Do True Religion Jeans Shrink?

True Religion jeans are known for their distinctive designs and premium materials, which are the possible reasons why so many people have fallen in love with the brand.

However, sometimes customers worry about the possibility of shrinkage in True Religion jeans and the other types of True Religion jeans clothes.

But do true religion jeans shrink?

Yes, there is a possibility that your True religion jeans will shrink by a few inches down after the washing and exposure to the sun.

However, if you are afraid that the material will shrink after being washed or dried, there is a way to prevent this from happening.

The best way is to stop the shrinking process before it even gets started is by knowing how this happens in the first place.

How do True Religion jeans shrink?

While True Religion jeans are known for their luxurious fabric and cut, it is a good thing that, unlike many other brands, they shrink uniquely.

The True Religion jeans have a shrink-to-fit material which means that the jeans will be fitted to your body. The material is designed so that it can adapt to the size of your body.

However, they may shrink by as much as one inch when you wash them because of the fabric’s uniqueness.

But based on my experience with jeans from this brand, I can say that if you don’t dry and stretch them back into shape, they will shrink further.

The material of the True Religion denim is what causes it to shrink. Denim is made from cotton and soaks up water during the washing process, which causes it to contract in size.

When you dry the denim jeans, the moisture in the material will evaporate and cause them to shrink more than it absorbed water.

In addition to that, different brands have different materials for their jeans which means that their jeans may shrink differently.

Another factor contributing to how much a person’s true religion jeans will shrink post-washing is how tight or loose they are when they’re first purchased and worn for an extended period.

However, the cycle of washing, drying, and wearing your denim True Religion jeans can take its toll on your fabric over time, as dirt, stain, and water weaken the material’s natural strength.

This is why most people who inquire about the possibility of shrinkage of their true religion jeans care to know because they intend to wash their jeans to make them look new again by shrinking them back to what size they were before they were worn out or faded.

Meanwhile, others wash their jeans to keep them clean and avoid the hassle of stains and odors. The thoughts of shrinkage to these people only worry them as it is not within the purview of their intent.

If you are in the latter category, you would be more interested in practical ways to reduce True Religion Jeans shrinking even when you wash and dry them often.

Is there any way to reduce True Religion Jeans shrinking?

Generally speaking, Jeans made with the True religion kind of material usually shrink when washed, as the fibers inside them get together.

So, washing your jeans in cold water can help keep the material from shrinking too much. But there are more to these.

If you are worried about shrinking your True Religion Jeans, these tips will help you reduce this problem.

There is no perfect way to prevent the natural shrinkage of fabric; however, there are a few things that you can do to help prevent this from happening. These include:

Machine dry your jeans after each wear

Hang dry only as long as necessary to remove excess moisture and water sports, and then the machine dries them on low heat or no heat.

This will ensure that the denim is not exposed to too much heat, which will cause shrinking.

Avoid hot water detergent with high water temperatures when washing your jeans

The hotter the water, the more the risk of shrinkage

As cited earlier, wash jeans with cold or warm water on their cycle in cold water

You can air-dry them or on a low-heat cycle in the dryer to prevent the shrinking process.

Note: The main reason True Religion jeans shrink is that they are washed and dried in a way that the manufacturer does not recommend.

So take note of the three tips to prevent such occurrence from your beloved statement piece, especially if you are among those who prefer jeans that have a tight fit.

Should I size up in True Religion jeans?

The sizing of True Religion jeans typically runs small, and it’s recommended to order one size up for a more comfortable fit.

Another factor for larger sizes is that denim tends to stretch over time, resulting in a looser fit.

If you are unsure what size to order, you should consult the size guide on their website and use the True Religion sizing calculator.

At True Religion, men’s cuts come in either a slim fit or straight cut, while women’s cut comes in straight-cut or boot-cut with an elastic waistband.

If you are not sure what size to order, it is recommended to get your size from another brand and compare them to ensure the same size.

When comparing sizes on True Religion jeans, select the pair you would like to purchase, then compare them with similar pairs from other brands at the same price point.


True Religion jeans designs are known for their high-quality, appealing, and strong design.

Normally, the possibility of shrinkage in True Religion jeans is not a huge issue because they are made from high-grade materials.

However, some people may prefer jeans that have a tight fit. In this case, it is not always easy to find out how to reduce True Religion Jeans shrinking.

In the above article, we have touched on the possibility of jeans shrinkage with True Religion designs, how this happens, and possible ways to prevent your True religion jeans from shrinking, even when you wash and dry them often.

Happy styling!


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