What Happened to Sebago Shoes?

Sebago shoes were once a popular American brand, well-known for their boat shoes. However, in recent years they seem to have disappeared from the market.

What happened to Sebago shoes, and why did they go out of style? Some say that they were simply too expensive for the average person, while others claim that they simply weren’t trendy enough.

Still, others believe that the company’s quality went down over time.

Whatever the reason, it seems clear that Sebago is no longer a major player in the shoe-making space.

So, what happened to Sebago?

Sebago sells shoes that generally fit well and are comfortable. However, as time went by, sales dropped dramatically and they couldn’t compete with other shoe companies.

They had stores all over America, then they got bought by the L.L. Bean Company. In 2005, Sebago filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and closed the stores.

Since these sets of events, Sebago shoes are yet to find their feet in the game as the future looks bleak.

Reasons why they were acquired?

So, why was the Sebago shoe company bought? It’s not the first time that the Sebago Shoe Company was bought. The company has had multiple owners over time.

The last time it was bought was In 2017, BasicNet acquired Sebago from Wolverine World Wide for $14.25 million.

People speculated that there may be good reasons. Some of the likely reasons include the following.

One is that when Sebago was not bought, it was unclear what was going to happen to the company. The company’s sales prospects were also looking bleak

Another reason is that Sebago’s finances were not in good shape, which may have led it to be of no interest to potential buyers.

Furthermore, the company may not have had the financial means to face up to the challenges of the changing business environment.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Sebago and L.L.Bean, Maine’s largest shoe manufacturers, were on the verge of being swallowed up in what amounted to a sneaker war.

The recession lowered consumer spending, sales, and demand for shoes, which hurt the companies.

Sebago’s factory in Lewiston had fallen behind its competitors, with the company not investing in new machinery after the 2008 recession.

The newly appointed producers at Sebago, which were manufacturing shoes in China and India, were not as familiar with the company’s signature rubber bottoms and were not able to create new styles as quickly as the company needed.

What’s next for the Sebago brand now?

In 2014, Sebago discontinued its premium line of shoes and replaced them with a more casual style.

They also changed their logo from brown to blue. This change was in response to a demographic shift away from more formal styles of dress and towards an upscale casual look.

Since then there have been no further changes for the brand, but now with many brands competing in this less formal footwear niche, it is unclear what will happen next for Sebago.

From ongoing research on their website, it can be seen that they are now branching out from just shoes and accessories to clothing, luggage, and eyewear.

Sebago focuses on quality and innovation to maintain its status as a top-tier brand. The company has acquired many smaller shoe brands that specialize in particular styles, like industrial work boots or high heels.

It’s also expanded into clothing and accessories.

They have also incorporated three versions of boat shoes which are; Docksides, Citysides, and Campsides.

Presently, the future of the Sebago brand is not so promising, and here’s what I think the brand could do to stay afloat:

  • Sebago needs to find a way to stay relevant in today’s market, and it can do this by expanding its product line to include new, fashion-forward styles.
  • They should also focus on marketing their brand more effectively to reach a wider audience.
  • One strategy the company could consider is expanding its product line to include more modern and trendy designs.
  • They could also explore new marketing channels, such as social media, to reach a younger audience.
  • Additionally, they could focus on increasing brand awareness by sponsoring events and partnering with other businesses.

3 Sebago shoes that are still my favorite (and why you should buy them)

Sebago Clovehitch Shoe

What Happened to Sebago Shoes

The Clovehitch™ II is a well-crafted hand-sewn boat shoe with a breathable mesh lining. The durable rubber sole has been designed to stand up to the wear and tear of time.

Made with much love in Maine, you can expect the Clovehitch™ to last through many happy summer adventures.

Sebago boat shoes are known for their comfort, so we built on that tradition by making ours with a breathable mesh footbed and a cushioned insole.

The Sebago Clovehitch II Boat Shoe will add a dose of modern flair to your summer style! The best-selling boat shoe leather uppers are designed for total comfort with a breathable mesh lining.

Clovehitch II Oxfords are new, must-have boat shoes that are perfect for every generation. The durable leather upper and lace closures offer classic style, while the breathable mesh lining keeps feet ventilated and comfortable.

These fashion-forward Oxford shoes are a more wearable version of their classic Boat Shoe predecessors with a more breathable mesh upper and synthetically-soled bottom. Also, they’re now ready to be worn in the water.

Take on whatever your day throws at you with these leather boat shoes that have a supportive instep, super-comfortable Croslite™ technology midsoles, and durable lugged non-marking outsoles that are ideal for wet and dry landings.

Sebago Schooner Boat Shoe

What Happened to Sebago Shoes

Sail in comfort and support with these men’s boat shoes. The full leather upper ensures a comfortable fit, while the rubber outsole ensures extra durability.

Sebago’s most popular model is low cut for the best ability to get the shoe on and off. The Schooner comes with a nonmarking rubber sole to keep you from sliding on your boat deck.

Sebago’s Schooner Boat Shoes are incredibly easy to slip on and off due to their elasticized topline and their durable rubber outsoles. These classic casual and casual designs are perfect for any occasion.

These Sebago shoes come with a rubber traction outsole that protects against wear and tear to keep it looking great for years. Plus, an EVA insole makes sure you feel good whenever the season.

The Sebago, Men’s Schooner Boat Shoes feature a classic style with a rich color. With a cup sole design and a contoured heel, they’ll keep you comfortable, while the slip-resistant rubber outsole will keep you upright and on-task.

With a rubber outsole, these shoes are water-resistant and slip-resistant, ensuring that you never worry about wet or slippery spots on the floor.

Sebago Docksides Boat Shoe

What Happened to Sebago Shoes

Finally, there’s a Sebago shoe that’s ready for your sailing adventures. These Sebago have all the elements your feet need to keep moving – no matter how long, wet, or tiring the day.

The Sebago Crest Men’s Docksides Tan Nubuck Boat Shoes are the ultimate pair of Sebago shoes, bar none. With their full leather uppers and non-marking rubber outsoles, they are made to last and withstand harsh weather conditions.

Sebago nailed it with this pair of Nubuck boat shoes. The colors go great with almost any summer outfit choice and they’re easy to wear.

You’ll get great use out of these Sebago shoes as they can be worn with a lot of different outfits.

This durable style comes with a lightweight sole that’ll make you forget how long you’ve been standing at the dock as it cushions your steps.

A water-repelling leather upper helps keep footwear in top condition and a cushioned insole provides a comfortable fit and feel.

These shoes are the perfect blend of rugged construction and refined style. The premium leather upper ensures long-lasting comfort and durability, while the non-marking rubber outsole allows for great traction on land or in the water.

A new kind of boat shoe, this slip-on style is durable, classic, and made to last. Its leather upper and the non-marking outsole is ideal for the dockside or a day around town.


The Sebago brand has been a key player in the loafers world for a very long time. But due to problems with finance, the company had been acquired by different sets of people for some time before it suddenly went bankrupt.

The Sebago brand could still get into the sneaker world if they put more effort into awareness and partnerships.

I’ve listed some of the best Sebago boat shoes you can buy and I hope you find them helpful.

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