How Long does a Shoe Polish Last?

Your shoe polish can last as long as you want, and it is depending on the way you maintain it and store it.

From experience, if used consecutively after 3 days, your shoe polish should last between 3 weeks to one month.

How Long does a Shoe Polish Last

Does shoe polish have an expiry date?

I have used shoe polish and observed that two same products I bought, one expired after 6 months weeks and the other didn’t expire until after 9 months.

Usually, shoe polish takes between 6 months to 1 year after the manufacture date to expire. You should always check the bottom of your shoe polish as the manufacture will indicate its expiry date underneath.

So, to maintain your shoe polish and ensure that it lasts for as long as you want, you should not throw away the foil seal after opening because that’s what makes it maintain its smooth texture once you open the cover.

How often you should polish your shoe

The thing here is that if you don’t know when and how you should polish your shoe, I bet you that your shoe polish will not be able to last up to two weeks whether you store it perfectly or not.

For this reason, I decided to include this in my article to pass the knowledge of how often you should polish your shoe.

Now, polishing your depends on the kind of shoe you have and the kind of environment you live in and again whether you have an automobile or not.

So, if you don’t have an automobile and you stay in a bad environment no matter how bad your environment, you should just polish it once in two to three days depending on the type of polish you use.

If it is solid, two days is okay but if it is liquid polish, once every three days will be okay as long as you clean and brush it.

But then if you have an automobile and your environment is a good one, you can just polish it once in four days depending on how often you wear it.

If you wear your shoe two times a week, then you should just polish them once in two weeks.

Is shoe polish good for leather?

I’m going to clarify here which polish is the best for leather products. Like I said earlier we have liquid and solid and we have Kiwi and Lude polish under solid polish.

The truth here is that these three i.e liquid, Kiwi, and Lude are three different products and have different textures which can give your shoe a wonderful look depending on the product of your shoe.

For leather shoes the best is not liquid polish because the more often you use liquid polish on your leather shoes, it will get to a time that it will start shrinking, and then it will reduce the quality of your shoe.

But when you use solid it won’t shrink your shoe at all and it can still give you the shiny look you want your shoe to have as long as you brush it 20 mins after polishing it.

Then even in solid polish, the kiwi polish gives shoes a more shiny and smooth look than other products.

I bet you to try it on your shoe if you doubt me, or you can get different products or polish and try them, then thank me later for the info.

Best steps of applying shoe polish

Now am going to share the steps for solid polish first

  • Polish the shoe sole first
  • Thereafter, polish the body of the shoe
  • Keep it under the sun for light rays for 1o to 20 minutes
  • Brush the shoe for shine

When you get a new solid polish like I said it comes with a foil seal inside.

When you open it remember to keep the foil and not throw it away, get a tiny brush that little flower-like base, use it and get a little quantity and then apply it on your shoe.

First, you should polish the sole of your shoe then you polish the surface and other parts

The reason for polishing the sole first is to know the quantity you will use for the surface because the sole normally requires a large quantity than the surface.

After polishing it, you then keep it under the sun or anywhere that has light rays.

You should leave it there for like 10 to 20mins and then shine it with a brush.

The reason why you are to leave it under the light ray or sun for 10 to 20mins is that, when you shine it with a brush, the more time you left it under the sun or light ray is the more it will shine and reflect with dazzling light.

Steps in using the liquid polish

Now, coming to the liquid polish, people do think it is so easy to apply liquid polish and then they do it carelessly.

Yes, it is so easy but it should be done carefully and gently if not, you will be buying polish every month.

  • Remove the soft foam cover
  • Soak up your foam in liquid polish
  • Press the foam and gently rub against your shoe surface
  • Keep your shoes under the sun rays for 15 to 20 minutes

Remove the soft foam cover

Okay, in applying liquid polish, you are to first open the over very carefully so as not to remove the soft foam which is used to do the application.

When you do this gently it will help you to be conscious of that foam so that whenever you open the liquid polish you will always remember that if you rush it the foam will remove.

Soak up your soft foam in the liquid polish

Okay, when you apply it to your shoe please don’t forget that it is a liquid and that it can pour out once it soaks the little soft foam.

Press the foam and rub it gently against your shoe surface

So, you should press the foam gently and then rub it gently on your shoe so that you will avoid wasting your polish.

Keep your shoes under the sun rays for 15 to 20 minutes

When you are done, gently cover it again and then keep your shoe under the sun or light rays for 15mins.

Does polishing shoes protect them?

How Long does a Shoe Polish Last

Knowing so many things about shoe polish as you have read up till this moment, you may even say why should I even be using shoe polish, does it even protect my shoe, do I even need it anymore? In all these questions the answer is yes.

You need shoe polish once you have a shoe that is polishable because it protects your shoe especially leather shoes.

How does this happen? Whenever you get a new shoe its quality will still be 100%, and the looks will be nice.

Shoe polish protects your shoe by helping it to maintain its normal quality and brilliance looks.

It helps to maintain your shoe’s quality in the sense that without using shoe polish the color of your shoe will start to change and as you clean it and as the sun shines on it.

Again, if you don’t use shoe polish and go on to use water in cleaning it, it will destroy your shoe and affect the durability of your shoe.

In conclusion

I believe this article was so helpful and by going through this article you now know more things about the polish.

If you didn’t read it through carefully, please do so, so that you will get the information that will be useful to you and others.

As you have gained all this knowledge it will profit every other person if you share it by teaching others and informing them.

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