.

This is why you are to wear sneakers or trainers that do not have a lot of grip for you to be able to move freely to perform these movements and other attached styles that might or would be added.

This simply means you cannot wear any of the regular shoes that you have at home for Kpop dance but you can purchase a trainer or sneaker made with different colors or designs.

If you have sneakers at home that does not have too much grip on your feet then you can wear them for Kpop dance.

However, if you do not have one, then you would have to purchase one or even more than one because you wouldn’t want to keep repeating the same sneaker or trainer.

When it comes to dressing for dance it requires you to put in a lot of effort because in dance your dressing matters that is why you see dancers of the different crew always trying their best to look cool.

Dressing matters a lot for dance, different shoes, or clothes for a different song with a different style or movement.

Let’s get to the detailed review of the top shoes for Kpop Dance

Originals Adidas sleek

Best Shoes for Kpop Dance

The Original Adidas sleek is one of the best sneakers to wear for Kpop dance. It is one of the shoes that Kpop dancers wear during their dance performance.

These shoes are made with a sole material of rubber, which makes it easy to move quickly or easily on any floor while dancing and this is something needed in a sneaker for Kpop dance.

When you look at your regular shoes, you would see that most of them are made with other materials that are not rubber which makes them have a lot of grips and you do not need grip in dancing Kpop you need to move freely as possible.

This shoe has a closure type which is the lace-up style which makes it easier for you to wear and to pull out when you are done making use of it.

It was made very simple for fast use. The design is what any design would want plus it goes ahead to be available in different sizes and amazing designs.

Original Adidas sleek shoes are very stylish, fashionable, sleek and it is very straightforward.

Straightforward in the sense that it isn’t bombarded with a lot of designs, easy closure type, nice heels, good soles, and all.

It is produced with premium leather and there are also 3 stripes perforated boast and a tonal colorway.

It is very easy to maintain, easier to clean, and dry.

This shoe is very much useful for other non-locomotor movement activities and it is also useful for other activities that do not involve dance because it was made in the most simple style that it could appear for those that love to appear simple in everything they do.

It is not so expensive, it is worth whatever price you find online or in the market and it is available from size 4 to 6.

The only problem that you could probably have with this sneaker is the size. There are no true sizes of this sneaker.

Track Balenciaga shoe

Best Shoes for Kpop Dance

This is another shoe for Kpop dance with an outer material of 100% breathable sock-like knitted mesh upper which involves high stretchability and reinforced suede top-cap wraps for your foot for breathable comfort.

It has an outsole of high rebound phylon which provides stable support and optimal shock absorption for an activity that is not non-locomotor like a sport that involves lateral movement.

It also has an endurable rubber bottom, which is present for easy movement which makes it qualified to be used for Kpop dance.

It has a sock liner and it is present for sweat absorption and also to provide energy and cushion for you to keep dancing in good comfort.

The closure is with a sock-like collar and with an adjustable lace which allows you to wear and pull off easily and also to stop it from falling off your feet after being worn.

This shoe satisfies all who intend to use this for other activities besides dancing and most especially it creates and gives support to Kpop dancers and also it doesn’t produce too much grip.

It can also be used for other outdoor activities and indoor activities too.

It can easily be cleaned and dried, it is available in amazing designs and colors plus all sizes and truth to be told it is worth whatever prices you find it.

It has an amazing endless color variation which makes it so different from other sneaker designs and it can be paired with any fashionable clothes for fashion or dancing.

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Converse Mens Run Star Shoe

Best Shoes for Kpop Dance

Just like sports, dance has shoes that have been produced by different brands and one of those brands includes converse.

Converse men’s run star hike has a sole material which was made with rubber.

This rubber makes it easy for you to dance freely and move quickly and also you would be able to clean and dry your sole easily.

These shoes have an outer material that was made with leather. This leather gives your feet the all-day comfort it needs while you are dancing or training.

The closure type of this shoe is the lace-up style which makes it easier for you to wear and pull off.

This shoe is also available for unisex and it comes in different colors. There is even a glitter edition for extras.

This is so suitable for Kpop dance plus it has a good review from those who have purchased it.

It is very comfortable, it does not possess a lot of grips, it is lightweight, and it is available in any size and other amazing designs.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2

Best Shoes for Kpop Dance

Adidas Yeezy boost clay is another shoe that is best for Kpop dance.

It has a soft outer material that is very much breathable to the feet and a mesh upper collar that kind of holds the ankle giving it support when the feet are moving quickly on the dance floor.

The closure type of this Adidas is the lace-up style which makes it easier for you to wear and pull off.

It was made easier for dancers and because of the material used for the outer layer of the shoe.

The translucent midsole of this shoe has a little gradient treatment in clay color. It has to detail clay heel tabs.

It is comfortable, authentic, fashionable and it is perfectly made in different sizes.

For this shoe, the size determines the price and to be candid whatever price you find is worth it because this shoe was made in a way that suits dancers and other activities.

Converse Men’s Chuck Taylor Sneakers

Best Shoes for Kpop Dance

This converse Chuck Taylor All-star has an outer material that was made with leather and can be easily cleaned and dried because of the material used to make it.

The closure type is in the form of a lace-up style which is easier to be worn and pulled off.

It is available in different colors and sizes, the size you pick would determine the price you would pay.

It has insoles that are removable in case you are not comfortable with the one there, you can simply remove it and use another insole that you have and that are comfortable with.

It is top quality and it is reliable and comfortable.

It has a high collar to hold on to or support the ankle during hard or tough movements while dancing.

Capezio Rockit women’s Dance Sneaker

Best Shoes for Kpop Dance

The Capezio Rockit women’s Dance sneaker is available in one color and different sizes, the size you pick determines the price you get to pay for the sneaker.

This sneaker is made with a firm foam rubber which makes it comfortable and flexible to be worn for Kpop dance and it also makes it lightweight and also breathable for the feet after a long hour of wear.

The perforated arch in this shoe provides ventilation and enough breathability for the feet and this stops the building up of any form of moisture that could result in bad odors.

The fabric type of the shoe is 100% mesh, suede, and synthetic and these materials allow for easy washing and drying of the sneaker when stained.

The sole material of this sneaker is synthetic which is good for breathability below the feet, easy movement of different styles while performing the dance, nice and comfy feeling for the feet.

The outer material of the shoe was made with cotton, this also ensures breathability, lightweight, and other perfect things you could hope for in a dance sneaker.

The closure type of this sneaker is the lace-up style and this makes it easy to wear and pull off.

It has a non-marking PU outsole, padded collar, built-in flex point, and the Achilles notch plus a removable footbed.

The presence of the EVA footbed is to collect shock while you slide and glide freely.

It gives the right ankle support to the feet during any movement while dancing.

The only problem I know you could encounter with this shoe is not getting the right size, every other thing is perfect.

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Adult Sneaker Split-Sole T8000

Best Shoes for Kpop Dance

Looking at this shoe, you should be able to tell how amazing it would be for your Kpop dance.

It is available in just black, different sizes, and the size you pick determines the price you would pay for the sneaker.

This sneaker is made with a mixture of man-made leather and a breathable mesh with a sole of polyurethane and the other sole was made with faux leather.

The insole plus the split heels make this the best option if you suffer from Achilles tendinitis.

As a dancer, you should find this sneaker amusing because of the presence of a padded collar and the spin spot which grants you access to dance for as many hours as you want without feeling pain on your feet.

It has a beautiful closure type which is the lace-up style which makes it easy to wear and pull off.

It has moderate arch support you could ever hope for in a dance sneaker.

The split sole stands available for the safe movement of your knees, it is very light and flexible for great spinning. It has an amazing quality.

It provides the amount of balance you need to pivot without slipping off although it also has a few cons which is the size.

It is more available in a smaller size than in a bigger size and it can be very slippery on a tiled floor so you have to be very careful.

POP Tart Grid Pastry Adult Sneaker

Best Shoes for Kpop Dance

This sneaker is something that you can wear every day just like your regular shoes and also it can be used for Kpop dance.

It is perfect for any freestyle movement you intend to do without you worrying.

You can make quick turns and spins while wearing this shoe plus it is so beautiful in and out.

It has a flexible, traction rubber outsole. It was made with a synthetic material which makes it easy to clean and dry when stained.

It has a memory foam footbed for breathability and a comfy feel. A leather upper collar for support to the ankle.

It has a non-marking sole and a presence of a spin pad which makes your spinning easy and better.

The closure type is the lace-up style for easy wearing and pulling off plus a secure fit for your feet.

The cons of this shoe are, it has short lace plus it doesn’t seem like an excellent choice for professional dancers, and it doesn’t have a perfect size.

Nike Air Force Men’s 1 Low Sneaker

Best Shoes for Kpop Dance

This sneaker is available in different sizes, colors, and the size you pick would determine the price you would pay.

This sneaker is for those who love low classic simple designed sneakers.

The durable and bouncy fit it has was gotten from the use of good quality leather, a soft cushion, and a massive midsole.

The perforated holes you see are for ventilation and dry feet for long-hour wear.

The midsole is for a great cushion and protection against any impact.

It has a leather and a synthetic upper and this makes it easy to clean when it is stained.

It has a 3.22″ shaft, padded collar for ankle support during any turning or movement, a thick embossed Air logo sole to indicate the brand Nike.

It has a non-marking rubber outsole which gives durability and traction and arch support.

The pivot points in the heel and forefoot are available for all kinds of turning.

This sneaker is a long-lasting and high-quality sneaker plus you can rock it anywhere aside from using it to dance.

Although it has its cons which is an irregular size, so you have to make sure you get the right size.


When purchasing any of these shoes that were mentioned in the above content, be sure to pick or purchase the right size because almost all have irregular sizes.

You do not need to worry too much though, they are all good sneakers for Kpop dance.

I hope I have been able to be of help in picking out the best shoes for Kpop dance.

Kindly put down your comments or suggestions if you have any in the comment section below.

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