Do you Wear Socks with Sloggers (What Role Does Socks Pay?)

Yes, of course, you need to wear socks with sloggers because they are garden footwear and have no holes for ventilation.

Wearing socks with sloggers could lead to sweating of the feet which would make our feet slippery due to moisture from sweating.

You should wear thick socks though if you ever intend to wear sloggers to prevent slippery legs so that the shoes can stay properly fitted.

Sloggers can be paired with thick socks during the winter as sloggers do not keep feet warm.

How do your Sloggers fit?

Sloggers run a size upward, and for smaller sizes and fit; a size down. So, you need to use wool socks to pair it up or use insoles to get your perfect fit

The right way to wear sloggers fit is to pair them with thick socks to prevent sweaty or cold feet as this footwear does not take care of the climate effect on your feet

When choosing sloggers fit you are to pick a fit smaller if your feet are small or narrow and a fit bigger if your feet are big or wide.

We did a close check-up on sloggers reviews we found out that some people expressed their feelings of foot size issues, that’s why we ran a check.

I found out that our feet are different in shapes, sizes, mass, and structure that’s why when choosing sloggers footwear, you are to pick a size bigger than your feet if you have bigger feet or get a small size downward if your feet are smaller.

Sloggers run a size downward or upward so depending on your feet size, if they are small you can use thick socks to pep up the little space in the shoes to make them well fitted so that they don’t slip out of place.

You can wear your sloggers when the weather is cold or damp and you want to go to the grocery store or have walked around the park or even into the snow, so why not, sloggers are fun and can be paired with jeans or sweatpants

Benefits of wearing Sloggers

There is a wide band of benefits of wearing sloggers fits these are a few we could come up with.

  • Sloggers fit is good to wear in the farms or garden as they keep the feet away from soil dirt and unseen germs in the environment
  • Sloggers keep your feet safe from sharp objects, impacts, or banging objects onto your feet on the farm

Will Sloggers stretch when you wear them with socks?

No. Sloggers will not stretch by wearing socks in them.

The material used in making Sloggers is a hard and resilient resin that flexes while you walk and gives off a rubbery effect and won’t stretch if worn with socks.

However, there are a few things you can do to make a bit of space for your legs to be comfortable in case your legs need a bit of room.

you have to be mindful in doing this because it can cause your footwear to peel, melt or damage it in the process of getting it more spacious

How to stretch your Sloggers

Use hairdryer

  • Firstly you need to double the wool socks worn on the feet before using a hair blow dryer to direct heat on the spots that need space the most
  • It’s important to hold the dryer a bit away from the shoe so as not to overly apply heat which may cause them to burn, melt, peel off the design, or in turn, spoil the footwear totally.
  • So, you need to be careful in doing this as low heat is to be applied gently and in little turns as you gently flex your feet helping the shoe to expand.
  • After applying heat to it you can wear them for a while to walk as it’s still warm to allow for it to expand in the process of wearing them warm.

You can repeat this process eventually until your shoes give a bit of space.

Use shoe stretcher

Another pattern here is to buy a shoe stretcher. Shoe stretchers come in different types according to the type of shoe that you want to stretch and are built to also target hard parts like ankles and toe areas.

There are stretchers for the heel, boot, flat, etc.

Turn the shoe stretcher either left or right, but be careful not to overstretch them as the tightening of the knob on stretchers expands them as you turn them either left or right depending on how the shoe stretching company programs it

What are Sloggers good for?

Slogger’s footwear is good for garden walks, snow, rain. They have grippers that help you against skids or sliding.

Hence, it’s important to wear them with socks for added comfort and to protect your feet from the weather or bugs bite since sloggers are mostly worn for light gardening.

  • Easy to clean
  • Rain shoes
  • Tough and long-wearing
  • Can be fun pairing them

It is important to know this when wearing Sloggers

  • Sloggers are heavy and not advisable to use to travel by flight as they are quite heavier than normal shoes
  • Sloggers can be worn to the farm,
  • Sloggers can be worn casually to walk your pet
  • Sloggers can be worn into the poultry to feet birds as they protect your feet against birds pecking at your feet
  • They can also be worn out on a rainy day as you can style them with your jeans or a beautiful or eye-catching pair of socks

Top Sloggers that are great for you

Do you love spending quality time in your personal garden this spring, it will be of interest if you have the best sloggers based on their quality.

When spending a long time in the garden, preparing for spring planting and seed selection, footwear that offers comfort and is also easily cleaned is coveted.

I have check listed some sloggers that would certainly go well with your garden duties.

Sloggers premium garden clogs


This garden clog from sloggers works well as a garden assistant. The lovable feature about the sloggers is the in-lined moisture-wicking fast-drying fabric that is placed to keep your feet dry and comfortable.

It has padded insoles for optimum comfort and also an edged top with soft water-resistant edging.

The design is shaped roundly, closed-toe with no vents to ensure your feet stay warm in winter months or year-round.

This design keeps out the mud, water, dirt, and other contaminants that may have contact with your feet. They are easily cleaned and can be rinsed off with a hose.

To sweeten the deal they are 100 percent recyclable. The manufacturers encourage its users to return used sloggers if possible to the company for recycling, saving the environment, and producing more sloggers.

Sloggers are not just eco-conscious shoes they are functional too.

Sloggers Waterproof rain and garden shoes


You have to appreciate sloggers garden shoes for how comfortable they fit, especially this model.

They come in both male and female sizes, sliding onto the fit easily with proper heel protection and cover.

Its design is glossy, bright, and colorful adding a touch of playful styling to its incredible design.

Inside the shoes, the insole can be removed. This benefits a proper cleaning process as the insoles can be removed before washing.

This insole material can be washed and dried separately and replacement insole too is available for lost or damaged ones.

From the soles, you can expect a solid grip with its semi-rigid soles with heavy lug thread for dealing effectively with muddy and dry conditions easily.

Sloggers come in full sizes but you can purchase half-size insole used to reduce shoe size by half for better comfort and fit.

The insoles help keep them true to size.

Sloggers Waterproof rain and garden Ankle boots


The sloggers ankle boots can be worn by both men and women. The style is fashionable with patterns and colorful designs all over its sleek glossy finish.

As for being sturdy, you can count on this sloggers shoe for that. The soles are heavy and designed to withstand wet conditions with ease.

They are completely waterproof and come with insoles just like the sloggers above. The raised side ensures that no rain or mud gets inside your shoes and stain your feet.

These shoes have excellent slip-resistant qualities with strong soles and good tread pattern offering good grip on all surfaces.

When wearing this shoe brand you can expect there would be no sliding around in your garden.

Why do you need garden shoes?

If you are new to gardening or have been involved for a while now, you will always need good sturdy garden shoes for gardening.

One reason for a good garden shoe is that any other shoe you attempt to use for this purpose would be rendered useless by becoming a muddy and dirty mess.

The garden environment is brutal to running shoes and dress shoes alike.

The fabric may never be cleaned and constant washing weakens the material over time.

Another thing is that regular shoes have insoles that retain water, this isn’t a good feature for shoes meant for gardening.

You will end up getting soggy and uncomfortable, always wear shoes that are garden recommended.

When you compare garden shoes with regular shoes you discover the lack of moisture retention in them.

They are very much easily cleaned and also quick to dry after a day’s work.

Also, they are comfortable with the trudging movement of garden work.

If you are ever going to pick up gardening, why not decide on a pair of footwear that is designed for such purposes.

By buying premium garden shoes you won’t have regrets.

Features of garden boots, shoes, and clogs

Garden shoes have certain features that set them apart from other regular shoes, these distinct quality is a must for any footwear worthy of being called garden boots or shoes.

So, before making a purchase these are the features to take into account.

The major difference between garden boots and shoes is how they are covered.

Garden clogs are designed with the least amount of cover. They are usually low heeled to allow easy slip-on and off, others have straps added to their structure for better fit and security.

On the other hand, garden shoes have designs that resemble regular shoes more. They have a heel cup but easily slides on and off the feet.

Finally, garden boots are made for tougher and muddier conditions, with significant boot height reaching either the ankle or mid-calf.

Usually, they are more rigid at the soles and perfect for working in larger sizes farm or garden settings also they are good for both summer and winter conditions.

What to look out for?

One thing to look out for in garden shoes is their waterproof nature. If you want to do some proper gardening then get ready for regular contact with water, from watering your plants to regular drainage and irrigation creation.

You don’t want to get your feet in soggy shoes all day while doing some garden duties.

Secondly, you should watch out for the sole of the garden shoes. Many types of soles exist so it’s best you select what works best according to the kind of gardening you do, be it heavy or light.

If you involve in some heavy gardening, then pick out heavy soles for the job.

Also if you just have a small garden you can keep it simple and lightweight most important factor is to ensure that the shoe offers a solid grip at all times.


Sloggers are excellent garden shoes, suitable to handle all your garden chores while protecting your feet and also keeping you stable and firm.

Gardening is done in conditions that are usually muddy and fill with dirt. You need shoes that can handle the mud and wetness but also keep you dry.

Garden shoes like sloggers have easy-to-wash material used to construct them. They dry quickly and have insoles that are designed for comfort during long hours spent gardening.

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