Do You Need Sneakers for Go Karting

Yes, you can wear sneakers for go-karting as they are important. They look fashionable and at the same time, provide comfort and support.

They are used when one wants to ride a two-wheeler or a four-wheeled vehicle.

Sneakers should be comfortable and not slippery as they prevent you from slipping on the karting track and keeps your feet at their place.

They are very important when one wants to ride for long hours. Riding in sneakers makes the rider feel relaxed and is the best option to avoid fatigue that might make the rider stop riding.

It is advisable to wear sneakers even if you are just roaming around or playing games. They are comfortable and you will not feel tired at all when wearing them.

In addition, the sneaker prevents your feet from getting blisters which most of the time might make you quit riding a bike altogether.

A good pair of sneakers also prevents you from getting fatigued on your feet when riding a go-kart.

It is important to know that while wearing sneakers, one should have additional cushioning so that the rider can feel more relaxed than before.

It is safe to say that sneakers are very important for go-karters and should always be worn when riding a go-kart.

They are comfortable, fashionable and at the same time keeps you fit and relaxed while riding a go-kart.

What should you consider before buying sneakers for go-karting

What do you look for in a sneaker?

For any sport, your shoe should fit well. Be sure to choose a shoe that fits your foot.

If you do not do this then you will have throbbing pain on the sides of your feet or ankle that can affect your performance during races.

It is best to try on a pair of sneakers before purchasing them because your sneaker size may be different from the brand you are buying.


The price of go-karting shoes ranges from $40 up to $600 dollars depending on the material that is used or quality.

Generally, a higher price does not assure you better quality but it may tell you if the particular model is popular among karting enthusiasts.


If you are an occasional racer then any pair of sneakers will do but if you want to become a more serious go-karter then you should invest in good quality shoes that can last for years.

You do not need to spend much just be sure that the material used is hard and not prone to tear or easily worn out.

Water resistance

This is important because you do not want to drive a go-kart with wet feet, do you?

Wear shoes that can keep your feet dry in case it rains when racing. Your sneakers should be breathable so water can exit quickly and dry fast.


You do not want to be injured or have sore ankles and feet when you drive your kart.

Wear a shoe that can withstand hard impact from the pedal hitting the ground especially if you are driving in bumps and curbs.


If you frequently race then it will be best to wear shoes that will not get wet so it will dry faster after being exposed to water.


When driving a go-kart, you need all the balance and flexibility that you can get so your shoe must be able to bend with your feet when pushing on the gas pedal or braking.

Your toes should be protected from injury as well so try not to wear high-top shoes.


Your shoe should have adequate ventilation so it can release excessive heat from your feet and not make you feel uncomfortable.


You don’t want to use a pair of sneakers that will easily fall off when racing, do you? If the sole is too loose or cheap then it may just fall off and cause you to lose control of your kart.

With these points in mind, you now know what to consider when buying sneakers for go-karting.

You should also wear racing boots so you can have more protection from pedal impact or any debris that may fly into your feet. This will prevent ankle injuries and keep your feet safe while driving.

Now, let us talk about the sneakers that would be great for go-karting. Any of these sneakers are great for go-karting.

My favorite sneakers for go-karting

From my experience in go-karting, these 5 sneakers are my favorite ever and I am sure you would enjoy using any of them as well.

I am recommending this to you based on my experience with using them.

S/no Name of sneaker
Ranking Rating (1-5)
1 SPARCO 00121342NR black karting sneaker Best overall 5/5
2 Sparco Karting Sneaker Best comfortable 5/5
3 RaceQuip 30500110 Racing Sneaker Best sole quality 5/5
4 OMP Unisex-Adult KS-3 Sneaker Best lightweight 5/5
5 PUMA Unisex-Adult Ferrari Kart Cat X Sneaker Best with arch support 5/5

SPARCO 00121342NR black karting sneaker

If you want to find a good shoe for driving go-karts, then you should check into picking up a pair of SPARCO 00121342NR black karting sneaker.

This is one type of shoe that can be worn while driving a go-kart around the track. SPARCO 00121342NR black karting sneaker is an affordable, comfortable, and durable type of shoe that is specifically designed for those who drive cars or karts on a regular basis.

This brand of sneakers normally comes in black but it also has other colors from time to time. It is design specifically to help those who drive vehicles have the best experience possible.

SPARCO 00121342NR black karting sneaker is considered one of the highest quality karting shoes on the market right now.

The reason for this is that it offers consumers value, comfort, and durability. This type of shoe is designed to have a breathable mesh fabric and also a strong cushioning and support for your feet.

SPARCO 00121342NR black karting sneaker also has a memory foam insole, which makes it even more desirable to those who want value from their shoe.

The shoe is also highly durable and it has a very lightweight design that allows people to wear them all day long without getting tired of the weight of the shoe on their feet.

I have never stopped using this sneaker for go-karting because of the absolute comfort it brings to my feet. Furthermore, the impact resistance that comes with this sneaker is top-notch. You need to check this out right now.

Sparco 00121347BI Superleggera-K White Karting Sneaker

One major thing I love about this sneaker is how comfortable it makes me feel whenever I go-karting with it. The insoles are very soft and they keep my feet relaxed.

I can kart for as long as I want with this amazing sneaker. The insoles are super-soft, comfortable, and provides adequate support for my feet and arches.

My feet breathe well because of the adequate space that comes with my sneaker. This makes me feel good and comfortable. I feel comfortable with this sneaker because of the breathable feature.

Whenever I go-karting with this sneaker, my feet stay cool and dry. The Sparco 00121347BI Superleggera-K White Karting Sneaker makes me comfortable every time I use it and this is why I am including it in my top-5 list.

You should get a hold of this. The lightweight fabric makes it easy to place my foot on the pedal back and forth without any stress or pain.

RaceQuip 30500110 Racing Sneaker

The RaceQuip 30500110 Racing Sneaker are is the best shoe with sole quality for go-karting.

The soles provide me with much energy to run as much as I want to. The soles of this amazing sneaker are slip-resistant.

This is good for karting during wet seasons or on wet days. Apart from this, the soles are lightweight which makes you comfortable and makes karting much easier.

This sneaker is a very strong pair with a great grip. These grips make you face any track with absolute confidence and stability. The only thing you will need to conquer is the urge to run.

These heavy hitters are super low and ultra-cushy. They come in a variety of colors and materials to suit any athletic shoe look or fit requirement you can think of.

The RaceQuip 30500110 Racing Sneaker is guaranteed to help you dominate any track or road in style. The traction underneath makes your feet remain steady and glued to the pedals of your kart.

OMP Unisex-Adult KS-3 Sneaker

I decided to include this in my article because of its lightweight quality material that is great for go-karting.

Furthermore, the suede leather material quality allows your feet and toes to breathe absolutely well.

It is one of the most uncomfortable feelings to have a sweaty or heavy kart shoe while attempting go-karting; most especially if this is your first time. This is why the OMP Unisex-Adult KS-3 Sneaker comes in handy.

In order to be stable while karting, you need a firm grip sole and this is what you are going to get by wearing this amazing sneaker.

In addition to this, you are going to feel a high level of comfort. It offers many premium benefits just as other shoes in this article and it is very affordable as well.

PUMA Unisex-Adult Ferrari Kart Cat X Sneaker

PUMA Unisex-Adult Ferrari Kart Cat X Sneaker is a shoe specifically designed by one of the leading companies in foot care that have more than 50 years of experience.

The PUMA Unisex-Adult Ferrari Kart Cat X Sneaker has been created with a sole that constrains normal and abnormal pronation while providing the necessary arch support.

I love this sneaker so much because of how well it supports my arch. Those with flat feet are going to enjoy this sneaker as well.

The PUMA Unisex-Adult Ferrari Kart Cat X Sneaker is more comfortable than any other type of shoe with arch support on the market today.

If you are someone who is looking for a karting shoe with arch support, it is good to know that as compared to other types of shoes, the PUMA Unisex-Adult Ferrari Kart Cat X Sneaker does not feel heavy even when you wear them for long hours.

Importance of the shoes you wear for go-karting

Go-karting is a sport in which people use karts similar to miniature cars, and compete against each other.

The person who gets the fastest time wins. Besides fun, it has become very popular as a competition event for corporations and schools.

Go-karting should be done wearing shoes with a good grip on them, as the kart can easily slip when doing quick turns.

On tracks with tight corners, if you do not have shoes on that gives a good grip, it is easy to lose balance and fall off the kart.

Go-Karts are allowed to tilt up to 45 degrees for sharp turns, so even if you wear shoes with rubber soles, you are still at risk of falling off the kart due to road friction.

By wearing shoes that give a good grip, you will have a much better performance when driving; giving you an advantage over your opponents and helping you win races.

Shoes suitable for go-karting should be mainly black so that they don’t show dirt easily, and have a minimal sole, such as sneakers.

Shoes with thick soles are not recommended because they do not have good grip, and will be in the way when steering.

Shoes that have low friction, like bowling shoes or sandals, are also unsuitable for go-karting because they would make it hard to change gears, and because they would put the driver in a position where they cannot steady themselves.

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