10 Shoes Similar To Asics GT 2000 – Best Asics GT 2000 Alternatives (in 2022)

When it comes to running, your choice of shoe matters. Not all shoes are good for running. You should be on the lookout for one that offers quality, stability, speed, comfort, and good shock absorption.

Shoes with soft sole are not good for running, as you will be making a lot of impacts as your feet hit the ground.

You will need shoes with solid soles and enough shock absorption to withstand the force. The Asics GT 2000 are popular running shoes that encompass these qualities.

However, if you are on the lookout for other brands that produce good running shoes, be rest assured that you will find what you are looking for. This article will be dealing with 10 shoes similar to Asics GT 2000.

10 Best Asics GT 2000 Alternatives

Running Shoes Unique features similar to Asics GT 2000 Rating
Whitin Women’s Running Shoes They are good for daily training 4.4/5
Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20 The heel is well-cushioned and supportive 4.7/5
Asics Gel Nimbus 24 They have the Trusstic system 4.6/5
Mishansha Women’s Running Shoes Lightweight stability shoe 4.2/5
Mizuno wave Inspire 17 They have removable Insole 5/5
Adidas Adizero Adios Pro 2 The outsole is made of rubber 4.6/5
Salomon Speedcross Pro 2 The closure is lace-up which helps secure the foot in place. 4/5
New Balance 860v12 They are lightweight and flexible 4.6/5
Saucony Guide 14 The upper is made of mesh 4.6/5
Hoka Arahi 5 These shoes are good for overpronators 4.5/5

These shoes are good for runners and offer mild to lightweight stability, one of the needed features for running shoes. They are lightweight and flexible, offering maximum comfort.

Their uppers are designed with mesh that helps with enough breathability for your foot. Mesh is much lighter than leather which makes them a good choice for running shoes as they make the shoes lighter in weight.

The insoles offer enough cushioning for the feet. The midsoles too are designed with materials that offer great comfort and stability.

Their outsoles are made of rubber that is sturdy for enough shock absorption. They are slip-resistant, offering solid traction on any surface. They are a good replacement for Asics GT 2000.

Whitin Women’s Running Shoes

Shoes Similar To Asics GT 2000

The Whitin running shoes are great running shoes. They are suitable for easy mileage and daily training and provide mild stability.

They are firmer and more durable. They are also good walking shoes, adding a bit of style as you rock them with your jeans.

The upper features an open engineered mesh with synthetic overlays for proper air circulation, keeping your feet cool and dry. It is comfortable as it fits your feet.

The midsole is made with full EVA foam to provide better cushioning from heel to toe.

The heel base and counter are slightly reinforced for better stability. They help lock your foot in place.

The rubber outsole provides quality traction on any surface.

It has a soft tongue that helps for easy slip-on and slip-off.

It has a padded collar that provides adequate comfort at the ankle.

The closure type lace-up helps keep midfoot in place and provides a more secure fit for your foot.

The Whitin running shoes have a removable foam Insole for maximum underfoot support and stability.

This shoe is good for overpronators.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20

Shoes Similar To Asics GT 2000

This is the best stability product from Brooks. The shoe is lightweight and durable providing adequate support and cushioning for runners.

This shoe is good for overpronators. It features a 3D print knit upper that keeps the foot in place, yet roomy for the toes’ movement.

The meshed upper has enough holes for proper ventilation, leaving your feet all-day dry.

In the midsole with the DNA LOFT technology, a new type of EVA foam is enclosed around the shoe.

It is well cushioned and offers a responsive and quicker ride and better transition from midfoot to forefoot.

The heel area is supportive and well-cushioned. The tongue folds over the laces seamlessly, allowing for easy slip-on.

The lace-type closure is smooth and allows for quick tightening and loosening.

The rubber outsole provides good traction on any surface.

The insole is removable.

Asics Gel Nimbus 24

Shoes Similar To Asics GT 2000

Another beautiful product of the Asics is the Gel Nimbus 24. They are good for stability. They are softer and lightweight with good durability and cushioning.

The upper built with a Jacquard mesh provides better breathability. It stretches well, allowing flexing of your toes.

The gusseted tongue is stretchy, enclosing your foot properly and keeping it in place during runs.

The midsole is unique, with a dual-density FlyteFoam Blast and Blast+ technology. It has the  Asics Gel in-between the foam. This blend offer premium cushioning for the feet. They also ensure adequate stability as you run in them.

The heel collar is well-cushioned, offering a secure fit to the heel.

It also has the Trusstic system under the arch that increases stability and provides support to the midfoot.

The outsole is a combination of Asics-lite rubber + Asics hard abrasion rubber that provides adequate grip, control, stability, and durability.

It is not very reliable for daily training.

The closure type is lace-up, which ensures a better fit.

It has a removable insole.

Mishansha Women’s Running Shoes

Shoes Similar To Asics GT 2000

The Mishansha running shoe is a unique product for lightweight stability. They are great for the feet, keeping you well balanced on the track. They are good for running, walking and everyday training.

The upper is made from a lightweight knitted material that encloses the foot well and allows it to breathe, leaving you very comfortable. They ensure cool and dry feet.

The insole offers enough arch support that conforms to the size of the foot. It reduces pain, enhances comfort, and offers maximum shock absorption.

The inner lining is soft and helps reduces friction between your feet and the shoes.

There is a double air cushion design that absorbs shock and increases flexibility, and also helps cushion the foot properly. This gives maximum protection to the feet.

The soft tongue allows for easy slip-on.

The rubber outsole is made slip and wear-resistant and very durable. There is the Oxford patch that helps increase friction keeping you affixed on your foot. The anti-skid function is excellent.

The lace-up closure helps secure the foot in place, offering protection to the midfoot.

Mizuno wave Inspire 17

Shoes Similar To Asics GT 2000

This popular design of Mizuno is a good running shoe for stability and also good for overpronators. It offers great support and balance.

It features an engineered mesh upper to allow your feet to breathe plus a TPU welded support panel and seamless construction for extra comfort.

There is the Mizuno energy foam at the heel wedge that provides more cushioning and enhances performance and response.

There is also the Mizuno wave plate that distributes force from impact and produces a balanced platform for overpronation.

The midsole is U4ic designed. It is well-cushioned, responds well, and helps absorbs shock.

The X10 carbon rubber outsole is highly durable and provides good traction on any surface.

This shoe is good for wide feet and has a removable insole.

Adidas Adizero Adios Pro 2

Shoes Similar To Asics GT 2000

This shoe design from Adidas is good for long-distance marathons. It offers stability and comfort in a fast ride.

The upper is made with a thin mesh material that feels light yet it is tougher than you think.

The cutouts midsole is not too soft, but it is very stable and comfortable. It provides a very bouncy ride.

It has soft padding at the heel and ankle collar, aiding comfort and protection.

The rear upper is comfortable and the lace helps hold your heel in place.

The tongue is sewn to the upper and is made from a dense fabric that is stretchy. It gives a soft feel to your upper foot, protecting it from lace bites.

The outsole is made with very thin rubber, yet it provides quality traction on any surface.

This shoe is not quite stable for slow running and is the best fit for narrow feet.

Salomon Speedcross Pro 2

Shoes Similar To Asics GT 2000

This shoe is good for running on the trail. It is lightweight and flexible. It provides good support for the feet. It’s one of the best choices for athletes all over the world for training and racing.

The upper is an engineered mesh overlayed by TPU covering. It offers great breathability.

The molded Eva midsole minimizes force from impact and offers good stability. It has a protective band that protects it from sharp rocks and gravel.

It has a Sensifit construction that hugs the feet from the midsole to the lacing system and provides a more secure and customized for.

The grippy rubber outsole is good for any terrain. They provide aggressive and solid all-terrain traction.

This shoe is good for neutral runners.

The quick lace closure helps tighten the foot in place and helps for easy slip on and off.

New Balance 860v12

Shoes Similar To Asics GT 2000

This shoe is one of the best in stability and offers good cushioning with a classy design. As you run on the track, you are sure of comfort and balance.

It has a double-knit upper design; a plush mesh plus embroidery that provides lightweight support and breathability.

The midsole is a fresh foam for adequate cushioning of the feet.

Their insole is lightweight and flexible. It helps with adequate cushioning for the feet, thus ensuring comfort.

has a snug fit heel that locks feet in place.

These shoes have beautiful reflective accents designed to catch the light.

The rubber outsole provides a good grip on any terrain.

Saucony Guide 14

Shoes Similar To Asics GT 2000

A mild stability shoe for everyday trainers, the Saucony Guide 14 will leave you confident as you race, with perfect support and comfort.

It is good for mild pronators and overpronators. Even neutral runners are good to go in these running shoes as it provides no obtrusion.

The upper is made with mesh that allows for great fit and breathability. It has the Saucony formfit that hugs your feet in place, leaving you comfortable and confident.

The wide, soft tongue feels soft to the feet.

The shoe has a wide toe box enabling you to move and flex your toes.

The midsole with a PWRRUN cushioning leaves your feet stable, soft, and responsive.

It is a highly durable shoe.

It comes with a removable insole, that offers good cushioning for your feet.

The rubber outsole is great for shock absorption. It offers good traction on any surface. The TRI-FLEX grooves contribute to the shoe’s flexibility.

Although, the midsole is flexible, these shoes do not offer a very smooth ride.

Hoka Arahi 5

Shoes Similar To Asics GT 2000

A stability shoe that features a dense EVA J-Frame that encloses the heel and medial side of the shoe, the Hoka Arahi 5 is a good support shoe for overpronators. They are good for daily training.

The mesh upper allows for a good fit of the midfoot and offers ample breathability.

It features a well-padded tongue and heel collar that keeps your ankle in place, causing no friction.

It has a pull tab that allows for easy sliding into this trainer.

The outsole gives good traction on any terrain. They are durable.


Running is a healthy sport and you need good shoes that will help the foot making running all the more fun. These reviewed shoes are great and a good match for Asics GT 2000.

They offer great breathability, cushioning, and support. There are good stability shoes. Their rubber outsoles are sturdy to offer premium shock absorption and a good grip on any surface.

They are your good-to-go running shoes. You are free to make your choice from any of them.


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