Do UGG Slippers Run Big or Small?

Do UGG Slippers Run Big or Small

Based on my experience, UGG slippers run at half a size smaller than the normal size. So, if your foot is extremely wide, then you should take note of this when buying your UGG slippers. Size really matters with UGG shoes because you’ll of their soft and flexible material ensemble including synthetic rubber, natural sheepskin/leather, … Read more

10 Best Slippers for a Broken Toe

Best Slippers for a Broken Toe

Having a broken toe is discomforting and painful. However, you can relieve yourself of this pain by getting yourself a pair of slippers (any of the slippers listed above would do just fine) for your casual outings. Some organizations might allow you to wear these slippers to work as well (if you are not given … Read more

Can You Wear Slippers to Poly?

Can You Wear Slippers to Poly

You can wear slippers to poly. The recent surge in the indecent dressing of students across polytechnics has birthed a new regulation against indecent dressing. Among the various prohibited outfits for students and staff is bathroom slippers. This is only a type of slippers among the numerous classes of slippers. This does not automatically disqualify … Read more

Can You Wear Flip Flops to Thorpe Park?

Can You Wear Flip Flops to Thorpe Park

Yes, flip-flops can be worn on days out in the park. Take your time out to enjoy the scenery and explore all the attractions on the park grounds. Flip flops are needed especially for rides or attractions involving contact with water. Wearing flip-flops saves you from walking around all day in soggy sneakers after getting … Read more