Are Havaianas Good for Your Feet?

On behalf of all the 260 million pairs of Havaianas that have been sold, yes, they are good for your feet.

Millions of people won’t be using flip-flops if they aren’t comfortable and good for their feet.

Havaianas are designed with one focus, to make walking a pleasure. And come to think of it, they are made in Brazil where there are as many beaches as there are tricycles in Mumbai.

Fellows in Brazil have considered Havaianas the rave since the flip-flops first came into the market in the 60s. And folks there haven’t stopped since.

A whole country believes in Havaianas, you should too.

Are Havaianas better than other flip-flops?

Are Havaianas Good for Your Feet

Yes, Havaianas are better than any other flip-flops in the market for the following reasons:

  • Innovative design
  • They are iconic
  • They are durable

Innovative design

The design and concept of Havaianas are based on the traditional Japanese Zori, a type of flip-flop that they were in the orient that was made from rice straw and a fabric strap.

The Zori was sturdy, it kept your feet cool and more importantly it was cheap.

The makers of Havaianas wanted to make something better though because the Zori couldn’t withstand the humidity and terrain of Brazil where it would come undone in just a matter of days.

They are iconic

Havaianas represent the spirit of Brazil. It is a heritage and Brazilians were the first people to embrace their own wholeheartedly. Havaianas are made nowhere else but in Brazil.

The very pair you wear now traveled a long way to get to you. The company is involved in humanitarian efforts in the areas around the factory. That counts for something.

They are durable

Havaianas are designed to last a long time. Back in the early days of its inception, it lasted so long that sales were affected. People wore the rubber for so long and didn’t feel the need to replace them.

Why do people love Havaianas?

Are Havaianas Good for Your Feet


Everyone, everywhere you go, wears Havaianas. It is the people’s favorite, and not just Brazilians. So why are Havaianas loved?

They are loved for three important reasons:

  • Matchless comfort
  • For the aesthetics
  • They are versatile

Matchless comfort

No matter where we come from or live, we want comfort. Some will say life is hard enough, why make it harder on yourself?

These flip-flops give people everywhere the opportunity to go out and not think about hurting their feet.

Havaianas are super comfortable. The footbed is designed to feel like you are treading on grains of rice. They don’t slip and they provide extreme traction.

For the aesthetics

Are Havaianas Good for Your Feet Are Havaianas Good for Your Feet

Havaianas are not just packing brawn, they are beautiful as well. Shortly after realizing that Brazilians consider Havaianas flip-flops as a commodity, the company started making more colors.

They wanted to show that Havaianas are trendy too. Today you have them in bright colors that are eye-catching.

They are versatile

You’d be surprised at how easy it is to style Havaianas. This is due to the many color palettes that the flip-flops are produced in.

The minimalist design allows guys to wear Havaianas with shorts, pants, and to many outdoor places. Ladies can wear Havaianas with all types of skirts, pants, and gowns.

Havaianas make you feel free, it inspires adventure, making you yearn for the sand seaside. If you love carefree living and fancy not being held down by convention then Havaianas is for you.

You can add Havaianas to your footwear collection and they will not feel out of place in there.

5 of my favorite Havaianas to buy

By now you must be yearning to buy a Havaianas. I got you covered. Below are 5 Havaianas you can buy and their prices.

Havaianas Men’s Flip-flop Sandals

Are Havaianas Good for Your Feet

You have to admit Havaianas are iconic now. Whether you are Brazilian or North American, you must love the seaside, taking walks, and strolling.

These Havaianas are an ideal multipurpose flip flops that you can rely on to take you through warm days and wet ones.

This one here features the straps and cushioned footbed. The footbed is printed on to put you in the mood for summer and sunny days.

And most importantly the strap has the name engraved on it. And they are valued moderately at $20.99.

Havaianas Men’s Brazil Flip-flop

Are Havaianas Good for Your Feet

If you surf you should definitely buy these Havaianas. They are low profile and provide matchless grip under your feet and on sand or any surface.

They are the ideal beachside footwear for when you need to relax from the salt and the high waves, or just to watch the delectables walking about.

Catch yourself a friend while wearing one of these Havaianas. They match any outfit from colored shirts and shorts to pants. These ones are for men and they are valued at $24.

Havaianas Women’s Slim Flatform Flip-flops

Are Havaianas Good for Your Feet

This Havaianas is for ladies who love the outdoor life and would love to have some platform while out there.

The design is thong style, the footbed keeps your feet locked down with the rice pattern. The sole is rubber and provides traction outdoors.

When you think of casual evenings or walks along the shore, think of Havaianas. They can be easily packed in bags for travel.

They can be a woman’s best companion on those long holidays by the lake house. Havaianas are trendy and this pair can be worn with skirts, pants, and jeans.

They can be worn with gowns. And they are only $29.99.

Havaianas Women’s Sunny Flip-flop Sandals

Are Havaianas Good for Your Feet

Havaianas provides a fully functional sandal with all the parts to make it different. This sandal is one of the most unusual ones when you consider its design.

It begins on the forefoot as a flip-flop but ends at the back and heel area with a sandal strap. The heel strap helps to stabilize walking through water, giving you more confidence.

This design allows you to enjoy versatile styling. You can go from wearing this at the beach to a semi-formal setting in town when you attend a party dressed in gowns or even more formal clothes. The heel strap causes all the good differences.

And the sandal features the Havaianas goods: tough straps that don’t cut, a rice pattern footbed for grip, and the rubber sole that’s made from a secret recipe. This sandal is sold for $22.50.

Havaianas Kids Fantasy Flip-flop

Are Havaianas Good for Your Feet

Kids love bright colors, they are attracted to them like moths to light. But as you well know, Havaianas sandals aren’t just colorful, they are tough as well.

Kids love to play, and they need their feet to be protected without limiting how much fun they can get. These flip-flops are Havaianas’s solution. They feature whimsical cartoon characters on the footbed.

Their footbed is soft, but the whole frame is sturdy, able to withstand the roughing of kid exuberance.

Kids will enjoy wearing these Havaianas in the front yard or at the beach. They are $28.

Why are Havaianas so popular?

Havaianas ubiquity has been compared with Coca-Cola in the US. And those who say this are not far from the truth.

Havaianas didn’t have to speak so hard to fans before the flip-flops and sandals were accepted.

For Havaianas, it is not just about the flip-flops but more about the feelings they evoke in the wearer. Havaianas teach us that what they represent is more important than the physical fact of their existence.

Consider some deep reasons why Havaianas are so popular.

  • The feeling of vacation
  • The feeling of great weather
  • The feeling of communal companionship
  • The feeling nationalism

The feeling of nationalism

The story of Havaianas and the country of Brazil are intertwined and as winding as the Amazon that runs through the country itself.

What Coca-Cola is to the US and Havaianas is to Brazil. When a Brazilian buys a Havaianas he feels he has invested in his own heritage.

It is what football is to the country too. This shared ownership of something as simple as a flip flop is what makes everyone want to wear a Havaianas.

You begin to see the feeling transcends the sandals themselves. They have to do with the flag, the country, and the spirit of nationalism.

When you wear Havaianas you feel Brazil on you from anywhere you are on the globe. The first time people wear Havaianas they know instantly they are wearing something different, something foreign yet familiar.

The feeling of communal companionship

At first, people associated Havaianas with poor people. And since there are more poor people on the surface of the earth you can say the market numbers were doing well at that point.

But the makers of Havaianas refused to be content with that narrative. They started making them more beautiful and having celebrities wear them.

Before long Havaianas had crossed the class barrier and everyone who was human in Brazil was wearing them. Havaianas bred a kindred and communal spirit in the people.

When you wear a Havaianas it has nothing to do with your bank account. It is sharing your humanity with everyone else who wears Havaianas all around the globe, from Brazil first, to the rest of humanity.

The feeling of great weather

Holiday junkies and weather chasers love wearing Havaianas. It is the greatest fit for that lifestyle. This is why Havaianas are so popular with a wide range of people.

Brazil is one of the best destinations for vacations and great weather. People from around the world fly to Brazil to enjoy the beaches and fine weather which is on for most of the year.

What better way to enjoy the weather than with Havaianas on your feet.

You can lay on the sand, bare-chested, in your shorts alone, a dark shade over your eyes and a Havaianas on your feet.

Havaianas flip flops just make it easier to enjoy your time in good weather. Of course, they let you enjoy even the worst weather too.

The feeling of vacation

Havaianas are popular because they are associated with vacations. When packing for holidays overseas or nearby people pack easy footwear too. Havaianas are flexible flip-flops. They are easy to pack.

And when you arrive at your destination you find they may be the only footwear you need to wear from start to finish.

They are amazing for vacations like that. It is this feeling of freedom that makes them so appealing to many regardless of their age.

Do Havaianas have a warranty?

Yes, they do have a six-month warranty on them.

Havaianas are considered expensive by some. The reason for this is because they’re flip-flops, simple looking.

But the truth is they’re actually worth every penny.

Havaianas last for long. Unlike other flip-flops, these ones don’t compress at the heels and become flat.

The straps on Havaianas are tough and don’t easily cut even with heavy use. You’d be surprised that Havaianas last for years.

I don’t think there are flip-flops that last for that long anywhere. You can practically walk for miles in Havaianas.

Havaianas come with a six months warranty on purchase. That’s a lot of warranty months for flip-flops if you ask me.

This warranty comes with it when you buy off their online shops or if you buy from their authorized retailers throughout Australia.

You may wonder why Havaianas give such a long warranty on flip-flops. It has to be a thing of pride, standing by their own product.

They trust that the flip-flops will withstand whatever the customer brings to them. Since they began producing Havaianas in 1962, they’ve been faithful to their secret rubber formula.

They make a distinction between fair wear and tear though. The warranty will not cover the normal and natural damage that occurs to products when you use them as you should.

Final thoughts

There’s news though that can’t be ignored, of Havaianas not being as durable as they used to be. At the forefront of the complaining are Australians.

It is about Havaianas snapping in just a few months of use, some even before being able to leave their foots imprint on the footbed.

Perhaps you have had this experience as well. Whatever the case, Havaianas by now have gotten the message. Havaianas remain everyone’s best still.


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