10 Best Half Sole Shoes – The Ultimate Buying Guide in 2022

Half soles typically have one sole and two straps connecting the shoe to the foot.

Half soles can be used for various activities, including walking and dancing. They allow you to use your natural gait while keeping your heel on the ground. As a result, they reduce the strain on your back, hips, knees, and ankles.

Full review of my top 10 half sole shoes

If you’re looking for half-soles with maximum support and durability, look no further than these:

Shoe name Specification Price
Balera Dance Half-Sole Shoe Suede sole with straps adjustable $20.95
s.lemon Pirouette Shoes Half Sole Towelling Lining and Silicone Backing on Elastic Strap $19.99
Bloch Dance Half sole shoes Leather sole and Soft canvas upper $21.50
EASTBUDDY Shoes Half Sole Unisex Ballet Canvas Pirouette Shoes $11.99
DANCEYOU Half Sole shoes Sude sole patch with pleats Pirouette Lyrical  Canvas  for Girls/Women $18.99
Stelle Pirouette Dance Half Sole Leather front outsole with traditional ballet shoe pleating by handmade $17
Capezio Turning Pointe 55 Women Shoe EVA sole patch and Rounder toe shape for perfect lines $34
Bloch Dance evolve Half Sole flat microcell front sole with soft leather material $29.00
Body Wrappers 622a Cotton/Spandex, Pull On closure, and Anatomically curved last $19.43
Danzcue Half Sole Shoes Suede sole with Danzcue logo $15.99

Half soles are the perfect shoes for people who want to feel like they’re walking barefoot. They provide ultimate flexibility and many benefits for people with and without foot problems.

While they are becoming more and more popular among people, half-sole footwear is a particularly great alternative to regular dance shoes because they provide the same comfort level but with a different look and feel.

This design has a sole made of a single piece of rubber. They are easy to slide on and off, ideal for dancers who want to perform barefoot.

Today, there is a wide variety of half soles available, from different brands and styles to different sizes. This article will focus on the style that tilts more to the utility’s dancing and yoga activity sphere.

The best half soles for dancing on provide a good grip and traction to feel secure while you’re moving in them.

Balera Dance Shoe Half-Sole Turner Leather

Best Half Sole Shoes

This Balera Dance Shoe Half-Sole Turner Leather is made with a half Suede sole for the toe area. The sole is durable with its tough fabric compared to cloth fabrics used to make soles of half-solved shoes.

The smooth appearance of the synthetic suede is also an indicator of how soft and smooth the nap is to give it an appealing fabric texture. In other words, you will feel very comfortable in these.

The upper material makes the toe box expandable, making the pair ideal for most types of foot sizes without causing any sizing discomfort.

While it is true to size, the pair is best-suited fit for XS (4-5.5), S (6-7.5), M (8-9.5), L (10-11.5), XL (12-13)

Shoes like this are all about flexibility, allowing your feet to be as free as though you are walking barefoot. It features an elastic binding and dual elastic straps, with one of the straps adjustable for a snug, customized fit.

While it is particularly recommended for dancers, the footwear is designed with n upper constructed of all-natural sheep leather and a synthetic suede sole with hand pleating for durability and to make making turning effortless during any routine.


  • Elastic straps, yet adjustable for a snug fit
  • Synthetic suede sole fabric
  • For most foot types
  • Reasonably priced for its value


  • Stitching details can be better

s.lemon Pirouette Half Sole Shoe

Best Half Sole Shoes

In terms of extreme slip resistance and abrasion performance, I can not think of a better half sole shoe model that does it right than this s.lemon Pirouette Half Sole Shoe. It goes beyond a regular half sole design you’d want to wear indoors.

Integrated with the s.lemon new Technology Vegan Materials, this pair features toweling Lining that makes it 100% Ultra Soft and Breathable for Daily Ballet Pirouette and similar activities.

The new upgraded animal skin-free material of this pair help retains strength and toughness similar to fur properties.

It is considered a professional Half Sole Design Under the Guidance of the World Gymnastics Champion.

I like it for its soft, warm, and breathable, well-protecting toe box area that effectively relieves your fatigue during gymnastics, supported by the silicone backing on an elastic Strap to Prevent Slipping while moving.


  • Soft Towelling Lining: well-protecting toes
  • Round Toe Shape: perfect lines every time
  • Non-Slip Elastic Strap: prevent the strap from slipping
  • Perfect Slip Resistance and Abrasion Performance


  • The elastic is tight to start, giving it a snugger fit. But once worn a few times, it becomes comfortable.

Bloch Dance Ballet Shoe

Best Half Sole Shoes

Bloch Dance Women’s Eclipse Canvas Contemporary Ballet Shoe is an extremely versatile half sole shoe design that is made of Canvas and Leather sole. Although, the soft canvas upper is not a stretchable fabric.

Now, Bloch recently entered a new era of innovation and fashion design with the creation of mainstream footwear, that is, designs that tilt towards the demands of street-ready shoe wearers.

This Eclipse Canvas Contemporary Ballet Shoe is a manifestation of such innovation.

It is designed with a vamp cut that hugs the foot without restricting movement, plus the Cotton terry lining under the foot for improved comfort.

I particularly love the leather front outsole with traditional ballet shoe pleating, making turning and sharp movement easy.

It is also equipped with silicone backing on an elastic strap to prevent the strap from slipping while on foot in these.

Meanwhile, if you have long toes or rely on toe grip when you move, dance paws-type shoes might be better.

Being a half sole shoe, this is a winner for those who want their heel out!


  • True to size
  • The appeal is the soft cotton lining inside
  • perfect amount of traction.
  • Vamp cut hugs the foot without restricting movement
  • Leather front outsole for easy turns and moves


  • The Canvas is not a stretchable fabric

EASTBUDDY Half Sole Shoes

Best Half Sole Shoes

EASTBUDDY has a wide variety of Half Sole Shoes, but an attribute of distinction makes this design stick out.

Aside from the high-quality stretch canvas and two elastic straps to avoid slipperiness (a general feature for ideal half sole shoes), it is also designed with a durable leather sole that is anti-slip and safer when wearing.

The design gives you a barefoot feel so that you are more comfortable and confident and is versatile for Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, Dance, lyrical, Yoga, and so on.

The interesting part is that you can wear the shoe in two different ways; you can put one strap on the instep and the other on the heel to fix it, or you can put both straps on the heel.

I’d recommend this EasyBuddy half sole shoe for beginners getting started in dancing or related activity.


  • Classic barefoot experience
  • Anti-slip leather sole for safety
  • The elastic canvas material is comfortable and breathable
  • Two elastic fixing straps with high elasticity

DANCEYOU Half Sole Canvas Shoes

Best Half Sole Shoes

This DANCEYOU Half Sole Canvas Shoes shares similar features with most of the pairs we’ve gone by above. However, it has appealing details that make it unique.

For example, these half-soled shoes can also help you better complete your yoga moves while preventing obvious skin tears on the soles of the feet during exercise.

It features a Suede sole patch for stability with pleats that offers just the right slip and grip. Another great thing is that the insole is lined with moisture absorbing, odor-deterring lining.

The soft elastic binding keeps the shoe in place without pinching, supported by the silicone backing on the elastic strap to easily prevent it from falling off the feet.

It works well on hardwoods and carpets.


  • Suede insole moisture-absorbing absorbs sweat
  • Canvas upper is comfortable and breathable
  • Suede sole patch with pleats increases stability
  • The shoe does not pinch, and it stays in place thanks to the soft elastic binding


  • Decent construction, but the heel strap could easily be worn if a bigger foot size wears yours

Stelle Half Sole Unisex Canvas Shoes

Best Half Sole Shoes

The Suede sole and 100% Stretch Canvas of this Stelle Half Sole Unisex Canvas Shoes is what everyone who dances and does yoga will prioritize.

The pair can stretch, hug the foot without restricting movement, and return to the original size, shape, and form.

This overlaps with inferior designs that could easily be worn if a bigger foot size expands the form of the sole half shoe.

As a requirement, it features a silicone backing on an elastic strap to prevent the strap from slipping while dancing and also a leather front outsole with traditional ballet shoes pleating handmade to make sharp moves easy.

Note that Men begin two sizes up.

I’d recommend this pair to anyone experiencing significant skin tearing on the balls of their feet and big toe pads because these sole half shoes can stop that problem right away.

It is available in three different neutral colors and prevents slipping off and pinching.


  • Four-way stretch canvas, easy to stretch and return
  • No restriction of movement unlike in many half-sole designs, thanks to the ultra-soft stretch canvas that hugs the foot  conveniently
  • Durable craftsmanship – handmade pleats and Suede sole patch
  • Great price point


  • Not as lightweight compared to others.

Capezio Turning Pointe 55 Shoe

Best Half Sole Shoes

Sophia Lucia, an International dance superstar, and Capezio teamed up to create this exclusive, signature pirouette dance shoe.

However, it stands out with its wider EVA sole patch for maximum floor coverage and the soft leather that shapes and conforms to your foot.

It features a rounded toe shape for perfect lines every time and a lower vamp and pre-attached 5/8″ primary and 3/8″ secondary elastics, which can easily be placed in various positions.

The reliable brand did not fail to include the iconic interior Sophia Lucia signature on the sock lining.

Note that women’s size Begins one size larger than the street shoe size if you have a wider foot, while the Men’s, begin two sizes larger than the street shoe size.

As the manufacturer put it: “this shoe is guaranteed to get you in touch with your inner Sophia.”


  • Reliable brand
  • EVA sole patch for maximum floor coverage
  • Rounder toe shape for perfect lines every time
  • Lower vamp
  • Interior Sophia Lucia’s signature on sock lining to keep you inspired
  • Secondary elastics can be placed in various positions


  • It runs a little small, but the toe area provides plenty of room.

Bloch Revolve Half Sole Leather Shoe

Best Half Sole Shoes

This Bloch Women’s Revolve Half Sole Leather Shoe is slightly different from other half sole shoe designs we have looked at, including the initial Bloch Dance Half sole shoes, even though they are around a similar price point.

This one has been designed with a widened, flat microcell front sole for maximum turnability.

So, if you will be engaging in activities that will require sharp turns and movement, such as contemporary Ballet and not yoga, then you want to focus on this design.

It has soft leather that shapes and conforms to your foot, plus a rounded toe shape for perfect lines.

Another area of distinction is the pleated sole detail underneath the shoe that guarantees superior stability but comes with its little drawbacks compared to the sole eve patch we are familiar with.

Body Wrappers 622a

Best Half Sole Shoes

This Body Wrappers women’s 622a is anatomically curved last with left and right construction so that each pair can be used interchangeably.

The Pull-on closure design features an Elastic with silicone backing to improve straps grip the back of the foot and the Cotton/Spandex for improved comfort.

This pair features Sure-grip natural vegetable dyed suede sole for enhanced stability while dancing or during any similar activity, supported by the durable, lightweight, wicking lining.

The footwear is designed with the NEW revolutionary comfort fit Y-Strap and pivot construction – pivot 4-point attachment with a one-strap design.

The design approach of this strap does not make it fall short when compared with other half sole shoes that have adjustable straps because there is nothing to adjust here. It has the Y-Strap construction displays and enhances dancers’ arch.

The footwear also has the freedom pleats to permit easy pointe-to-flex toe movement and protects toes.


  • Curved last with left & right construction
  • Sure-grip natural sole
  • Easy to wear and maintain
  • True to size

Danzcue Half Sole Ballet Dance Shoes

Best Half Sole Shoes

The Danzcue Adult Leather Half Sole Ballet Dance Shoe features an ultra-soft stretch canvas that hugs and protects your feet, plus the suede patch lets your toes spread out for stability.

As a tradition, it has the Pre-sewn elastics secure the pirouette at the sides and under the arch of your foot, so it moves with you without pinching.

It is a good definition of all that there is to the benefit of wearing half sole design.

I like the sturdy leather and how it hugs the forefoot while the open heel provides much-needed breathability.

The suede sole is made with the iconic Danzcue logo. It has a 4-way stretch canvas, and Soft elastic binding keeps the shoe in place.

The flaw in this shoe is that the sizing isn’t always accurate, even though the strap and toe box guarantees flexibility. So I will recommend you order 1/2 size up for street fit.

What you should know about half sole shoes before buying

Half soles have been a trending fashion trend. They offer many benefits to people and are also aesthetically pleasing.

Half soles have increased over the past few years, with more and more people opting for this fashionable trend.

People gravitate toward these shoes, from celebrities to athletes, as they provide the benefits they need in their everyday lives.

But as mentioned earlier, there is a wide variety of half soles available on the market, from different brands and styles.

So, the answer to whom half sole shoes are meant will depend on the style of the half-sole shoes in question.

Nevertheless, generally speaking, half-sole shoes are ideal for ballet dancers or people who have had ugly experiences wearing heels or other high-heeled shoes in the past.

Wearing half soles allows the wearer to have their toes touch the ground and lets their feet breathe, which means that there is no need for insoles.

This also makes it so that you can now comfortably wear heels again or other high-heeled shoes.

Meanwhile, you should know that…

  1. Half Sole Shoes are shoes that are designed to cover only half of the wearer’s foot.
  2. Half Sole Shoes are best to use, if not for dancing, Yoga, or similar activities when you are at home and not going outside.
  3. Half Sole Shoes protect the wearer’s feet but also lack support on other foot areas, which is why they are not ideal for prolonged walking or running.
  4. While this set of footwear designs is not aesthetically appropriate for all that there is for footwear, it is ideal for those who want to run away, by all means, from blisters, cuts, and other types of injuries that may occur because of walking on hard surfaces with real shoes.
  5. Also, it is a good footwear option for those who are looking to reduce fatigue and shin splints. This is because there is less pressure on your shin and calf muscles due to the wide, flexible toe sole being much softer than a traditional shoe sole.

Features to look for in a pair of half-sole shoes?

The best shoes can make or break a performance for anyone who does dance, yoga, or any in-house body activity.

There are some key features to look for in a pair of half sole shoes.

One of the most important features to look for in a pair of half-sole shoes is how well it holds up in different activities.

This is because the shoes need to provide adequate support and flexibility during different types of platforms and moves.

Generally speaking, you want to pay more attention to the padding, breathability, and type of closure system of the shoe before buying.

The strap too. It is not necessary that it offers two ways for wearing using the strap. But one detail you shouldn’t leave out on this feature is the presence of silicone lining on the strap to ensure it doesn’t fall when you make turns or sharp movements.

While all these features are important, other factors like price, aesthetics, and materials are also worth considering.

Wrapping up

Half sole shoes are not like every other footwear design as they are characterized by their open heel that encourages extreme flexibility and breathability.

When choosing the best half sole shoes, it is a general rule to prioritize flexibility, style, and affordability above other considerations.

Flexibility, which translates to comfort, is prime because you will be wearing them for relatively long hours. Style is also an important factor because you need to feel confident while wearing these shoes.

Lastly, affordability is also an important factor because these shoes won’t stand the test of time as much as normal full sole shoes, so replacing them shouldn’t cost an arm and leg.

What half sole shoe do you think would make this list? Feel free to share in the comments.


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