15 Best Insoles for Altama Shoes (in 2022)

Altama shoes are shoes for extra miles and are worn by the best and bravest, they are very durable with the slightest wear.

When we talk of Altama shoes, we talk of Army Rangers, Air Force, Navy Seals, Military, Pro Athletes, and other tough jobs.

You would need insoles for this shoe because the insole would make the shoe very much comfortable and stable for you to wear.

They offer enough cushioning, extra support, and balance. Some even have an anti-fatigue technology to help you reduce stress and other have anti-odor technology to prevent odor from your shoe.

Below are my top 15 insoles that are perfect for Altama shoes

Insoles for Altama Shoes
Features Rating
Pace Insole for Plantar Fasciitis Firm support and relieves pain 4.3/5
Timberland Anti-fatigue Insole Anti-fatigue technology 4.5/5
Superfeet Green Insole Extra cushioning and support 4.5/5
Keen Utility Insole Anti-odor technology and Foot and heel alignment 4.5/5
Spenco Insole Helps to absorb shock and impact as well as return energy 4.5/5
Sof Sole Insole Moisture-wicking treatment and managing temperature 4.5/5
Xinifoot Flexible Insole Good shock absorption and a breathable comfort mesh 4.1/5
Dr. Foot Orthotic Insole
Dual-layer of cushioning 4.2/5
Footbox Micro Memory Insole
Reduce fatigue and ankle strain 4.0/5
Pedag Holiday Insole
Made from vegetable-tanned leather and other natural materials 4.3/5
Powerstep Original Insole
A polyester fabric top 4.5/5
Ramble Insole for flat feet 2 part system i.e a replaceable top cover and a molded arch support. 4.2/5
Dr. Scholl’s Insole
Shock and arch guard technology 4.4/5
Dr. Scholl’s Comfort Insole Two-layer of foam for extra cushioning i.e the top and bottom layer 4.4/5
Dr. Scholl Running Insole Triple Zone Protection 4.4/5

Pace Insole for Plantar Fasciitis

Best Insoles for Altama Shoes

The insole has extra firm support that gets you on your feet. It offers a firmness which is recommended by podiatrists.

It has a deep heel cup that helps to reduce impact, improve balance, reduce pain and increase your stability. It can be replaced, it helps with foot pain and offers extra cushioning.

It offers pain relief due to its firmness and reduces pronation. It has 5mm thick top covers which makes the insole ideal for most tedious activities.

If you are heavy on your feet, you should get this insole because studies have shown that firm support is more effective when it comes to treating plantar fasciitis.

Timberland Anti-fatigue Insole

Best Insoles for Altama Shoes

This insole has an ortholite fabric and a synthetic sole material. It offers good performance and comfort. It is an anti-fatigue technology insole.

It keeps you comfortable on your feet all day long. It has a shock-absorbing system and a geometrical technology which helps to return energy back to the foot.

This insole can help enhance your job performance each day. If you need an anti-fatigue insole for your Altama shoe, you can get Timberland PRO men’s Anti-fatigue technology.

Superfeet Green Insole

Best Insoles for Altama Shoes

It is made of 100% polyester and it is not water-resistant. It can be trimmed to fit and can keep you on your feet all day long. Its heel cup which is deep and as well wide offers extra cushioning and incredible support for long-distance.

It provides good stability and support to help reduce stress. It has a closed-cell foam construction which gives the foot cushioning.

It has a built-in stability cap that adds extra structure and support.

Keen Utility Insole

Best Insoles for Altama Shoes

It is 100% synthetic and also not water-resistant. Its shock-absorbing material is thick, full, and premium. This insole will cushion your feet without compression.

It provides energy return as you carry out your activities. Its heel cup helps to align the heel and the feet. It has anti-odor technology.

It features Cleansport NXT which is known to be a natural, quick-drying, and probiotic-based technology.

This technology helps to break down odor while you sweat and prevent your Altama shoe from smelling bad. This insole can be trimmed to fit.

It has a full-length layer of high-rebound foam which helps to fight fatigue on the feet all day long.

Spenco Trainer Insole

Best Insoles for Altama Shoes

This insole controls odor and as well prevents blisters. Its EVA forefoot cushion helps to provide cushioning and also returns energy for high-impact duties.

This insole absorbs shock and impact. Its lightweight polysorb polyurethane foam helps to provide arch and heel support.

Sof Sole Insole

Best Insoles for Altama Shoes

It is an insole that improves your comfort and fit. It is perfect for cross-training, walking, and running.

It has a contoured neutral arch which is perfect for all foot types. It incorporates cushioning which is lightweight and gel pads on the heel and forefoot, this provides comfort without stressing the feet.

It has a hydrologic moisture-wicking treatment which would help to keep your feet properly dry, helps to manage temperature, and as well odor. It is available for you to trim.

This insole helps you to engage in high-impact or tough activities that keep you on your feet.

If you are in need of an insole to help improve performance and as well the comfort of your feet.

Xinifoot Insole

Best Insoles for Altama Shoes

This insole can come in either black or gray color. It is soft but very supportive. It ensures maximum stability as well as softness while you walk.

It protects your feet from strenuous activities. It improves comfort, provides good shock absorption, and is an excellent cushioning for relieving foot pain.

It is environmentally friendly, odorless, flexible, light, soft, and as well durable.

It keeps your feet from slipping and has a breathable comfort mesh surface. It is meant for people who stand for a long time.

You can trim this insole to fit your shoe width and gives you convenience.

Dr. Foot Orthotic Insole

Best Insoles for Altama Shoes

This insole has an Ethylene Vinyl Acetate material. It is perfect for a high arch and low arch.

It provides added arch support and reduces pressure. The insole absorbs shock and helps to ease discomfort which is caused by fallen arch.

It is made of high-quality EVA material which helps to wick sweat, it is anti-slip with a dual-layer of cushioning. This insole is made for both women and men.

If you are in need of an insole to reduce your feet pain, Achilles tendonitis, fatigue as a result of flat feet, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, ankle strain, and other foot problem.

It has an anti-sweat top layer for freshness and comfort. It has a heel cradle for maximum stability.

Footbox Memory Foam Insole

Best Insoles for Altama Shoes

This insole is perfect for the low arch. It has micro memory foam for your leg and body. It keeps you comfortable all day long. It absorbs the impact and reduces stress. It reduces strain on the ankle, lower back, and knee.

It gives you a bed-like feeling by giving excellent comfort and cushion. It makes walking around and standing easier and offers support all day long.

It helps to reduce fatigue and arching in the heel.

Pedag Holiday Insole

Best Insoles for Altama Shoes

This insole is thin enough to fit your Altama shoe. Its upper portion is made of 100% leather. This Holiday insert is gotten from vegetable-tanned leather. The perfect insole for standing for a long time.

The insole supports you from the heel through the ball of your feet. It is good for feet afflicted conditions like flat feet, supination, and others.

Pedag insole is made from many natural materials like wool, leather, cotton, cork, and aluminum. This insole is skin-friendly and nature friendly.

It is produced with water-based adhesive to reduce the harsh chemical glues which should not be in contact with the skin.

Powerstep Original Insole

Best Insoles for Altama Shoes

It is made of 100% polyester. It offers moderate cushioning and neutral arch support. It is ideal for foot problems and creates a very comfortable atmosphere for your feet. Its neutral arch support is inbuilt.

The insole cradles the arch and heel. It adds stability and helps to control motion. It reduces stress on your ankles, joints, feet, and tendons.

It is firm and also a flexible support shell. It has a deep heel cradle cushion. Its polyester fabric top keeps your feet very dry and comfortable. It prevents friction and heat all day long.

It is not a water-resistant insole.

Ramble Insole for flat feet

Best Insoles for Altama Shoes

This insole is perfect for people with flat feet and people that stand all day long. It is firm and as well flexible, it helps to keep the feet healthy by giving arch support and energy return. Its top cover is about 5mm thick.

This insole provides all-day comfort and support to the feet. It comes in four arch heights which are the low, high, medium, and extra high.

This arch height is to enable you to get a perfect fit for your feet. It has 2 part system which is the replaceable top cover and a molded arch support.

The replaceable top cover enables an easy replacement of the insoles to make them look new again. The insole is resilient and long-lasting.

It has an open-cell polyurethane foam that is topped with 100% recycled polyester fabric. It incorporates an antimicrobial treatment that will keep your feet fresh all day long.

Dr. Scholl Insole

Best Insoles for Altama Shoes

This heavy-duty insole is meant for people with lower back pain as well as foot and leg fatigue.

It has a shock guard technology that helps to distribute weight as well as reduce impact while walking.

It relieves pain and suits men of over 200 pounds. It can be trimmed to fit and can be replaced every six months.

It has a full-length cushioning that helps to distribute foot pressure.

It incorporates reinforced arch support with an Arch Guard technology designed to reduce weight.

It also incorporates a Shock Guard technology that helps to absorb pain-inducing shock in the heel.

Dr. Scholl’s Comfort Insole

Best Insoles for Altama Shoes

This Double Air-Pillo insole is made of a rubber material. It is designed for people that usually feel discomfort on their feet during the day.

It has a top layer of foam that molds the shape of your feet and as well offers maximum comfort.

It also has a bottom layer as well which is made of Sure Grip foam to ensure bouncy steps. This insole can be trimmed to fit.

The two layers of extra-thick foam provide good cushioning for all-day comfort. It contains natural rubber latex and is designed for both men and women.

Dr. Scholl Running Insole

Best Insoles for Altama Shoes

It relieves and prevents pain. It is designed with Triple Zone Protection for optimum support. It helps to reduce wear and tear on your feet and also reduces shock.

The Triple Zone Protection is for; the Ball of the foot, the Reinforced Arch support, and the Deep heel cup. The ball of the foot helps to improve cushioning and as well distribute pressure.

The reinforced arch support improves the transition of weight and the deep heel cup absorbs impact with each step.


The insoles discussed above are the best insole for your Altama shoes. They have links attached for an easy purchase. The insoles are protective and as well provide stability.

They help to reduce foot problems and pain. They can also be trimmed and also affordable.


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