Viakix vs Chaco: Which Is Better?

Viakix vs Chaco

The major difference between Viakiz and Chaco is that Chaco sandals stand out from the crowd because of their adjustable, pull-through straps and anatomical LUVSEAT footbed, while Viakix has a thick comfortable EVA foam midsole, more cushioning, and less stress on the joints. Chaco sandals are a famous choice with a large following. Chaco sandals … Read more

Luna vs Shamma Sandals: Which Is Better?

Luna vs Shamma Sandals

The major difference between Luna and Shamma sandals is their detailed outsole construction. While Luna sandals focus on grippy soles for traction on slippery surfaces, Shamma focuses on ultra-thin soles for comfort. Both sandals look so identical you have to pay extra attention to notice this little detail. The rest of the debate is nothing … Read more

Viakix vs Teva: Which Is Better?

Viakix vs Teva

The major difference between the two sandals is that Viakix has better arch support and heel cup than Teva. Viakix are specifically made for walking, hence the focus on comfort since comfortable stress-free walking requires arch and heel support. Without good arch support, your feet will ache. A good heel cup gives better launch and … Read more

Duckfeet vs Birkenstocks: Side by Side Comparison

Duckfeet vs Birkenstocks

The major difference between Duckfeet and Birkenstocks is that Duckfeet’s design gives enough room for your toes to move, such that air is easily accessible to your feet, while Birkenstock produces footwear that is designed to have corked footbeds fashioned with layers of jute and suede. Duckfeet is a Denmark footwear brand that has been … Read more