Do Sebago Docksides Stretch?

Do Sebago docksides loosen up? This is one of the questions we find on the internet, seeking answers. It is a smart move, trying to verify if Sebago docksides stretch.

The answer is simple. Sebago docksides stretch. Sebago docksides are 100% made of pure leather.

As a genuine leather product, Sebago docksides stretch and mold to your feet after constant use. This provides a comfortable environment for users.

The issue of Sebago shoes stretching is easily noticed by the different fitting they give at different times.

Some days they could feel tight, and some other days, you will notice some spaces on your feet.

Sebago docksides are products of organic matter; animal skin. They stretch according to the amount of pressure applied on them and the level of external factors (temperature) reacting on them.

How do Sebago docksides stretch?

Sebago docksides stretch through an average of ½ of their normal size after usage for three-six months.

The process of Sebago docksides stretching does not happen so fast.

There are a lot of factors that determine how and how much the leather shoe will stretch.

But the rule remains, Sebago docksides will only stretch along with its materials, but the seams remain the same.

This stretching happens to Sebago docksides because they are made of pure leather. Leather softens and loosens up over time.

Sebago docksides stretch from its sides, providing enough space to accommodate your feet. However, the process of stretching of Sebago docksides is dependent on how thick the leather is.

The quality of leather plays a great role in how the shoes will stretch. Canvas shoes or shoes made with synthetic materials take a longer time to stretch.

When Sebago docksides stretch, they become more comfortable than standard shoes. Sebago shoes are stretched when the following things occur:

What can make Sebago Docksides stretch?

Do Sebago Docksides Stretch

  • When they are used
  • When they are wet
  • When they come in contact with heat

When they are used

Sebago shoes stretch over time. As a leather shoe, it has a natural stretching ability that makes the shoe stretch over time. Sebago shoes have the natural ability to increase in size as time goes on.

This serves as a good indicator for advancing individuals. When you tend to grow fatter, with an increase in your feet size, your Sebago shoes grow with you.

This makes it easy to reconstruct to fit your new size.

When they are wet

Sebago Docksides stretch when they are wet. One of the most beautiful things about wearing a Sebago dockside in the rain is that it stretches to conform to your size.

Leather fibers loosen up in the presence of water. They will stretch for as long and wide as you like.

Most users make use of self-induced wet conditions to stretch their shoes. However, you must use the right process to avoid ruining your shoes.

When they come in contact with heat

Heat works the magic when it comes to stretching Sebago docksides. Heat relaxes and loosens up leather fibers, making it easy to stretch or shrink to your taste.

How to break in Sebago shoes

  • Get a clobber to break them in for you
  • You can break in by wetting
  • Heating too works

How do you break in Sebago shoes quickly? There are a lot of things running through your mind; the easiest and assured steps of breaking into your Sebago shoes.

Here are quick ways to break in your Sebago shoes.

Get a cobbler

If you are not interested in learning and trying out some DIY tips on how to break in your Sebago shoes, you might consider paying a cobbler to do the job for you.

By Wetting it

There are a lot of ways you can break in your Sebago shoes by wetting them. You can purchase a leather moisturizer and massage it thoroughly into your shoes.

You must carefully target the areas of your shoes that are tight.

When you’ve gone around, wipe off extra oil. Repeat the process till the shoe becomes soft.

Putting in your feet at this moment will expand your Sebago shoes and it allows it to compensate with your new size.

There are also different wet ways you can break in your Sebago shoes. Leather is a natural piece of hiding.

This makes it easy to treat, dye, stain, or break them.

This case is also applicable to Sebago shoes. In the presence of water, the fibers around your Sebago docksides lose their grip on each other, making it easy to stretch and shrink.

To avoid stains on your Sebago soles, you must confirm that they have no coloration. This keeps the water free of colors after dipping your shoes inside.

Follow these few steps to stretch your Sebago shoes by wetting them.

  1. Get a bathtub, bucket, or a large bowl
  2. Fill it with lukewarm, not-so-cold water. Ensure that the water is clean and pure and doesn’t have any detergent in it. This will prevent any adverse effects on the shoe.
  3. Bring the Sebago shoes that you intend to stretch. With your hands, stretch the sides, draw a twist. Reach out into the shoe to the leather and run your hands through it. The frictional effect will help free up the shoes to an extent.
  4. Put on the shoe that you wish to stretch and step into the bathtub. Ensure that it covers your feet and the shoes. Soaking your Sebago shoes in this manner for 1-2 mins will loosen up the fiber as it molds to your feet size. You can pull out your shoes and allow them to dry.

Use a towel to dry off the water to avoid leather discoloration. Walk around in your wet Sebago shoes.

You will notice that your shoes are becoming free. Allow your shoes to mold with your feet size as you walk around in them.

By heating it

Heat remains one of the fastest ways of stretching Sebago shoes. Depending on your choice of materials, you can use a dryer to blow hot air into your shoes.

Before blowing hot air into your Sebago docksides, you must confirm that they are 100% leather and not synthetic fibers. This will prevent damages.

To stretch your Sebago shoes with a dryer:

  1. Wear some extra pairs of socks. This will provide enough room in your shoes and allow expansion.
  2. Blow in hot air and target the tight zones. Repeat the process for 30 seconds. Don’t get too hard on your shoes, you are stretching your shoes, you are not roasting beef. Be careful not to burn your feet.
  3. Walk around the heated shoes to accommodate the new size and allow the shoe mold to your new size.
  4. Wear some thick socks

To speed up the process of naturally stretching your Sebago docksides, you can wear them with some extra thick socks.

This looks like a bad fashion display as socks might not look attractive on boat shoes. However, the goal is to stretch the shoe with bulky socks, while the stretch gently.

Do you wear socks with Sebago shoes?

Is it weird to wear socks with boat shoes? Sebago docksides are boat shoes and it is normal to inquire about your fashion sense.

Although Sebago shoes are designed to be worn without socks, you can wear them with socks. They are comfortable and provide a warm comfy feel without socks, but that shouldn’t stop you from wearing them with socks.

Some users prefer not to have a pair of socks popping up on your ankle with their Sebago shoes though.

Well, fashion is evolving and individual preferences vary. You can wear socks with Sebago shoes. They are enhanced to accommodate socks.

However, you must consider the type of shoes that you wish to wear. If you wish to wear socks with your Sebago shoes, you should go for invisible socks.

These no-show socks provide all benefits that a sock can offer, but they are firmly fitted not to show above your shoe.

Nobody knows that you are wearing socks. The benefits of wearing socks on Sebago shoes are that it helps absorb sweat and eliminates the possibility of odor.

Can Sebago shoes be resoled?

Yes, you can resole your Sebago shoes. You can decide to resole your Sebago shoes with half or full soles. This depends on the type and design of the Sebago shoes that you wish to resole.

There are a lot of reasons why people resole their Sebago shoes. This includes traction reinforcement, enhancing durability, or replacing the soles when they start looking damaged.

To resole your Sebago shoes, you must confirm if they have heel or non-heel shoes. If your Sebago shoes have heels, a half-sole resole is the best option. Full soles are for flat shoes.

Nevertheless, you might need the services of a professional cobbler to help you resole your Sebago shoes.

This is to prevent you from damaging your precious beauties in the process.

Some Sebago shoes are moc-stitched. Moc-stitching helps improve the comfortability and balance of the shoe. At the same time, it can pose huge challenges for resoling.

You wouldn’t want to ruin the entire shoe while trying to fix a cracked sole. Sometimes, cracking and damages are not the only reasons why you want to resole your Sebago. You can resole them if you wish to switch to rubber soles.

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