Is True Religion True to Size?

Yes, True Religion fit true to size. They are available in many sizes so all you need is to pick the right size and you won’t have the issue of them being too small or too big.

However, it is important to note that true religion jeans are made of mostly cotton so they tend to shrink when washed. Not in an extreme way but they may get shorter with time.

Also, some true religion jeans are made of a material called spandex that makes them stretchy. With a lot of wear, the material will sag and expand.

That is why after a while, the jeans are not as they were the first time you got them. Generally, after a lot of wear, the areas where tension is the most on jeans will stretch.

For example, my jeans were a perfect fit when I first got them but after a few months, the waist was a bit loose because the waist had a lot of tension applied there.

Despite all these, taking good care of them will stall these effects.

True religion jeans size chart

True Religion Size Chart for men

Is True Religion True to Size

Size Waist Hips
28 30 – 31 38 – 39
29 31- 32 39 – 40
30 32 – 33 40 – 41
31 33 – 34 41 – 42
32 34 – 35 42 – 43
33 35 – 36 43 – 44
34 37 – 38 44 – 45
36 38 – 39 46 – 47
38 40 – 41 48 – 49
40 42 – 43 50 – 51
42 44 – 45 52 – 53
44 46 – 47 54 – 55
46 48 – 49 56 – 57
48 50 – 51 58 – 59

True Religion Size Chart for women

Size Jean size Waist Hips
Letter Numeric
00 23 25.5 33
0 24/25 27 34/35
2 26 28.5 36
S 4 27 29.5 37
6 28 30.5 38
M 8 29 31.5 39
10 30 32.5 40
L 12 31 33.5 41
14 32 34.5 42
XL 16 33 35.5 43
XL/2XL 18 34 36.5 44
2XL 20 36 38.5 45
3XL 22 38 40.5 46

Why is the chart important? Well, it is not just a random table. It shows the details of each size of jeans for both men and women.

If you study the tables you will notice that the size range for the men is 28 – 44 and some sizes are nonexistent while the range for the women is 23 – 32.

Also, the size of the waist and hips for men and women differ. Let’s compare one size for both men and women. Let’s use size 28. It is available for both men and women though with different hips and waist measurements.

The waist and hips measurements for men are 30 and 38 respectively while for the women are 28.5 and 36. The difference 8s clear.

The size 28 starts the men’s size range implying that the men’s jeans are bigger than women’s.

Again, in the men’s chart, you don’t see the numeric measurement that you see in the women’s chart.

So, if you are a woman going for a men’s true religion jeans will be difficult because you will have to find your size and you will not be very lucky.

The waists of women are usually narrower or smaller than that of men, and in terms of hips, thighs are considered for men while thighs and hips are considered for women.

Now let’s move to size and Jean size. They are two different measurements. The sizes 00, 0, 2, and so on are your measurements.

If you are confused, the letter sizes (XS, S, and so on) will be a guide. For instance, I have a small waist and wide hips but I don’t understand the numeric measurement so I will use the letter measurements instead.

I fit into a small size so my true religion jeans size is 2.

The jeans size is then the equivalent of your own size. Since I wear a small size or a size 2, my true religion jeans are size 26. If I go to the mall to buy and I want to pick one, I will look for size 26.

It doesn’t have anything to do with the hips or waist, it is just the size of the jeans.

Another point to note is that an exact fitting depends on a whole lot of features. I am a size 2, so my jeans size is 26 but my hips are 38 which doesn’t tally with the 36.

What do I do here? If I get a size 6 that has 38 as the hip measurement, the waist will be too big for me.

Here is what to do. I will get size 4 which will not make the waist too small or big, and the hips might be snug but remember that true religion jeans stretch because of the spandex and so I will have no problem fitting into them.

You can also get a size above your own And shrink them without spoiling them. Let’s go back to me as a case study. So my hips are 38 which is a size 6 but I fit into a size 2 because of the waist.

What can I do? I will buy a size 6 and put them on. Then fill a bathtub with hot water and sit in it until it cools.

Since hot water shrinks cotton, it will shrink to my size because I am wearing it. If I got a size 4, I go through the same process and the spandex will stretch the order places that are a bit small.

And that is how you do it. Just make sure you are careful to not buy a size too small or too big.

How to take care of your True Religion jeans

  • Wash with care
  • No bleaching
  • Wash carefully with a washing machine
  • Do not wash your jeans too frequently

Wash with care

Like I said earlier these jeans are made of mostly cotton and cotton shrinks when exposed to heat.

That means it is best to wash your jeans with cold water and detergent. Hot water and sun drying will shrink them.

You do not necessarily have to scrub them. All you need is good detergent and cold water. Pour the detergent to get soapy water and then soak the jeans in.

Before you wash, be sure to turn them inside out. This way the color on the right side will be retained.

Rinse thoroughly, till all the soap has gone out, and spread. Spread them right side out.

No bleaching

No bleaching. Yes, they will give the denim that shines and make you look fabulous but you are ruining the material.

It may shine but it is not okay on the inside or all round. You are killing it slowly. Do not apply bleach whether you are using a washing machine or you are washing by hand.

If you want to retain the color and still wash them well, in place of bleach you can use bar soap. Get your bucket, and put the amount of water that will be enough to soak the jeans.

Then put the bar soap in it. It will start to melt and do the work if the bleach and you will still retain the color and wash it well without spoiling the material. After a few hours, you can wash them properly.

Wash carefully with a washing machine

If you must wash them with a washing machine, make sure they are turned inside out, in cold water and detergent.

Make sure they are on a gentle cycle. All these conditions and settings will make your jeans don’t fade.

Don’t put them alone no matter how highly you esteem them. Add other clothes with them so the machine is full.

The spin will have an effect on them that will run them but if they are jam-packed the effect will be minimal.

If you want to dry them, do not put them in a dryer, you will ruin them. Spread them on a line outside.

Also, do not put them under direct sunlight. Put them where there is air but not infer the sun. Sun-drying will shrink them.

Do not wash your jeans too frequently

With the type of material denim is, it is already thick so if you need them on quick notice, you will have a problem getting them dry.

Washing them too frequently makes them lose color and makes the material wear faster. You don’t want to do that to your pants do you?

Space the washing, denim doesn’t really get dirty after the first wear. You can wash them after two or three times of wearing them.


In conclusion, please take good care of your True Religion jeans because they are delicate.

Take your time to find the right size and follow all the tips above to maintain and care for them.

Till the next article, goodbye.

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