13 Alternatives to RM Williams Boot (in 2022)

Before RM Williams first opened his store in his father’s shed in 1934, he was first making just leather products, and where he sold them to some particular cattle stations in 1932.

Right from that time, up until now, comfort and foot safety was the core focus of the RM Williams designs.

This means if any boot can be deemed fit to serve as an alternative to RM Williams boots, surely such boots must have passed the exceptional foot safety and comfort test.

We have done the research and have found some boots that are a perfect replacement for the RM Williams boots. Our guide opens you to 13 alternatives to RM Williams boots.

  1. Red Wings Women’s Silversmith Short Boot
  2. Rossi Men’s Waterproof Fashion Boot
  3. Arkbird Men’s Chelsea Chukka Ankle Boot
  4. Blundstone Unisex Lux Boot
  5. Redback Steel Toe Boot
  6. Levi’s Baxter Boot
  7. SipLip Genuine Leather Chukka Combat Boot
  8. Saint Lauren Women’s Rangers Boot
  9. Vostey Business Casual Boot
  10. Nisolo Women’s Leather Boot
  11. Dr. Martens Unisex Leather Boot
  12. Hawkwell Casual Dress Ankle Chukka Boot
  13. Chaco Chelsea Waterproof Boot

Red Wings Women’s Silversmith Short Boot

Alternatives to RM Williams Boot

This brand originates from Red Wing, Minnesota. It’s obviously named after the place. This comes first on this list because it embodies all the qualities that should help for foot safety and comfortability.

Following the RM Williams boots’ features, this boot is quite big on foot protection and comfort. What accounts for these are the Goodyear welt construction, cushy footbed, and toe protection features.

Since it’s underfoot that takes most of the pressure, it is only logical that shoe features should be geared towards bettering that end.

The designers of this shoe prioritize that as there is an underlined cushy leather footbed that offers cushioning and support.

Aside from its leather being very breathable which makes room for air accessibility, the inner lining also wicks away sweat.

All of these collectively contribute towards keeping the feet in moderate dryness, and humidity.

The Vibram outsole is both water and oil-resistant. It provides good traction and extreme grip.

Rossi Men’s Waterproof Fashion Boot

Alternatives to RM Williams Boot

The main features that account for the comfort of this shoe are the flexible rubber sole and the lightweight construction.

The rubber sole gives it a superior urban touch – so you’re sure of not being easily susceptible to slips. I find it pretty cool that the shoe, in its entirety, is waterproof too.

An inner look into this footwear opens you up to its multifaceted design. It is not just great for vacation and formal events – it is cool for casual outings and the nightlife party too. Trust this Italian design for a nice traditional and sophisticated design.

This is one boot that has a comfortable fit and does not compromise on quality. The material is very durable and worth every penny spent on it. The footbed brings cushioning and allows for better shock absorption while holding the foot in care.

Aside from the cool features that this boot embodies, it is fashionable too. Both in color and material.

The summary of this boot is, round toe, lace-up, rubber sole, suede, dark blue, good balance, and superior comfort. How great can a boot be?

Arkbird Men’s Chelsea Chukka Ankle Boot

Alternatives to RM Williams Boot

Get this real quick, please. Latex is a high-performance material; it is sponge-like. It is obtained through a foaming process.

This gives it extreme comfort, high permeability, (ability to be breathable), and good moisture-absorbing properties.

Having known this, it’s cool to say that this chukka ankle boot is made with the same latex cushioned footbed.

It comes with the heel counter guide too, and the toe area is strong enough for securement of that part. The leather material used for this design is 100% genuine, hence its durability and comfort.

Heard about the Goodyear welt construction? Of all construction types, it sits atop the list. It’s relieving to know that the same is adopted for this shoe model.

This is one of the finest handcrafted shoes that is made with a far more complex technique.

You should also know it is true to size and doesn’t take long before it breaks in; precisely within a period of two to three weeks. It all boils down to how often it is used.

It is made with a very soft lining and an insole that helps the feet to be odor-free and in comfort for everyday use.

Blundstone Unisex Lux Boot

Alternatives to RM Williams Boot

Everything about this boot is geared towards advanced foot protection and true comfort.

Trust the Blundstone brand that has been in the shoe-making game for over 130 years to have learned more than enough from the vicissitudes of fashion and quality, to deliver true worth.

The top of the boot (the boot neck) features dual panels, elastic ones that make on and off done as smoothly as possible.

The sole is made of polyurethane material which enhances traction control and slip resistance. This is the product of a brand that has been making unique and sturdy boots.

While this shoe can be cushy and all, it still has a nice blend of ruggedness that makes it withstand tougher terrains without giving in to wear or tear.

If you’re a lover of boots with moderate shaft height, then this is cool. Its shaft height is just 5inches. It’s very comforting and protects the ankle. The inner walls are very foot-friendly as well.

Redback Steel Toe Boot

Alternatives to RM Williams Boot

When a shoe’s sole is made with a blend of rubber and leather, then know for sure that ground grip and traction are certain.

You have one here. Although the outer material is 100% leather made from animal hide after having for through a good tanning process that better its durability.

Ideally, any boot that should be deemed a good alternative to RM Williams boots must have a good extent of foot protection features and elevated comfort.

This boot is captured in that picture as it features a steel toe guide and a soft padded insole and footbed, both of which respectively account for a foot guide and thrilling sensation.

The reinforced heel is 15 layered and contributes to the support and comfort in no small way. The footbed is a full arch type that can suffice for all three heel types.

The Leather-rubber hybrid sole also contributes to the overall balance too. This is because it offers the right dose of energy return that betters every footstrike.

Reback steel toe boot has always been the people’s choice when it comes to modern craftsmanship and superior design that can be used for varying occasions.

Its multiple facets give it this edge. A shoe that takes both aesthetics and users’ experiences is truly a good alternative to RM Williams boots.

Levi’s Baxter Boot

Alternatives to RM Williams Boot

Levis is a worldwide known brand for phenomenal construction. This model is one of their latest editions.

Like other iterations, it has a rubber sole and is made of 100% leather, however, it comes with an advanced comfort level because it has a very soft and springy insole, which does not just keep the foot in tenderness, but also helps the foot in maintaining the right dose of contact with the uppers.

This Baxter boot has some nice foot protection features too; the toe guide and heel counter guide. It even betters their alignment and completeness.

An embodiment of ruggedness without sacrificing the inner softness that should be. The coolest thing here is how attention is paid to details.

Here is one of the sturdiest designs. While it may look weighty, it is not. This is a lightweight construction.

The leather and sole materials are carefully chosen for this reason. This is one boot that can be used for both formal and casual outings.

Levis made this boot following that true traditional American style that is known for quality and comfort.

It comes with an ankle support feature that stabilizes and protects the mid-range ankle areas that protect it from being susceptible to twisting and other ankle injuries.

SipLip Genuine Leather Chukka Combat Boot

Alternatives to RM Williams Boot

If boots are stuffed with great features but aren’t made with durable materials, in no time, everything will end in futility. More like a great ride on the nose bridge; it’s pretty short.

This is why this SipLip Chukka boot is made with the famous full-grain durable leather, a leather that is the best of all leather types in the history of shoemaking. It has undergone a series of rigorous testing.

There are different types of shoe lasts that fit different feet; ranging from large, medium, and small, albeit the DH08 is the most universal.

The same last is used for this boot model and has helped in creating ample toe room to fit varying feet. It also betters the side-to-side movement and allows for support.

This boot model is lightweight and has a sole that gives good overall balance and enhanced traction. But then, you must know, compared to standard shoe sizes, this boot runs large.

It is why we advise that you size down while making a purchase. More specifically, we advise that you size down by half as sizing down by a whole number will fetch you foot compression in no time.

Looking for a nice blend of affordability, quality, and comfort? Here you have it. Too good to be true, huh?

Saint Lauren Women’s Rangers Boot

Alternatives to RM Williams Boot

As regards an alternative for RM Williams boots, this is one of the best choices for women. Both in aesthetic and inner features. Although it is not very lightweight.

However, it is comfortable to walk in. It is a sturdy design that still finds a way to make room for foot friendliness. That is a witty mix of toughness and thrills.

This boot is not very big on modern softness and all cushy inner linings though. All of its features are made to be rugged and edgy; an intermediate between soft and hard.

In all of these, it still takes breathability into account. And oh, the aesthetic appeal is top-notch! The welt at the toe area and the heel side of the sole carry bullet-like silver decorations.

Above the lace eyelets, there’s a buckle that doesn’t just serve aesthetic purposes, it also helps to hold the foot in tenderness.

This model has a rubber sole that is flexible and goes with the flow when used on uneven ground.

While it is true that it’s not very breathable, the insole is big on shock absorbency, hence, the issue of moisture build-up is tackled as your feet are sure to be in moderate dryness.

Vostey Business Casual Boot

Alternatives to RM Williams Boot

It can be very annoying when you get to use boots that end up doing a heavy disservice to your feet.

Every boot in this article that is chosen as an alternative to RM Williams boots is picked on the account that they can meet four core areas; comfort, durability, fluid resistance, and a great aesthetic. And this Vostey boot is not left out.

How did it meet the aforementioned features? Here we go.

For comfort, this boot has a textile lining and a soft footbed that gives support to the arch and adds some cushioning.

For durability, it is made with quality synthetic leather that has passed the easy wear and tear test.

Its fluid and slip resisting ability is traceable to the rubber sole. This sole has a good dose of friction control, hence, it is anti-skid.

Its outer appearance is great and glossy. The beautiful eyelets are visible too and appear great when laced with either black or brown laces.

A note from the manufacturer spells out that its return policy is only valid for 30 days.

Although there are other terms and conditions that include evident damage by the user which the company shall not accept in case of return.

Nisolo Women’s Leather Boot

Alternatives to RM Williams Boot

This women’s leather boot has a timeless design that rarely goes bad with any dress format.

The suede outer material easily catches one’s fancy at a first glance, plus, shaft height makes it very compatible with different pants types.

I’ve seen different boots in their various designs, but here is one with an uncanny aura that almost literally screams your name.

This is one of the coolest designs you can get to save the day in times of unexpected liquid spills; it is water-resistant. It comes with internal flexible features that make for easy on and off and comfort.

This is a hand-cut leather design that leaves your foot in ultimate comfort.  The sole material is leather and a tad mixture of other synthetic materials at the edges, just so there’s a good gait.

Dr. Martens Unisex Leather Boot

Alternatives to RM Williams Boot

Here’s what you get from this boot: good fitting, ease of use, exterior toughness for foot protection, comfort, and better style.

All of these are common with the RM Williams boots. So it is only good that a good alternative for RMW boots should have them as well.

This boot is handcrafted specifically to fit both sexes. It is not just made with durable leather, it is made with the finest of construction; the Goodyear welt.

Trust the Dr. Martens brand that began in 1945 to have gone through a series of shoe construction evolution to come up with unmatched quality in this time.

Good traction? Breathability? Comfort? All of these you’ve got neither excess nor insufficient, all are in healthy doses of moderation. Perfect!

Hawkwell Casual Dress Ankle Chukka Boot

Alternatives to RM Williams Boot

If there are two sure things that are taken into consideration in this design, then it is stability and customer satisfaction. All of which are the bedrock of excellence in the world of footwear.

The two factors that respectively account for these are the TPR outsole and the soft materials used for the design. Surprisingly, both the outer and sole material is rubber.

It comes with side panels on both sides, elastic ones, that serve as a foot guide and for quiche on and off.

When it comes to the extreme versatility and classic style, the Hawkwell Chukka boot got you covered.

While it’s great in both safety and comfort, a cool thing about it is that its resistance goes for rain and snow.

Getting a shoe stuffed with all of these qualities isn’t easy to come by.

Chaco Chelsea Waterproof Boot

Alternatives to RM Williams Boot

Here’s what you get here: a polyurethane midsole for an advanced comfort level, a waterproof design, and a rubber outsole for better traction control. What more is needed for a good boot?

Because this Chaco boot is made with full-grain leather, it is very long-lasting. This also allows for its water resistance too. Although this is just for the uppers.

The healthy foot alignment comes from the LUVSEAT arch support feature. There’s no better source of all-day comfort than this.

This comfort also gets better with the canvas and leather linings. The shaft height is just up to the ankle area, the sole is a tad flexible to not keep the feet in a stiff position all day.

If there’s one boot with good features that can serve as an RM Williams alternative to a very good extent, then it’s this Chaco waterproof boot.


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