Can You Drive With Crocs?

Yes, you can drive with Crocs. Not necessarily your favorite clogs brand of Crocs, but the Crocs shoes that are very ideal for driving. As we all know that when Crocs made their first clogs, a lot of people didn’t like it because of the design. The wide sole surface made their business go down … Read more

Can I Wear Crocs To Work At Walgreens?

Of course, you can wear Crocs to work at Walgreens. Although there are specific types of Crocs you can wear at Walgreens, you need to confirm if your particular Crocs fits the organization. You should know that working at Walgreens is like working at the hospital plus you know you have to put on a … Read more

Do Vans Rip Easily?

All shoes rip over time and your Vans shoes are not exempted. Just kidding. Vans shoes rip, but not “easily”. There are so many ways to maintain your Vans shoes that will prevent them from ripping right away, be it suede, leather, or fabric Vans. The only few situations your Vans can rip is when … Read more

Can You Wear Vans If You Don’t Skate?

Of course, you can wear your Vans shoes for any other purpose aside from skating. Although Vans are known as skate shoes, modern-day Vans shoes are made for fashion purposes and not primarily for skating. The modeling of Vans shoes is very vast, leaving buyers with loads of options for a variety of purposes including … Read more

Can You Wear Crocs To An Interview

It is absolutely okay to wear Crocs to an interview. But I’d advise you wear the closed-toe, closed-heel kind of Crocs to your interview. A lot of people seem to have an objection to this perspective of mine which I understand. There are certain reasons why people don’t want to wear Crocs to an interview. … Read more