What Size Am I in Yeezys?

The one sure way to find your Yeezys size is to size it up by half (go for 8½ if your real size is 8). This is because Yeezy runs small.

So, making size choices this way will help you get a tad extra room that should cover up for the “run small” Yeezy sizing pattern. But if you have flat feet, then you should consider sizing up by a whole number (1).

The “run small” Yeezy size pattern is for a large percentage of the Yeezy shoes and slides. However, there is a minute percentage that runs true to size.

But this number, compared to the sizes that run small, is insignificant. Nonetheless, to be on the safer side, it is advisable that you make comparisons between the product description and your size proposal so that you’re able to maintain certainty.

You must know that Yeezys sizing pattern is often straightforward. Especially when making conversation from US sizes to UK sizes. Or converting US men to US women.

This is why you must not undermine the importance of observing the size chart to be sure you are making the right choice.

The final verdict on how to find your Yeezys size is to understand that every person’s feet have their uniqueness.

Identifying this will help you to size up by half when you have normal feet. But if you feel you need a little extra room, or you have flat feet that will require an extra room too, then sizing up by a whole number is the ideal thing to do.

Here are some of the Yeezy shoes and slides and how they fit

1. Yeezy 700 and Yeezy 500 Fitting And Size Guide

Yeezy 700: Click Image to Buy
Yeezy 500: Click Image to Buy

The Yeezy 700 and Yeezy 500 are some of the few Yeezy sneakers that are known for being true to size. This means, if your real size is US8, you should make your size choice as it is.

I would want to advise that you do not size up or down when you make your purchase as long as these aforementioned Yeezys shoes are concerned.

But, realizing that Yeezy 500, as made to be of snug fit, will have you consider sizing up by half. It all depends on your foot type and your need for a relaxed or snug-fitting.

The Yeezy 700 on the other hand is a very strange type as there are iterations of this type that are not the same.

For example, the WaveRunner iteration is definitely true to size (TTS). But the Analogs and the Inertia iterations are a little tighter and elastic at the toe box area.

So, this will require that you size up a bit – either by a whole number or by half. Depending on your desired fit.

2. Yeezy 700 V2 Fitting And Size Guide

Yeezy Boost V2: Click Image to Buy

The Yeezy iteration 700V2 is the third newest model of the design. It is famous for being comfortable and gives an all-around balance.

This is because, unlike the second version that comes with an added padding, this model has that padding removed and replaced with PrimeKnit while helping in creating an extra toe box room. This is one of the core factors that make the Yeezy 700 V2 true to size.

Why you should make an order for your original size when purchasing the V2 version is because it features a cloth underlining and an orthotic insole that makes sure your feet are walking on the boost.

The final verdict here as regards the Yeezy 700v2 fitting and size guide is that it has a good fitting, and you should choose your original foot size.

3. Yeezy 380 Fitting And Size Guide

Yeezy Boost 380: Click Image to Buy

The Yeezy 380 runs small. So you’re advised to size up when you make your purchase, most especially if you’ve got wide feet.

Albeit, it is very comfortable if you can find the right size because the silhouette is made based on comfortability.

This type delivers a good amount of arch support and cushioning. This is the ideal choice for a long city walk or any kind of trip.

The fitting is exactly like that of a sock because of its stretching ability and how it can contour perfectly around the feet.

The shoe gets an extra height from the structure of the rear panels which in turn, adds to the overall balance of the shoe.

The midsole of this iteration, relative to others, is chunkier and makes you feel as though you’re walking on clouds.

4. Adidas Men’s Yeezy Bone Slide Fitting And Size Guide

adidas Mens Yeezy Slide Bone Bone: Click Image to Buy

The Adidas Men’s Yeezy Slide Bone is one of the most sought-after Yeezy slides. It is famous for being true to size and very comfortable.

The design of this slide is done primarily based on a minimalist appearance.

The material used for the design is the famous Ethylene Vinyl Acetate that is known for superior durability. It is true to size and fits perfectly.

Most of the sizes of the Yeezy slides still fit the foot size immediately above or below them. Nonetheless, you should purchase your original size as this is not always the case.

There is much stability from the large midfoot arch support that creates balance in every of your gait. And this is complemented by the ridged outsole giving a rich dose of grip and any type of slippery surface.

Yeezy size chart and explanations


1 5.5W 4 36 2/3 22.5
2 6W 4.5 37 1/3 23
3 6.5W 5 38 23.5
4 7W 5.5 38 2/3 24
5 7.5W 6 39 1/3 24.5
6 8W 6.5 40 25
7 8.5W 7 40 2/3 25.5
8 9W 7.5 41 1/3 26
9 9.5W 8 42 26.5
10 10W 8.5 42 2/3 27
11 1.5W 9 43 1/3 27.5
12 11W 9.5 44 28
13 11.5W 10 44 2/3 28.5
14 12W 10.5 45 1/3 29
15 12.5W 11 46 29.5
16 13W 11.5 46 2/3 30
17 13.5W 12 471 /3 30.5
18 14W 12.5 48 40
19 14.5W 13 48 2/3 40.5


1 6 5.5 38 2/3 24
2 6.5 6 39 1/3 24.5
3 7 6.5 40 25
4 7.5 7 40 2/3 25.5
5 8 7.5 41 1/3 26
6 8.5 8 42 26.5
7 9 8.5 42 2/3 27
8 9.5 9 43 1/3 27.5
9 10 9.5 44 28
10 10.5 10 44 2/3 28.5
11 11 10.5 45 1/3 29
12 11.5 11 46 29.5
13 12 11.5 46 2/3 30
14 12.5 12 47 1/3 30.5
15 13 12.5 48 31
16 13.5 13 48 2/3 31.5
17 14 13.5 49 1/3 32
18 14.5 14 50 32.5
19 15 14.5 50 2/3 33
20 16 15 51 1/3 33.5

There are Yeezy size variations between men and women. There are also variations between US and UK sizes. One common mistake people make is making orders that do not align with the size charts of their locations.

The US and UK sizes differ by half in some cases where the US leads the margin.

In other cases, the size difference between the UK and the US differs by a whole number (1 in most cases). The difference between the sizes of both sexes regardless of the country is also notable too.

You must understand this so that you cut down the possibility of making the wrong choice of size when making your purchase.

Yeezy 350 V2 sizing compared to Jordan 1

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2: Click Image to Buy
Nike Mens Air Jordan 1: Click Image to Buy

The ideal sizing of Yeezy 350 V2 and Jordan 1 differs by half (½). Yes. This is because while Jordan 1 is true to size, Yeezy 350 V2 runs small.

This way, it is only logical that you size up your Yeezy 350 by half while you purchase your Jordan 1 at your original foot size.

Getting your Yeezy 350 V2 at your original foot size will only result in discomfort as the snug fit will be a tad excess and begins to tell terribly on your toe areas.

Jordan 1 has always been true to size right from the 80s. However, if you are faced with a limited sizing option, you should size up, not down.

Nonetheless, in sizing up, do so by half as too much space in the toe areas can easily lead to creasing.  Jordan 1 is comfortable enough for all-day use as it features soft tongs for upper foot comfort and padded ankle support.

While one cannot say that the Jordan 1 is the most comfortable shoe in the world, most users confess to preferring it to some pair of heel shoes or soft leather shoes.

Although the Yeezy 350 v2 is extremely comfortable when you get your right size – especially how they feel light and the cushioning they offer. The first iteration of the Yeezy 350 is the V1.

But many people prefer the V2 as they said it is the upgraded version with a snug fit. I did not size up to my V2 though. I only removed the insole, and the fit was perfect!


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