Espadrilles vs Loafers: Comparison

There’s an internet hullabaloo on this question as different people, driven by different interests and satisfactions, cannot draw closure on this end as every set is bent on their respective takes.

However, we shall do some unveiling that will serve as a roadmap to helping you understand the functionality of both better. Firstly, there is a need to know the major differences between these two.

Espadrille shoes are rope soled. They are casual shoes having varying soles (mostly runner soles) ranging from low heel to high heel. 

On the other hand, loafers shoes range from tasseled loafers to classic penny. Usually, loafers have rubber soles and are made of leather. Are there other differences between them? Sure.

Other important differences between Espadrilles and Loafers

There are other differences between these shoes. But firstly, there is a need to understand what Loafers and Espadrilles are.

A Loafer is a low and slip-on shoe – a shoe without laces. This means it does not go past the ankle, a Loafer just sits around the ankle area snuggly.

It usually has a low-profile heel that is separate from the upper. More often than not, loafers are made of leather.

Espadrille is shoes that are designed with jute fabric. This type of fabric is an iconic material for Espadrille designs that range from simple to the best of intricate designs.

Espadrille shoes are reinforced with the use of vulcanized rubber. Espadrilles come in different iterations like; ballet flat, slip-on, Mules, and wedges.

1.  Sole 

While Loafers’ soles are mostly rubber, Espadrilles come in varying soles types. This paints a demarcation picture in the construction of both shoes making it a big differentiating factor.

Although both shoes are comfortable and nice, Espadrilles have more existing and potential buyers looking in their direction because of the luxury of sole options they are offered.

This is the reason you see Espadrilles coming on different models like the slip-on, Mules, and the rest of them.

2. Heel

The heel of both shoes also differentiates them. Loafers are strictly low-profile shoes whereas Espadrilles have high heels.

This has also led to why Espadrilles has better heel support than Loafers, an advantage that puts it on a better terrain on grounds of demand.

This also results in solid and natural arch support in the entirety of the rope sole, thereby leading to balance.

Besides, aesthetically, not only do Espadrilles’ wedge heels add elegance to the shoe, but it also gives it a touch of uniqueness.

Loafers on the other hand do not have heels, albeit they are comfortable and just keep your foot in a relaxed position.

One advantage of this is that the fitting of loafers maintains your natural foot pattern – it does not alter it in any way that causes discomfort.

3. Material


The material used for Loafers is usually leather material. They are very strong, have good wear resistance, and can withstand harsh conditions.

Most of which are lightweight and corrected grain leather. They have very shiny outlooks that buttress their nice silhouette.

Loafers material lasts pretty long compared to other products and is great to behold.


Espadrilles materials are cool too, their fabric upper material makes them very breathable and flexible. A fine blend of class and fineness.

This material dries out quickly and is very resistant to shrinkage or creasing owing to the presence of tiny strands of elastic polymeric materials that are infused inside of it.

One cool thing you would love about the material is its ability to conform to different foot types. And this happens with so much ease.

What’s the point of Espadrilles?

Versatility and flexibility

The point of Espadrilles is to provide people with better shoes that are extremely versatile and flexible as there are just fewer shoes that are great with this.

The design of Espadrilles allows you to dress in various styles and patterns.

It accommodates different attires and makes you cool in them. Although most times you’d come off more semi-formal than formal.

Either with jeans or chino pants or dress pants, Espadrilles is the go-to guy that never disappoints.

Easy wear

You’d agree that once in a while, one needs to take a break from footwear that puts them in an over-serious state.

Footwear varies according to the need for them as it relates to their use at a particular place and time.

You do not want to be seen in work boots when you are just going on a casual outing. This is where Espadrilles should come in handy.

You can easily use it casually and not come off overly dressed for an informal outing.


For affordability too. There is not much footwear that has good quality and is also affordable. There hasn’t been a reliable shoe model that has a fine blend of quality and price.

So, another point of Espadrilles is so that people can get shoes that are not just quality ones, but also affordable too.

It is easy for people to associate price tag with quality, however, that is not always the case.

Are Espadrilles good for your feet?

The right question that should come to mind is, “what makes a shoe good for your feet?”

The right shoe that is good for your feet is one that has a good extent of cushioning and arch support such that your feet are kept in the best comfortable state possible. 

The right shoes that are good for your feet are shoes with an excellent shock absorption ability and with thicker soles for better balance. 

You would find out that that is a high level syncing between the qualities of shoes and the features of Espadrilles shoes.

Other reasons why Espadrilles is the ideal shoe is because:

  • It comes with a firm heel cup which does not answer to collapse even when subjected to squeeze.
  • It has toe flexibility without the back of the shoe touching the front when not worn.
  • It cannot fold in half completely, this means it still has some healthy extent of strength that should suffice for use on terrain with an uneven surface.

What is the point of loafers?

There are existing footwear before the design of Loafers. Definitely, they’re made to fill in a void where other shoes do not suffice. Here are a few of them below.

To create slip-on formal shoes

Most dress shoes are usually laced shoes and it could be stressful to deal with them sometimes. The coming of loafers eliminated that shoe-lacing stress that people have to deal with.

The reason for Loafers design is to bring up a dress shoe that can be worn for formal occasions, albeit still having an easy on and off.

This is to enjoy the easy–to–handle advantages of casual shoes while simultaneously enjoying the outlook of formal shoes too. A perfect combination.

To offer more for little

Going by all sane metrics used for measuring the complexity and value that shoes carry, Loafers are truly quality shoes. From construction to material, to aesthetics, to foot gains and versatility.

Loafers are supposed to be far more expensive than regular shoes. But then, you find loafers for almost the same amount as these shoes. Indeed they offer more for less.

What are the similarities between Espadrilles and Loafers?

Inasmuch as these shoes have their differences, they still have a number of things that puts them on a table of similitude.

Hence, they are similar in a few ways.

  • Both shoes are Antiskid
  • Both shoes are easy to maintain

Both shoes are Antiskid

The sole materials of both shoes give them the ability to withstand skidding on wet surfaces. They usually have a good grip on grounds where other footwear can easily slide.

Some shoes that have the best of features get you rolling over every time it come they come in contact with

Both shoes are easy to maintain

The core factors that determine the ease at which shoes can be maintained are material and construction.

In this regard, these shoes rarely take up dirt, and when they do, a simple wife brings them back to their shiny state.

Although there is a need for washing them in the long run, that is once in a blue moon. They don’t crease too, especially Espadrilles. Shoes that get dirty easily are pretty annoying.

Great Espadrilles to buy

Minnetonka Women’s Espadrille

Espadrilles vs Loafers

It is said that the sole is the heart of a shoe, and as this is true, then all soles should be made of comfortable, durable, and fine materials.

Here is one shoe that has done great in that regard. Its sole is made of a mini flex runner. This means, that not only is it long-lasting, but it is also flexible enough just so your feet are not in some uncomfortable stiff position.

This sole is cool as it comes with yet another advantage. Yes, it makes the shoes extremely lightweight. This is because the weight of a shoe’s sole largely tells of the shoe’s overall weight.

This Espadrille is quite very breathable and had a nice fitting all thanks to the handcrafted design. The insole is the core determinant of a shoe.

And the fact that this women’s Espadrille is made with a thin microfoam cushioned insole is just perfect!

Stacy Adams Men’s Espadrille

Espadrilles vs Loafers

This Stacy Adam’s Men’s Espadrille combines fashion and comfort. It has a jute sidewall and a suede upper.

Not only is it durable, but it also delivers one of the best foot comforts ever; it has good shock absorbency and excellent arch support.

This design particularly caught my fancy. I currently have three Espadrille but this is my favorite.

Have you ever wondered if there are shoes that are true to size, yet they fit feet that are a size above it as well as a size below it? Well, you have got one here.

This is worth every penny spent on it as I’m speaking from a place of experience.

Great loafers to buy

Nunn Bushmen’s Comfortable Loafer

Espadrilles vs Loafers

This is a renowned Loafer shoe that is popular for its high durability among other Loafers. It is made with premium materials.

The footbed that has direct contact with your feet is made of durable EVA and material.  It comes with a fabric mesh lining that adds to your comfort and enhances cushioning.

This Bushmen’s Loafer never fails at better fitting; it comes in wider, medium, and small sizes. There’s the extra-wide size too.

This is one shoe that is designed to keep you at ease on long weekend walks. With this Nunn Loafer, three things are sure; comfort, durability, and good aesthetics.

Maichal Women’s Loafer

Espadrilles vs Loafers

Maichal Women’s Loafer is made to suffice for many occasions as it is made with fine, comfortable, and unique material. To be precise, the material used is a type of luxury split leather that gives a sharp and smart look.

Aside from being durable, other qualities that people look out for in shoes are their weight. No one wants to be saddled with heavy foot weight. Hence, this Maichal Loafer is extremely lightweight.

The rubber sole gives it dominance for use on many surfaces without the fear of falling from slipping. It’s big on traction control and resistance to shock.

This is a recommended work shoe for both young and old, you don’t easily get tired feet from this pair. An ideal choice for long working hours.

It will interest you to know that there’s enough room in the toe box to allow you to use socks if you wish. With Maichal Women Loafer, you have the luxury of choices.

Final Words

Espadrilles Vs Loafers becomes an easy comparison when you understand the features and functioning of both.

You must be equipped with the right knowledge of both so that you are in the light of which to wear when, and which works more for you.

In this article, you have been offered a speedboat to ride on the waters of their similarities and differences so you can stick to what works for you.


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