What Happens if You Sell Used Shoes on Stockx?

Do you have new shoes at home for sale? Are you looking for where to sell great pairs of shoes or even an item at all?

Then StockX is a place for you to do this. StockX is an online market for people that love to buy and sell shoes, well not only shoes but also items like collectibles, accessories, electronics, smartphones clothes, jewelry, and so on.

The company examines every pair which they receive thoroughly and goes through a rigorous process of inspection.

Shoes like sneakers that have been worn once or twice can be sold on StockX, provided that there are no signs of damage or dent.

StockX accepts only “deadstock shoes”, which means that the shoe is brand new and has never been worn by anyone before. They also accept shoes that have laces as far as they do not have any sign of being worn.

You can ONLY sell used shoes on StockX if they have only been worn once or twice, and are still kept as new and flawless.

If you send shoes with signs of aging or any sign of being used, they would be rejected. The shoes you are selling should also be packaged properly.

StockX accepts either new or deadstock shoes, if the shoe you want to sell has been worn before, then StockX is not the place for you.

What really happens when you sell your used shoes on StockX?

Shoes are not the only item that is being sold on Stockx and if you are going to sell shoes, they must be brand new and must not have been worn before.

You can also sell items like shoelaces, apparel, electronics, furniture, accessories, utensils, handbags, and so on.

You can sell these items and more on StockX provided that these items have never been used or worn before, they must look as new as possible.

There are two ways to sell these items on Stocks, it can either be through “Ask” or “Sell now”.

  • An Ask is a list that shows the particular price at which you want to sell your items.
  • They are listed from the low products to the high products, you can as well set a number of days till the Ask expires.
  • An email will be sent to you before the Ask expires so that you can renew it or allow the expiration to take place.
  • You can also sell these items using “Sell Now” if you want to sell them immediately by selecting the “Sell Now” option on the product page.
  • You can use ‘Sell now’ if you do not have the product or items presently, but you must send it to StockX for proper verification within some days.

Submitting an Ask will require you to wait for someone to pay for it while using Sell now means that you can sell the products immediately for the highest bid.

The fastest, safest and authentic way to buy and sell deadstock products is through StockX because all products go through a rigorous check by experts before they are being sold out.

How does StockX verify or inspect shoes that come to them

At StockX, inspection of products is more important than selling the product. It is what they do to make sure that the products they are selling out to the public are not fake products.

StockX always inspects products that come in thoroughly including shoes and other products in order to ensure it is 100% authentic.

StockX has a verification team that goes through the products once they get them, this is done to ensure that the products meet StockX terms and conditions before they are put out for sale.

After the verification process is carried out and it has been confirmed to be clean and authentic, the shoes can be sent to the buyer for sale.

StockX usually gives their team training and orientations to enable them to become experts to carry out the authentication process effectively.

If the shoes do not meet the terms and conditions of StockX, the buyer will be linked up with a new seller as soon as possible.

StockX has expert authenticators that usually do a thorough check-up on products before they are shipped out for sale to buyers.

This verification process is rated 99.95% to show how serious this is done. This verification exercise may take up to 1 to 2 business days as the case may be.

It may take a longer period if there are issues with the verification of the product from the authentication team.

With StockX, your products can be considered 100% authentically verified this is because every single shoe must go through a rigorous process of inspection before it is given to the buyer.

The authentication team checks if the shoe and its packaging are legit and on point for buyers. They make sure the products are not fake.

Do you need to have shoes in hand to sell on StockX?

You can definitely sell shoes without having them in hand. When you do not have shoes in hand and you want to sell as fast as possible, all you need to do is to first put the shoes out for sale, select “Sell Now” on the product page to sell the shoes at a high bid. 

These shoes must have their original box, label, and shoe size in order for them to be accepted. The shoes have to be as good as new if they are going to be sold on StockX.

You would need to ship the shoes to StockX within some days, a payout will be issued to you after the shoe has been shipped and verified by StockX.

If you do not have the shoes in hand and have already placed them for sale, you have to try and get the shoes within a few days to avoid facing StockX penalties.

To ship shoes on StockX is quite easy and less stressful but this is done when you know the right actions to take.

What happens if sellers never ship to StockX?

StockX is working tirelessly to ensure all sellers ship, they try their best to complete all orders between 7-12 business days. If a seller has not shipped, it demands that the seller remain patient.

The average delivery date is about 7-12 business days from the day you ordered and StockX will try to get the items to you as soon as possible.

Peradventure, something went wrong along the line and your products cannot be delivered within that amount of time, StockX will try to find you another one with no added cost.

If this cannot be possible, a refund will be done within 3-7 business days.

If there is a delay in shipping your product, the seller will tell you and give you the options to choose either to agree with the delay or to cancel the order and get a refund.

Also, you do not need to pay for products that show up and you never ordered.

What happens if your shoes do not pass authentication at StockX

When a seller does not comply with the rules of StockX or follow their policy, it comes with a penalty. Actions like selling used shoes on StockX will definitely result in the product not passing the authentication process.

If your shoes do not pass the verification process 100%, there are some actions that would be carried out by StockX as a penalty for this. For instance, If you have an incomplete sale, the penalty may be to pay a penalty fee of 15% of the price of the transaction.

If an item or product does not meet their policy or meet up their verification process, StockX will refund the money to the buyer, send back the item to the seller, and as soon as possible take strict actions to make sure that such action does not repeat itself.

Your account can also be subjected to a penalty fee when you do not ship products within the period of time which was agreed.

This period of time could for about 2 business days. Your account can also be given a penalty fee when your products do not meet the conditions of StockX.

You should also note that when your products do not meet StockX authentication process, StockX cannot assure you that your original receipt will be returned to you. So you must try as much as possible to do a thorough check on the shoes before sending them.

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