Can You Run In Boxing Shoes?

No, you shouldn’t. It is not advised that you run in boxing shoes.

In sports, every gear is designed for specific purposes. Manufacturers take into consideration some factors as they design shoes.

For example, boxing shoes are designed to fit the particular sport of boxing, the typical movement of boxers, the texture of the floor of boxing rings, and the speed needs of the boxer.

Whereas, running shoes are designed with an entirely different objective in mind. The two sports are quite different, and the athletes move differently too.

When choosing shoes for running or for any sport whatsoever, it is important to take factors like movement, speed, and comfortability into consideration.

Why should you not run in boxing shoes?

Boxing shoes are technically shoes and can be worn by anyone. You can even run in them. But you should not, for the following reasons:

  • No arch support
  • Little cushioning available
  • The high ankle design
  • Less sturdy material
  • Boxing shoes are low drop

No arch support

Boxing shoes lack arch support by their peculiar design. Boxers do not have any need for arch support because they need all the flexibility they can get in fights. They are always pivoting and twisting their ankles and knees.

With arch support, this important technique becomes difficult to execute.

Running Shoes on the other hand are designed with arch support to protect the feet because running is a high-impact sport.

The arch support in running shoes protects the shank of the feet as they land on hard surfaces.

Little cushioning available

Running Shoes have lots of cushioning but boxing shoes have less. The reason is that boxing shoes need to be lightweight.

Boxers have to execute plenty of movements as they fight. These movements will be slow or entirely hampered if their shoes are packed with cushioning.

Running shoes have much need cushioning. The cushioning covers the feet as they run, protecting the feet from the general shock created by the impact of the falling feet on the floor.

The high ankle design

Boxing shoes come with extra material that covers the ankles. The reason for this is to protect the ankles from sprains as the boxer shifts forward, backward, sideways, and bounces.

The tight covering over the ankles keeps the feet together in that area and prevents sprains.

Whereas, running requires flexibility in the ankles which is why many running shoes stop below the ankle, leaving that area free for movement.

Running with boxing shoes is only going to cause more damage than good. It may cause stiffening and injuries in the ankles.

Less sturdy material

Boxing shoes aren’t designed for the outdoors, and nor are they qualified for it. Another reason is the material they are made of. Boxing shoes are designed with less sturdy material.

Many are made with suede and meshed material to keep the shoe aerated and cool. This also allows the shoe to have less weight and flexibility.

Shoes designed for the outdoors are made with sturdy materials that withstand harsh weather, and road difficulties. The material on running shoes is usually fabric or synthetic.

Moreover, boxing is an indoor sport that doesn’t require hard materials in the shoes because boxers don’t have to deal with weather or road difficulties.

Boxing shoes are low drop

The low drop of boxing shoes is important as boxers have to shuffle around the boxing ring a lot. These movements are better executed with low-drop shoes.

Running with such a shoe can cause injuries over time.

Running shoes also come with heel support because of the mechanism of running; the feet usually land heel first, hence the back to forefoot drop.

What shoes should boxers wear to run?

So, if you can’t run with boxing shoes, what then do boxers run with? The answer follows what boxers are used to in the ring.

Their running shoes should be lightweight, comfortable, and provide adequate support. Below are 6 shoes that will serve boxers well in running.

Nike’s Air Zoom Pegasus 36

Can You Run In Boxing Shoes

Nike makes some of the best running shoes any boxer can buy. They have been in the footwear business long enough to know what works and what doesn’t.

This Nike Zoom Pegasus 36 comes with great breathability. The uppers are perforated allowing air to come in through the mesh.

It is designed with a slim heel collar to reduce bulk so that comfort is not compromised. The high resilience sockliner mimics the feel of boxing shoes around the ankles, adapting to the contour of your feet for support.

Waffle pistons under the sole allow you to enjoy multi-surface traction. Get this running shoe from Nike for $104.76.

Altra Torin 5

Can You Run In Boxing Shoes

This leather upper Altra Torin is ready for whatever you bring it. It features a Footpod technology with slip-resistant rubber, the exact thing a boxer needs and is used to in the ring.

It features a FootShape toe box that allows your toes to enjoy comfort while running. The Altra EGO Max midsole is light, soft, and comfortable.

Altra outdid themselves with these running shoes and you’ll love it too. Make the investment of $160 to buy this shoe.

Asics Gel Nimbus 24

Can You Run In Boxing Shoes

Asics are the best at what they do. And boxers will find this running shoe very comfortable.

They have a low drop profile that gives the feeling of boxing shoes. The minimalist design will allow for long runs. It features mesh uppers engineered to wrap around the feet while delivering ventilation.

There’s a rear and forefoot engineered GEL technology cushioning system that absorbs shock when your feet hit the ground and allows multiple movements, just like a boxer would want it.

The FF-Blast technology allows soft landing and responsive takeoff. Boxers can buy this shoe here for $159.95

Brooks Ghost 14

Can You Run In Boxing Shoes

Go with the fun of the run with this Brooks Ghost running shoe. This shoe allows you to enjoy a seamless transition with simplified midsole construction.

The support and cushioning on this shoe allow all types of training, road running, cross-training, and even on the treadmill in the gym.

The Ghost 14 is a neutral shoe that provides cushioning and support for running. A boxer wears this and feels at home because the low drop effect is like those of a boxer’s shoe.

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080

Can You Run In Boxing Shoes

New Balance designed this footwear for everyone who wants to enjoy running. Boxers can especially choose this one too. It comes with Fresh Foam midsole cushioning to deliver precision and a lightweight ride.

The upper material is designed to hug the top of your feet properly to deliver a supportive running. It is like wearing boxing shoes with all that extra material around the ankles.

The upper is also meshed to provide ventilation. This shoe is all about support, something boxers know so well. Buy this shoe for $149.85

Saucony Ride 15

Can You Run In Boxing Shoes

You’re a boxer, and you’re looking for a lighter, softer shoe for running? Here it is in the Saucony Ride 15.

This shoe is engineered with more cushioning than most shoes yet remains lightweight and delivers some of the springiest you can ask for.

It is beveled from the heel to the forefoot so carefully to give you a smooth ride, propelling you from heel to toe easily.

You sit into the shoe not just stand on it because the midsole is so soft, allowing your feet to contour into it. Buy this shoe for $139.95

Can you wear boxing shoes casually?

No. Leave boxing shoes where they belong, which is in the ring. I get that those shoes can look so cute on boxers. If you are a boxing fan, you may fantasize about being one.

You may want to begin your journey as a budding boxer by showing off your shoes casually.

If you care about your feet so much, you won’t. And for the sake of your budding boxing career—if you are one, that is—protect your feet by avoiding wearing boxing shoes casually.

Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t wear boxing shoes casually.

  • They don’t withstand hard surfaces
  • They lack traction for street roads
  • Lack of cushioning for everyday wear

Boxing shoes don’t withstand hard surfaces

As you may know, boxing shoes are designed for the soft canvas of the boxing ring. Street surfaces are harsher than that. While ring surfaces are smooth, street pavements are gritty and hard.

Boxing shoes will lose their souls, literally, in just a couple of days of wearing them casually. You’d have wasted your cash.

They lack traction for street roads

You have noticed boxers shuffling around the ring and don’t slip. That’s exactly what the shoes are designed for. Yet, even that amount of grip is not sufficient for street surfaces.

You only have to take a regular casual shoe and compare the patterns under the soles with those of a boxer’s shoes.

Lack of cushioning for everyday wear

Boxing shoes have very little cushioning because boxers have to carry little weight on the lower body to be effective punchers. Lightweight shoes have thin cushioning, which is not enough for casual use.

With such little cushioning, your feet risk aches and blisters.

If you need running shoes, it is best you stay off boxing shoes. Consider any of the shoes I’ve listed. Anyone, even boxers will find them effective for running.


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