Are Dearfoams Good Slippers?

Dearfoams slippers are good for the feet because of how comfortable they make people feel. I have a personal experience of this and I have never stopped using it ever since.

A friend of ours introduced the Dearfoams slippers to me. I have been wearing it ever since I met him and that was seven years ago, I still remember how good these things feel on my feet.

It is soft and has good traction even on slippery surfaces like polished hardwood floors. If you are looking for an alternative to those rubber flip-flops or the cheap sandals at Walmart, then look no further; Dearfoam slippers are what you need!

We wear them whenever we go outside even if it is just going to the mall or grocery store. It is so comfortable that you can even wear it inside the house without feeling as if your feet are being suffocated in a plastic bag.

What makes Dearfoams good slippers

Dearfoam has been around for a long time in the shoe industry and still does well. Read on to find out more about this great pair of slippers that will get you through any season while staying warm and cozy at home or at work.

  • They are made from 100% grade A virgin rubber which means they have no harmful chemicals in them, unlike other brands that try to pass off recycled rubber as new product and boast their products contain ‘new’ material when in fact, it is secondhand materials only pretending to be ‘new’.


  • They are also phthalate-free by law where other brands like flip flops are not required to be so. So that means Dearfoams is completely safe for your feet, unlike other brands who hide behind the law making it legal for them to make products toxic to humans.


  • These slippers also boast they are latex-free and never treated with harsh chemicals like other brands but then again they do not need to as they have no phthalates in them either which makes them chemical-free by strict definition. This all adds up now doesn’t it?


  • As if this was not enough, these slippers can also be washed with warm water and mild soap or liquid detergent just do not use bleach on them because it will ruin the rubber composition of the body of the slipper and renders it useless after repeated use.


  • Dearfoams slippers are also very durable. It lasts for years if you take good care of them and treat them with respect, as they should be treated.


  • Dearfoams slippers are made in sizes ranging from small to extra-large so no one can complain about their feet constantly sliding off or losing them off their feet because they are too big or too loose-fitting.

The size chart has been adjusted according to the demand of each range whether it ranges from toddler up to infants or women, men and kids.

Dearfoam makes a variety of slippers suitable for every age group as well as sensitive consumers who want nothing but the best when shopping for footwear products namely slippers.

No one can go wrong with Dearfoams slippers because they are functional, comfortable, and safe to wear.

The anti-skid feature of the sole is a sign that your feet are safe when using Dearfoams slippers in public and will not slip that usually happens when we walk barefoot inside our homes or at work.

That means no more slipping accidents from wearing Dearfoams slippers inside your home or office.

What you should consider before buying good slippers

When you wake up and go to work in the morning, your feet will always be one of the first parts of your body that touch the ground.

Moreover, with this, they will take all of your bodyweight that could definitely cause some issues in the future if you are not using a good pair of slippers.

While there are many brands out there promoting their products as being able to help you get rid of pains on your feet, sometimes it is hard for us to choose whom we should believe.

This is why today, I would like to share with you my tips on how you can find a good pair of slippers that would make going around easier and more comfortable when walking.


Make sure that it is comfortable. When we talk about comfort, I am not only referring to the level of cushioning that it can give to your feet but overall fit as well.

This means that you might need to try a few pairs before deciding on which one you should buy or if you choose to buy them online, then make time for at least two days so that you would be able to fully test its comfort and see how it fits your foot shape.

You don’t want to end up buying something uncomfortable since chances are, after a couple of hours of walking around in such slippers, the pain will start kicking in causing discomfort.

A good quality slipper will have insoles that provide foot support whilst also absorbing moisture from inside the shoe; it is not necessary to go out and buy expensive shoes when your own insole might suffice.

An ideal pair of slippers should feel comfortable right from the get-go with no pain, no tightness, no cutting in, but just a sense that your foot is being wrapped up in comfort.

Material quality

The material that is used for making the slippers may vary from one shoe to another. However, there are some important things that you need to look out for such as its durability and flexibility.

You do not want to buy something with a material that will not last long or that is not flexible enough because it would be hard for you to walk around in them.


You also have to consider the price of this footwear since we all know what happens when we buy something expensive without really knowing why which leads us to buy something cheap but does not work well.


When buying slippers online it is better if you choose the right size (if the shoe runs small) instead of wearing them uncomfortably tight.

The reason for buying the slipper

A good way to make sure that your chosen footwear is ideal for you is by considering how the product fits into your lifestyle. If a pair of slippers is meant related for indoor use and you tend to be outside most of the time, it may not be ideal for your needs.

Another thing to keep in mind when buying good slippers online is that prices vary between sellers so make sure you look around before making a final decision.

If you are looking online, you can easily find out if a seller has good reviews from other buyers.

To sum everything up, I would like to remind everyone who reads this article about how important walking is in our daily lives since it helps us keep fit and healthy by releasing toxins and other waste products in our bodies.

With this, we need to make sure that whatever pair of footwear is keeping up with us has to be comfortable as well as durable.

Do Dearfoams run small?

Dearfoam slippers run small. However, it is not all that runs small.

The chart provided by Dearfoams’ official website shows the sizes range from 6 to 13 in women and 5 to 12 in men.

If you are anxious about which size will fit best on your feet, we would recommend going one or two sizes bigger than what you would usually buy.

It is common for customers who have wide feet or wider-than-average calves to state they wish they had chosen a bigger pair of Dearfoam slippers as well.

Because of this, if you are unsure which size would fit best on your feet, then we would recommend buying a size up.

If you wear a half size, it is important to purchase your shoes in a store where you can try on multiple pairs until you find one that fits properly.

Are Dearfoams slippers Vegan?

Dearfoam slippers have both vegan and non-vegan slippers. However, the common knowledge is that Dearfoam slippers are non-vegan.

Dearfoam has vegan products and I would talk about them later in this article. The reason Dearfoams slippers are non-vegan is that they contain petroleum products.

The soles of these Dearfoams slippers contain something called “polyester melt-blown fibers”, which contains paraffin wax.

Furthermore, Dearfoam slippers are not advertised as being vegan on their website and do not seem to make a clear distinction that they are vegan friendly.

However, there is no evidence that Dearfoam products or any of their materials contain animal-derived ingredients.

What Dearfoams Slippers are Vegan

The following Dearfoams slippers are vegan.

Dearfoams Women’s Beatrice Side Gore Slide Slipper

This slipper is made with 100% Microfiber Terry that makes it a vegan shoe. Microfibers are responsible for making the Dearfoams Women’s Beatrice Side Gore Slide Slipper lightweight and breathable to walk in.

The Dearfoams Women’s Beatrice Side Gore Slide Slipper is necessary to have in your wardrobe. This slip-on shoe has an open-toed design that allows your feet to comfortably breathe, and features a multi-density cushioned insole with memory foam, bringing you instant comfort and relaxation.

The rubber sole is slip-resistant. Available in iceberg color. It is for women alone.

The Dearfoams Women’s Darcy Slipper is necessary to have for your wardrobe

Are Dearfoams Good Slippers

This slippers feature a microfiber velour upper and a quilted cuff that adds an elegant touch. The multi-density cushioned insole gives you instant comfort and relaxation, while the durable treads give these clog slippers a solid grip.

Available in women’s sizes 5-10, these slippers are sure to keep your feet warm and comfortable. The microfiber material used in making this slipper is the reason for its lightweight and breathable feature.

However, microfiber has a negative impact on the environment. For example, microfibers are released every time your slippers get wet or are washed in water.

However, it is a great slipper overall.

Dearfoams Unisex-Child Lil Bear Slipper

Are Dearfoams Good Slippers

This slippers is necessary to have for your little one! It features an adorable bear applique and a cozy buffalo check footbed. This indoor/outdoor outsole is an easy on/off silhouette that is perfect for the whole family.

The cushioned insole has memory foam for added comfort, while the synthetic sole offers great traction and durability. Make this your children’s go-to pair of slippers, or add it to your collection today.

It is made of 100% polyester that makes it vegan in nature. There is no animal skin or product that comes with this slipper.

Dearfoams Men’s Quilted Slide Sandal

Are Dearfoams Good Slippers

A comfortable memory foam footbed topped with a quilted terry upper makes this Dearfoams sandal the perfect choice for any man who needs to keep his feet warm and dry.

The adjustable Velcro strap provides a custom fit, while the rubber outsole keeps you on your feet. Machine washable for long-lasting freshness.

This slippers keep your feet warm and dry. It is a vegan slipper because it was produced with 100% Polyester. This is also one of the vegan-friendly shoes that come with Dearfoams.

Dearfoams Men’s Dad’s Scuff Slipper

Are Dearfoams Good Slippers

Perfect for the man who has everything; these Dearfoams slippers feature a textured upper and a woven stripe lining or cozy sherpa footbed.

They are made with memory foam for comfort and a rubber sole to protect his feet from cold floors.

Available in Navy Blue. Furthermore, the slide-on design makes them easy to put on and take off. This slipper is made of 100% pure polyester and comes at a very affordable price.


Dearfoam slippers are great to wear because of their uniqueness and awesome varieties of benefits. If you love vegan products, you can select any of the products listed above. Both young and adults can benefit from it.

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