Why do Healthcare Workers Wear Crocs

Since the COVID Pandemic, the demand for crocs in healthcare institutions has risen drastically. Over time, a lot of healthcare workers have fallen in love with this brand and it is due to the following reasons:

  • They wear Crocs for comfort
  • The durability of Crocs works perfectly for their job
  • Who wouldn’t appreciate an odor-resistant Crocs
  • Crocs adequately protect your feet
  • Crocs have a slip-resistant feature
  • Crocs fit the healthcare workers’ feet perfectly
  • Crocs protect the feet against bacteria
  • Crocs is relatively cost-effective

Let me explain a bit better for you.


Healthcare workers love crocs a lot because of the comfort that comes with this amazing shoe.

The croslite foam material used in producing crocs makes it very comfortable for healthcare workers to remain on their feet for long hours.

This is the reason why healthcare workers love wearing crocs. Crocs is a good shoe for healthcare workers because of this amazing property.

The comfortable footbed makes walking around comfortable for long hours. This keeps the mind of healthcare workers at peace and aids them to focus more on their patients.

Also, crocs have a breathable feature that keeps your feet dry, cool, and comfortable all day long.

Rubber material is a very rigid material. This simply means that they don’t change – even after wearing them for a while.

This is different from booties or sneakers made from leather or synthetic material.

With boots and other shoes, they might be comfortable for a short span of time, but when it comes to long hour’s shifts (which is normal for healthcare workers), they are not comfortable.

However, crocs maintains its frame all day long as you walk around in it. Therefore, healthcare workers love crocs a lot because of how comfortable it makes them feel every time.

Comfortable crocs (like this one on Amazon) are rare to find. However, it is worth it.


Healthcare workers love crocs so much because of its durability. Crocs are made from croslite foam material which is very durable.

Croslite foam material is a very durable material that lasts long whenever it is used to produce a shoe. Therefore, wearing crocs for healthcare workers is a good choice.

Many healthcare workers love wearing crocs because of the number of years it can take for them to buy a replacement. You can wear crocs for 4 years without fail.

The croslite foam material used in making crocs is waterproof. One of the major elements that quickly spoils a shoe is water/moist. However, with crocs, the material is waterproof.

What this means is that crocs cannot be destroyed by water since it is water-resistant. Therefore, it is beneficial to healthcare workers. Healthcare workers love crocs so much because of their durability.

Crocs retains its shape and color for years. The implication of this is that you would save a lot of money. Buying a less durable shoe simply means additional cost.

Therefore, with crocs, you can rest assured of its long-lasting performance. Healthcare workers love crocs because of this unique feature. Crocs are durable and healthcare workers love durable shoes.


Croslite foam material is odor-resistant. This is a reason why healthcare workers also love wearing crocs. The implication of this simply means that healthcare workers would have fresh feet all day.

Because of the water-resistant quality of crocs, it is impossible for your crocs to absorb sweat – which would lead to a smelly foot and create a bad smell in the hospital or healthcare center.

Therefore, this is a major reason why crocs is important for healthcare workers. Crocs has an odor-free feature and this is good.

Without this feature, the hospital stands at risk of becoming saturated with bad odors from the feet of different healthcare workers. Most especially during rainy season or on wet days.

The CROCS unisex BAYA clog is a good example of odor-resistant clogs made by Crocs. If you pay attention to this clog, you would observe ventilation ports all around it. This allows for cross-ventilation on your feet.

Therefore, if any sweat is beginning to accumulate on your feet as a result of walking around, the ventilation would dry it off.

Also, the waterproof insoles prevent moisture/sweat from penetrating into your clog. The water/sweat simply stays on the surface of your clog.

All you have to do is wipe it off – and that settles it. This factor is another important reason why healthcare workers love wearing crocs to work.

Adequate Protection

This is also a major reason why healthcare workers love wearing crocs. There is adequate protection for your feet. It is true that sneakers and boots also offer protection to your feet.

But they are inappropriate for healthcare institutions (this is relative – some institutions accept sneakers) on a general scale.

Also, the soles of some sneakers and work shoes are easily penetrable. The material used in making the soles of some sneakers are PU. This material is easily penetrable by sharp objects.

If this happens, your feet will be injured and you will need urgent care and attention – which would stop you from carrying out your duty.

Therefore, wearing crocs is the best choice for a lot of healthcare workers because the soles are impenetrable. It is very difficult for your feet to be injured by sharp objects with the rubber sole.

There is adequate protection for your feet as a healthcare worker whenever you wear crocs. Healthcare workers love wearing Crocs because of the adequate protection it gives to their feet.

They will not have to worry about getting injured. Their focus will be on treating their patients and attending to urgent matters as they arise.

Slip-resistant feature

Healthcare workers love crocs because of its slip-resistant sole. In hospitals, you will be dealing with a lot of fluids like blood and so on. A patient might have an accident with lots of blood gushing out.

You will have to run around during a critical condition across the slippery floor tiles. All these functions will lead to accidents with a shoe that does not have a slip-resistant feature or a firm grip.

This is why crocs is a good choice for many healthcare workers. As a matter of fact, the slip-resistant feature of crocs is high and very effective.

You can run across the slippery floor tiles with such steadiness and accuracy. In order to prevent accidents or falls, healthcare workers have decided to opt-in for crocs.

The rubber outsoles of crocs make walking around very stable. Furthermore, the soles are waterproof – this stops the outsoles from getting slippery.

The slip-resistant feature of crocs makes it one of the common shoes for healthcare workers.

Perfect Fit

Crocs is good for healthcare workers because of its precise and perfect fit. Unlike sneakers, there is no lace closure on crocs. Therefore, it either fits you or not.

Wearing crocs fit perfectly and this takes away the stress of having to tie your shoe countless times to achieve a perfect fit.

It will be disastrous if you get stuck while trying to tie the lace of your shoe instead of attending to a patient. The precise fit that comes with crocs makes it great for healthcare workers.

There is no time to waste for healthcare workers. Therefore, crocs is perfect for healthcare workers. It either fits you well or not. Also, wearing a shoe with lace closure can cause you to trip and fall down while running or walking.

There have been such ugly incidents in my healthcare institution. The lace can get in the way and cause an obstruction as you walk or run across the patient’s ward.

Therefore, wearing crocs is the best to prevent this from happening. All you need to do is get the perfect size for your feet and that settles it.


Crocs has a bacteria-resistant feature. Croslite foam material is responsible for this. Therefore, whenever you wear crocs, your feet is insured from coming in contact with bacteria or fungi.

This is why healthcare workers love wearing crocs. It is not good to infect your patients with bacteria as a result of wearing a bad type of shoe for healthcare workers.

This is why wearing crocs is a good choice of shoe for healthcare workers. The ventilation that occurs whenever you wear your crocs keeps your feet free of bacteria.

Most times, because of how our feet get sweaty, there are a lot of bacteria we contact. However, with crocs, your feet will not get sweaty. Therefore, you will not contact bacterial infection.

You are prone to infections by working in a medical institution (hospitals, etc.). Therefore, one way to ensure that your feet stays free of infection is to wear a bacteria-resistant shoe. Crocs fits in well with this description.

The CROCS unisex platform clog fits in well as a good bacteria-resistant clog.

Adequate support

As a healthcare worker, you will always have to carry patients from one ward to another or from the ambulance to the ward. This comes with so much weight and you need a shoe that would provide support to your feet and toes.

A shoe with a more robust design will do the job well and appropriately. Crocs supports your feet and also bears all the weight. This also stops back pain from accumulating over time – which will lead to discomfort.

Crocs are sturdier than boots or trainers – this is why a lot of healthcare workers prefer to wear crocs instead of other shoes. Your backs and feet will be well supported by wearing crocs.

The CROCS unisex platform clog has a maximum arch support feature that fully supports your feet while carrying your patient from one location to another. This prevents you from having back pain.

The CROCS unisex platform clog fully supports your arches and heels from pains, pressures and shocks. This keeps the feet of healthcare workers comfortable and in good condition.

The pressure of walking around will be minimized by wearing crocs – this is very necessary to prevent your feet from getting all sored up and red at the end of the day.

Healthcare workers love crocs so much because of this amazing benefit. The outsoles of crocs has a cushioned pump while the insoles are cushioned as well to fully provide the support that is needed.


This is a general factor for everybody. Healthcare workers are also not excluded. Crocs is a brand that makes one of the cheapest type of quality and durable shoes.

This simply means that with crocs, healthcare workers will not need to spend too much money on buying a good shoe.

Having a pair of crocs is economical and has a lot of benefits. Crocs has become one of the common shoes around – since the pandemic started and it has been greatly accepted in healthcare institutions.

However, it comes at a very affordable price – with such great and amazing quality and benefit. Therefore, a lot of healthcare workers have become addicted to wearing crocs because of how easily affordable it is.

Slip on and off feature

Crocs is easy to wear. This takes away the stress of having to bend down to wear your shoe. Healthcare workers love wearing crocs because of how easy it is to wear.

The easy slip on and off feature makes crocs an attractive type of shoe for healthcare workers. When emergency arises, as a healthcare worker, you must be at alert always.

Therefore, if you have a shoe that is easy to slip on and off, then you will always be ready to move whenever you are called upon.

If you have taken off your crocs, you don’t need to break a sweat to put it back on in the case of an emergency.

This comfort and convenience is the reason why a lot of healthcare workers love wearing crocs. The waterproof material of crocs makes it very easy to wipe clean.

Bloodstains or other fluids can be wiped off your crocs very easily because of the material.

Final words

All these and more are the reasons why a lot of healthcare workers love wearing crocs. Crocs is one of the most comfortable and convenient shoes for healthcare workers. I

t has all the features and qualities of a good shoe for healthcare institutions.

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