Are Janoskis Good for Mountain Biking (MTB)?

No. Janoski is not good for mountain biking.

I would recommend getting a good mountain bike shoe for a proper riding experience.

Janoski is good for skating, but if you ride with it, you will not get the best out of it. It is not strong enough to withstand the pressure that comes from mountain biking.

Overall, Janoski is a strong sneaker. It comes from the brand called NIKE. Nike makes some of the best sport shoes in the fashion industry.

Therefore, the fact that Janoski is not suitable for mountain biking does not mean it is a bad sneaker to have.

Janoski has many features that makes it unsuitable for mountain biking.

Janoski has a very flexible sole structure

This is very dangerous for mountain biking because there is not enough strength and rigidity in the sole to maintain proper balance while you ride.

A flexible sole holds no weight and this is no good for mountain biking. Janoski has very flexible outsoles which cannot withstand the rigorous pedaling that accompanies mountain biking.

Even a professional biker would have great difficulty riding with the Janoski. Proper power transfer is nearly impossible with this sneaker.

Therefore, it is not a good shoe to wear for mountain biking.

Low tenacity and rigidity

Janoski is a very good and strong shoe, however, it does not have the tenacity and rigidity to withstand the harsh conditions that comes with mountain biking.

Janoski is better for skating because skating is pretty much easier and flexible than mountain biking.

However, if you decided to wear Janoski for mountain biking, your shoe would not last more than a year.

The flexible build of the Janoski makes it a non-suitable shoe for mountain biking. It cannot survive the muddy terrains and wet surfaces on the mountain as you ride along it.

Janoski does not have a clip underneath its outsoles

These clips firmly onto the pedal of your bike for mountain biking. Although, this is not always compulsory.

However, to experience a good and professional mountain biking experience, your shoe should have a clip.

Janoski does not have a clip and this makes it unsuitable for mountain biking.

The clip helps for efficient power transfer and it keeps your feet firmly on the bike. Janoski does not have this quality and thus, it is not good for mountain biking.

Janoski does not have a sticky sole

This is a common feature of a skating shoe. Skating shoes have more of a slippery sole than a sticky sole. This makes Janoski very dangerous for mountain biking.

Whenever you ride, it is better to have a shoe that has a sticky sole. This would keep your feet firmly on your pedal.

If your sole has a clip, then you do not need to be hell-bent on having a sticky sole. The clip would keep your feet in one position.

However, by wearing a shoe with no clip or sticky sole, you are exposing yourself to more danger – because your feet would change position frequently because of your shoe sliding back and forth on the pedal.

Therefore, Janoski is not a good choice of shoe for mountain biking.

What you should look out for in shoes for mountain biking

Look out for the Price

This is very important. It might look insignificant, but it is a very important feature to always consider whenever you want to buy any type of shoe.

Mountain bike shoes come in different price ranges. Therefore, the first factor to consider is the price of the mountain bike shoe.

If it is more than your budget, no matter how much you love the mountain bike shoe, you are not going to get it.

It does not matter the amount of qualities it has, you will not be able to afford it – if it is expensive.

Therefore, you should always check out for cheap and affordable mountain bike shoes.

Once you have been able to confirm the price – and it is good enough for your budget, then you can proceed to check other features.

Look out for the sole

A good mountain bike shoe should have a stiff and rigid sole. A flexible sole is dangerous for mountain biking.

Therefore, having a stiff and rigid sole helps you to pedal firmly and with much stability. A good mountain bike shoe has a rigid sole.

This helps for efficient power transfer and does not bend back and forth while pedaling.

This is the next and important factor to consider whenever you want to buy a mountain bike shoe.

A mountain bike shoe with strong and rigid sole would give you a great biking experience – irrespective of which trail you choose.

Check if it has a Clip

Your mountain bike shoe should have a clip. Every mountain bike shoes have a clip. You should check for this as well.

Although, this is not compulsory for mountain biking. The most important factor for a good mountain bike shoe is in its sole.

Once the sole is rigid and not flexible, then you do not have to worry about a clip. However, a good mountain bike shoe must have a clip.

This clips firmly into your pedal and helps you with pedaling as you climb up the mountain and rough trail.

Check if it has a soft insole

Your mountain bike shoe must be comfortable for you to ride in. The insoles must be soft and very cushioned enough to shield from feeling the effect of hard pedaling.

Do not go for a shoe that has a strong and rigid insole. You would experience great discomfort at the end of the day.

A soft and comfortable mountain bike shoe is an important part of a great mountain bike experience.


Your mountain bike shoe must be durable. Do not go for a mountain bike shoe that would spoil after a few consistent use.

A strong mountain bike shoe would save you the additional cost of buying a new pair of mountain bike shoe.

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