Shrinking Crocs: 10 Things You Should Be Wary of

Shrinking Crocs is a smooth process if you have all it takes to shrink them. You will need a drier, a pair of wet towels to moisturize the crocs when you put them in the drier.

However, if you don’t put certain things into consideration, you might not successfully complete the shrinking process for your pair of crocs.

We will put you through the things to be wary of when shrinking your crocs.

10 Things You Should Be Wary of when shrinking Crocs

  • Your health condition
  • The shrinking method
  • Availability of the needed tools
  • The sole quality of your Crocs
  • Time
  • The need to unshrink
  • Nature of your feet
  • Who wears your Crocs with you
  • How often you wear your Crocs
  • The functionality of your Crocs

Health conditions

As weird as it may seem, you need to be healthy and sound without any form of health conditions for you to be able to successfully shrink your pair of crocs.

This is in fact a basic thing to consider because some people are scared of heat but heat is all you need to shrink crocs.

This could be due to certain skin reactions, allergy or some heat illnesses.

This makes them lose every courage to engage in the act of shrinking even if they may know how to do it perfectly.

This means that they will have to get a new pair of Crocs or make a return if the one they got is not a perfect fit for them.

There are heat illnesses like heat rash, heat exhaustion, heat cramps, or heat stroke. These illnesses may vary from mild to severe health conditions.

Depending on the mildness or severity, you may not be permitted to go anywhere close to the heat as it might worsen your condition.

Shrinking method

Shrinking crocs basically hover around exposing them to a certain amount of heat for a certain period of time.

There are various methods to be used but you will need to be sure of the one available and best for you.

Another thing, make sure you understand a formula or method very well before you try it. This is because a lack of good understanding will definitely lead to miscalculation which is one thing you don’t want to experience.

When you misunderstand a step in a certain method, you might end up losing your pair of crocs if you can’t ensure an immediate response to correcting it.

This implies that you must know how to properly use a drier, hair drier, or even hot water to shrink your pair of Crocs.

In some cases, you can also use the heat from the sun to shrink your crocs. This process is easy but can be time-consuming too.

Availability of the needed tools

For every accomplishment or success, there are always made-possible factors.

For the shrinking of your pair of crocs to be successful, you’ll need to consider what you need in the process. More like the make-possible factors.

First of all, you can shrink your crocs through various methods and every method requires the use of different equipment.

You’ll need to have a dryer if you want to shrink with a drier, a pair of wet towels for better results.

If you intend to use the hot water method, make sure that your heater, a clipping instrument that you can use to hold and dip your crocs into the water. And also pick them out when necessary.

Do not dip your Crocs into hot water and then begin to look for what to use in bringing them out when the time is due(at the already due time).

That may cause your crocs to shrink beyond your feet size. And now, you will need to stretch them a little to have a perfect fit.

You can research the needed tools necessary for every method of shrinking and when you do, make sure they are all made available and arranged at your disposal before you even begin the shrinking process.

The Sole quality of your Crocs

Though crocs are all made from the same material, there are qualities to the soles. Some are thicker and can withstand a certain level of high heat than others.

It is safe to always make sure you know the level of your crocs quality before you decide to dip them into hot water or drier.

This is to ensure that you don’t make your pair of crocs too soft so that when you wear them to fit, you might end up losing a good shape and causing a bad one.

Some soles are made soft and more comfortable than others due to their monetary value. If your Crocs sole is very soft, then you may not need to wear them just immediately after you put them through heat.

Heat makes them very soft and fragile even if they were made strong. That implies that wearing a heated soft sole crocs is dangerous.

That may be a means of damage caused to them. This is because, as you wear them at that fragile moment, the sole may begin to widen or stretch. That would make your crocs not only lose shape but value.

Wearing it like that would make it seem like you are walking on ‘crocs wings’.


To be time conscious is the best thing you can do for yourself when you want to shrink your pair of crocs. It doesn’t matter the kind of crocs sole you may have, they are all naturally soft.

This makes them susceptible to losing shape or form is mistimed during the shrinking process since the best ways are using heat.

However, some Crocs will easily melt if subjected to some level of heat beyond the expected material resistance ability.

This implies that you must be very watchful as Crocs can be ready to be taken out of hot water within a minute to three, depending on the heat level.

And when you’re using a drier, three to five minutes is enough time to shrink your pair of crocs.

Also, you should never begin a shrinking process if you don’t have enough time at your disposal.

You need time and precision to successfully shrink your crocs. Avoid distractions and give your crocs all of your attention when you are shrinking them.

In order to ensure this, It is advisable to probably use a stopwatch to regulate and help keep you in check when shrinking your crocs.

The need to unshrink

This is something people may not consider important to note when they want to shrink their crocs.

Before you decide to shrink your crocs consider the need to shrink them also the need to not unshrink them in the latter days.

This is because you may shrink your Crocs and thereafter, begin to wish you hadn’t. You should always make sure you really want to shrink your crocs due to reasons that you might not regret thereafter before you ever do it.

This is so because, when you begin to shrink and unshrink too often, the heat gradually weakens the crocs material and eventually damages it even before it may serve you for the time it was supposed to.

The nature of your feet

Shrinking Crocs

The human feet can have different forms and sizes and form changes sometimes.

There are big-footed, fat-footed, slim-footed and then others whose feet change forms occasionally. The size may change as a result of growth.

The form change could be due to health conditions, genetic engineering, too many fatty foods, and lack of good exercise.

When you sit around doing nothing and eating a lot of fatty foods, your feet may begin to swell.

This swell will eventually affect how you wear your crocs and whether or not you may need to stretch them.

If your feet swell when you walk or sit for a while due to accumulated fat or a genetic disorder, do not shrink your crocs.

As your feet swell, it needs more space to accommodate its new size and if it doesn’t have it, your crocs will become too tight, and thereby, causing you discomfort for one, and then it becomes liable to quick damage too.

By quick damage, I mean that your crocs will begin to overstretch unnecessarily, and therefore, they will begin to tear off at different parts that pressure is being applied more.

As they tear, the tears will create lines to follow in order to join each other. You should know the only possible outcome now I believe.

Who wears your Crocs with you

Crocs are basically meant to be worn by just the person who goes to buy them or place the order. I mean, you should get one if you deem it necessary that you have one. That is the natural order of how things should be.

But situations may change due to certain unplanned moments or events. Your partner or best friend may come over for the weekend.

This implies that if you don’t have another pair for them, they may decide to use yours and your feet sizes may vary in this respect. This is due to the fact that crocs are flexible, easy to wear, and comfortable.

It could be that your friends may come over for a party at your place. You can’t expect that some people may not throw up on themselves and in order to honor courtesy, you may need to wash them up and give them new outfits including footwear. Your crocs could be the easiest and most suitable choice you know.

This means that before you shrink your Crocs ensure to make available a spare pair, just in case you may experience the unexpected that will need you to use them.

If you don’t make possible arrangements, then I guess you’ll have to be stingy or very protective of your crocs, especially after shrinking them.

This is because if you don’t, then you may need to shrink again if your friends’ feets are bigger than yours.

How often you wear your Crocs

The number of times you wear your crocs is a necessary thing to consider before you shrink it. If your crocs is wear-always footwear, it could be safe not to shrink it in the first place.

This is because, wearing your crocs on a frequent basis, stretches it. So shrinking may just be a waste of your time and resources. This is due to the fact that it will eventually stretch again.

And when they do, they will have to undergo a shrinking process all over again.

This leaves them liable to be damaged at any time because, heat will only soften the material and therefore, making it weak after every shrinking process.

The functionality of your Crocs

People purchase their different pairs of Crocs for basically different reasons. Some people have crocs as indoor footwear, some as their garden or dirty work kit.

Some other people buy Crocs to serve as a ‘wear to go’ footwear due to its simplicity.

You don’t need to lace up a pair of Crocs or would you have to undergo any form of stress while trying to wear it. You can literally just slip your feet in.

And one of its qualities is that it hangs on to your feet and doesn’t slip out easily even though you can wear them easily.

Those who buy them for work purposes may not need to shrink their crocs because the tighter your crocs, the easiest it can be damaged. When they are bigger and stretched, it helps you work better and freely.

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A pair of new Crocs can be the perfect fit, a little tight or a little bit bigger than the size of your feet.

Whether or not your new Crocs are tighter or bigger, you can fix them into the perfect fit for your feet.

It is basically subjecting them to a certain level of heat, appropriate for whichever fit you desire.

The heat will loosen the materials if you want to stretch or tighten them if you want to shrink. There are also various methods of heat application.

Follow the methods appropriately and ensure you understand every step that is involved in any method before you decide to use it.

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