Havaianas vs Fipper: Which Is Better?

Havaianas vs Fipper

People make the “Havaianas vs Fipper” comparison as there seems to be a market battle of dominance between the two brands. Fipper is a Malaysian-based company that makes use of safe and natural Thai rubber for the production of slippers and other footwear that are antibacterial, anti-slip, and easy to maintain. On the other hand, … Read more

Havaianas vs Reef: Which Is Better?

Havaianas vs Reef

As long as customers’ preferences are concerned, the “Havaianas Vs Reef flip flops” comparison will always linger. The major difference between Havaianas and reef flip flops is that Havaianas is made from latex, the natural biodegradable type, while, Reef flip flops are made with the durable EVA material. Reef flip flops are foot-friendly and require … Read more

Do Men’s Ugg Slippers Run Small?

Do Men’s Ugg Slippers Run Small

UGG is an American footwear brand known for making high-quality and comfortable footwear. One of the brand’s best-selling footwear is the UGG slippers. UGG slippers are luxurious, soft slip-ons that are fit for both indoor and outdoor. They are designed to give you the right look and feel. As someone who loves and owns a … Read more