Why Shoes are Mandatory in Pubs

A pub is a licensed public house where people go to drink alcohol. A pub serves alcohol just like a restaurant serves food.

A pub servers more alcohol than a bar and they allow prolonged gathering of people who came to enjoy the alcohol served and have different conversations.

A pub does not just serve alcohol they also serve a light meal like appetizers. Pub allows for the gathering of a group of people who come together to drink and eat light food.

A lot of people go there for community gatherings some go there for their birthdays. A pub is not a place where you go to get intoxicated because getting intoxicated in a pub can cause them to be penalized.

You only go there to enjoy light meals and drinks in a reasonable amount with family or friends. Unlike the bar, a pub is more of a food place than an alcohol house.

People go there to eat and might be served drinks alongside their food unlike in a bar where they show the various type of alcohol they have and they only serve appetizers there and not real food like the pub.

10 reasons why shoes are mandatory in the pub

Wearing light weighted shoes helps your feet breathe well and helps you avoid blisters too.

See the major reasons why shoes are important when you are heading the pub:

  • For the safety of your legs
  • For proper feet ventilation
  • For your feet to be comfortable
  • Slip-resistant
  • For easy movement
  • To provide support
  • To prevent fatigue
  • To provide balance
  • To provide stability
  • To look fashionable

There are many reasons wearing shoes to the pub is important and necessary apart from the obvious reasons we wear shoes to the pub there are other things to consider like how comfortable you want to be and how safe you want to be.

The truth is many people might not look at what you are wearing or the shoes you have on because they are too drunk to notice or because they do not care.

So, it is advisable to wear what you are comfortable in as a person and not consider other people’s choice when picking the shoes you will be wearing to the pub.

Let’s get to the meat.

Safety of legs

Safety should be the first reason a person decides to wear shoes to the pub. When a person is in the pub a person stands so many chances of getting hurt.

Injury can occur from stepping on broken glass or any sharp object for that matter.

Broken glasses are sharp and can cause cutting hazards that can injure a person badly and cause severe bleeding.

Wearing shoes to the pub will prevent you from this kind and degree of hazard.

When a fight breaks out in the pub you be at a greater disadvantage if you are not wearing shoes but you will be able to run to safety and protect yourself if you wearing shoes.

This simply means that wearing shoes does not only protect you from broken glasses but it also helps you protect yourself when there is a fight and makes running from danger safer.

Wearing shoes also protect your muscles from getting worn out and helps give you the balance and stability your body needs.

The floor of pubs especially the non carpeted ones are very disgusting and might have even been contaminated and not wearing shoes can open you to carrying the contamination around unlike when you are wearing shoes.

For ventilation of your feet

When going to the pub you need to wear ventilated shoes so that your legs can breathe so as to prevent your legs from smelling and having a foul odor.

The shoe is not only mandatory for the customers that come to the pub to have a drink, shoes are also important to the workers working at the pub.

They will need to wear light shoes so that their feet will feel cool throughout their stay in the pub.

As a person who works in the pub, wearing a shoe that is light weighted and allows easy ventilation is also essential to allow cooler air to penetrate the shoe while allowing hotter or warmer air to swim out of the shoe and prevent the feet from getting foul odor.

Not wearing breathable shoes can also cause bacteria to build up in the feet but allowing fresh air into the foot while wearing breathable shoes can prevent these bacteria buildup.

Breathable shoes also allow airflow through the built-up sweats produced by the feet.

Shoes made from plastic, rubber, or even synthetic materials do not allow proper airflow in the leg and cause the feet to sweat more and trap the sweat which opens door to more bacteria buildup and this causes foul odor which we do not want in the pub.

For your feet to be comfortable

Why Shoes are Mandatory in Pubs

Asides from all the obvious reasons to wear shoes to the pub, comfort should really be considered because you might have to stand for a while or even walk around and you will not like to feel uncomfortable in a place you should be having fun.

Wearing comfortable shoes does not just keep your feet healthy and blisters free but also helps prevent knee and back pain.

You should wear comfortable shoes to keep your feet aligned given the fact that the feet is the base of the body.

If you are not comfortable with the shoes you are wearing your whole body feels the pain too and you will not have as much fun as you intend to have in the pub.

The balance and stability shoe gives lies between wearing the appropriate shoes.

It is very possible to want to dance to the background music played in the pub and you will want to be as comfortable as you can be by wearing shoes that help support your legs properly and also help carry the weight of your body to avoid back pain and even knee pain.

Wearing the right shoe to the pub might help you avoid swollen feet which are caused by inadequate circulation in the whole body and making it difficult to walk around in the pub when you should be having fun and enjoying yourself.

Another thing that can make you uncomfortable in a pub is seeing another person’s feet when you are eating or having a drink.

You will also not like to make others uncomfortable because you might be okay with seeing other people’s feet but we have others who cannot stand the sight because they find it disgusting and irritating.

To avoid slipping and falling

When going to the pub wearing shoes should be a priority because you don’t want to fall and slip on spilled drinks or liquor on the floor.

Given the type of environment a pub is, having liquid on the floor is almost unavoidable so you need to be prepared by wearing a shoe that fits to avoid slipping and falling is mostly recommended.

Wearing the appropriate footwear will save you from the embarrassment of slipping and falling in a public place.

Ordinary footwear cannot prevent you from slipping so wearing footwear that is oil and water-resistant is very important.

Some pubs have implemented the anti-slip floor to help protect their customers but you can not tell what pub has installed that type of flooring.

So, being prepared is the best option and by doing this you need anti-slip shoes to help protect and prevent slipping or falling when you are in the pubs.

Wearing a shoe with anti-slip feature will protect you from basic accidents and wearing a shoe with good outsoles that stop you from slipping are the best option for you.

Working in a busy place like the bar can open you up to hazards you might be unaware of and being prepared to protect yourself especially your legs is very essential.

You are also expected to do a lot of walking around as a waiter in the pub.

Moving around to take orders from the customers must not be done barefooted and wearing a good anti-slip shoe and also hazard safe shoes in other to prevent stepping on sharp objects on the floor.

Walking barefooted on a smooth and clean surface is totally fine and it has a good advantage for the body ligament that enhances the function, posture, balance, and stability of the body.

But walking barefooted in the pub is very dangerous because you are opening yourself up for injuries and more possibility to falling.

For easy movement

When going to the pubs wearing shoes is essential for easy movement. You might decide to dance to the songs playing in the background because you went to the pub to have a good time and you won’t feel comfortable if you are not wearing shoes.

Good breathable shoes and super cozy soles help provide good movement and accessible space.

Light-weighted shoes that hug against your foot and feel as tho you are wearing a glove is the best type of shoe you need to wear when you go to the pub so your movement is not restricted.

Wearing shoes that allow for easy movement when going to the pub will also prevent you from long-term damage.

Wearing shoes that restrict your movement cannot only make you uncomfortable but also make you suffer from knee, back, and feet pain and might even cause blisters that you might have to deal with after you go home.

After going to the pub to have fun you will not like to go home to aching feet or aching back and knee so wear the right shoes to the pub to prevent this.

To provide support

Why Shoes are Mandatory in Pubs

It is essential to wear shoes to the pub to give yourself the adequate support your body needs.

No matter where you are going to either the pubs, the bar or you are running an errand wearing a shoe is a good thing not only because they provide your feet with protection but also because they support the weight of your body.

Without the necessary support from your shoes, your feet suffer from imbalance and does not get the necessary stability it needs to hold your body.

The base of the body which is the feet helps carry your body weight and promotes good posture when walking around the pub.

Wearing a shoe that provides support does not only work as a full support system but it works better with the help of a good insole that supports the arch feature.

To prevent fatigue when at the pub

A lot of people do not realize the type of advantage they have by wearing a shoe. When going to the pub, you are most likely going there to have fun and enjoy yourself and you cannot do that very well when you get tired.

Shoes are built with good cushioning and even better arch support which carried the weight of your body and makes you comfortable.

But when you are not wearing a shoe and your muscles tend to carry your body weight and with time they might start to get tired.

When you have a shoe that helps you carry your body weight you reserve your energy and then you can be able to have fun and enjoy yourself properly.

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To look fashionable

Why Shoes are Mandatory in Pubs

Just like going to any restaurant, you will not want to go there without wearing a shoe.

When going to the pub you might decide to wear something extremely high fashioned or just simple casual wear but both require wearing shoes.

Some go to the pub to celebrate their birthdays and you wouldn’t want to do that without wearing your favorite shoes or even going for a family gathering at the pub without shoes would be considered weird.

Wearing shoes to the pub are mandatory except in some part of the world where there is a no shoe policy but except there is such policy in place wearing shoes to the pub is mandatory because that is the civil thing to do.

The floor of the pub might get wet and if a customer slips and get hurt it will be on the restaurant to pay for the damages given that they might even get sued for endangerment and carelessness of an organization.

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