Hefe Luxx Starter vs Original: Which Is Better?

If you have narrowed your preference on the kind of brand to choose for insoles to Hefe Luxx, then you are most likely conflicted between going for Hefe Luxx starter vs. original insoles.

A good place to start would be to understand the striking difference. What did the manufacturer include in one and leave out in the other?

What is the biggest difference between Hefe Luxx starter vs original shoe insoles?

The Hefe Luxx Starter Insoles are designed for those just getting started with running.

They provide a more comfortable cushioning for those just getting used to the running routine. They are less expensive than the Hefe Luxx Original Insoles, which are designed for more serious runners and athletes.

Those who need extra comfort can pick up the Hefe Luxx Starter Insoles. They are not as durable as the original ones, but they provide enough cushioning to make long-distance walks and runs more comfortable.

What you should know about Hefe Luxx starter insoles

Hefe Luxx Starter vs Original

The Hefe Luxx starter insert is a great way to see if the insole will work for you. It comes with the same features as other Hefe Luxx inserts, but it is a little less expensive, and there are no commitments.


  • The huge advantage of this type of the brand’s insole is that it has extra cushioning, which makes it more comfortable than most other insoles out there.
  • Also, It has a firmer pad to support the foot’s arch and relieve pressure on the plantar fascia. The Hefe Luxx starter insole’s heel pad is firm enough to help relieve pressure on your feet as you walk or stand.


  • However, this type of insole isn’t as customizable, and they are also more rigid than other brands. Also, this product may not work for some people if they have a high arch or pronate their feet a lot while walking.

What you should know about Hefe Luxx Original insoles

Hefe Luxx Starter vs Original

Hefe Luxx original insoles, on the other hand, are eco-friendly and offer a customized insole experience.

If you are a full-time athlete and looking for the best inserts from the Hefe Luxx brand, you’d want to tilt your preference towards this option.

Meanwhile, a more common disadvantage is their price tag as they are quite expensive compared to other products in this segment.


  • The Hefe Luxx Original Insole is durable and long-lasting. It’s eco-friendly and doesn’t use any animal materials. It provides ultimate comfort. The insole also offers a personalized fit and customization to suit your unique needs.


  • It requires some maintenance to be done on it from time to time, like cleaning or replacing the cover material of the insole.
  • The cost may also be prohibitive for some people looking for a cheaper option that does not require maintenance or upkeep.

Hefe Luxx starter vs original insoles: The comparison

The Hefe Luxx was created by a team of designers, fashion engineers, and podiatrists who wanted to create an insole that could offer unparalleled comfort, performance, and style.

While these reputations can be seen in both the Starter and Original models, here are the areas of comparison that set them apart.

Hefe Luxx Starter Vs. Original Insoles: The Differences in Materials Used

Hefe Luxx Starter vs Original

Which between the Hefe Luxx shoe insert starter and the original supersedes in area of durability? It depends on what materials you want in your shoe insert.

The Hefe Luxx Starter insoles are made of a soft, EVA material compared to the Original insoles made of hard plastic.

The long-term use of the more expensive Original insoles will be more durable as they won’t need replacement as often as the Starter insoles.

The Hefe Luxx starter comes with a latex foam sole that offers a smooth and cushioned feel. On the other hand, the original comes with natural rubber, which is more durable and lasts longer than latex.

Hefe Luxx Starter vs Original Insoles: The Difference in Design

Hefe Luxx Starter vs Original

The original Hefe Luxx insoles offer a narrow heel insert, while its starter pack has a wider heel insert. The difference in design affects how the inserts fit into different shoe brands.

The original Hefe Luxx will fit better in shoes with narrower heels like Nike and Adidas, while its wide insert might not be able to fit in as snugly into New Balance or Toms shoes because of their wider heels.

The original design of the Hefe Luxx Insoles contains two different layers. The hard outer shell for shock absorption and the soft inner layer for comfort.

The Hefe Luxx Starter Products does not have an outer shell and has only one layer of cushioning to save cost and make it faster to ship.

P.S: Heel inserts need to be comfortable enough not to be discarded after a few days of wearing them. Hefe Luxx Starter Products falls short on this point because it doesn’t offer the same level of cushioning as the original design product.

Hefe Luxx Starter vs. Original Insoles: The Difference in Price

The Hefe Luxx Starter is cheaper than the original. The Starter is a lighter and thinner version of the original – with an intriguing cushioned heel for added comfort.

You should expect to spend a little more to get Hefe Luxx Original Insoles than the starter. The latter is made of soft, breathable materials to keep your feet cool and comfortable.

For example, on the Hefe official website, inserts under the Starter Insole catalog cost as low as $17, while those under the Original Comfort Insole Catagolue are priced as high as $23 -$25.

Both models are not as high as other insoles designs of the brand, like the Ultra Deluxe 2.0 upgrade, priced at around $32.

Why buy Hefe Luxx Starter insoles?

Hefe Luxx starter insoles are good for people with a lot of physical activity because they have a non-slip surface and provide cushioning for extreme activity.

For example, if you work in an environment where you often need to stand up all day, these insoles will be beneficial because they have arch support, which reduces lower back pain and plantar fasciitis.

The Hefe Luxx starter insoles are made with a flexible, breathable material that contours comfortably to the shape of your foot, giving you additional comfort.

So, they are a good option for an advanced arch support system that will stabilize your foot as it moves through its natural gait cycle.

Thinking of the first step to a healthier lifestyle in terms of footwear, then Hefe Luxx starter insoles are the right ones to consider.

Why buy Hefe Luxx Original insoles?

The Hefe Luxx original insoles were designed for runners and athletic individuals to ensure that they were always comfortable.

This particular brand model has a special design embedded with five features to support the foot’s natural curvature while running: heel cushioning, heel shock absorption, arch support, and toe box protection.

In addition. Women who like to keep their feet un-poked are recommended to use these inserts because of their softest foam.

They also have more padding, which is perfect for someone who has uncomfortable shoes or doesn’t want their toes touching the end of the shoe.

Aside from the athletic appeal, wearing high heels in the workplace or other times in life can be uncomfortable. Still, Hefe Luxx’s original insoles can make them as comfortable as possible.

These insoles provide more support and offer a better grip for your feet, so they’re great for anyone who wears heeled shoes.

Hefe Luxx Starter vs Original Insoles: Which is better Overall?

The Hefe Luxx Starter is a newer product in the market released only recently. It is very similar in design and appearance to the original Hefe Luxx Insoles but comes with a lower price tag.

The Hefe Luxx Starter comes with heel cups made of TPU and not EVA, which means that they provide more stability than the original Hefe Luxx Insoles.

The extra stability provided by these heel cups also helps us walk for a longer distance without any pain or discomfort.

The heel cup is also designed to be thicker than what is available on the original Hefe Luxx Insoles to provide more cushioning and comfortability.

In other words, If you want something more cushioned and extra comfortable, then Hefe Luxx Starter is your answer. But if you want something less bulky and more durable, go with Hefe Luxx Original.

The other features of these inserts may not seem much different from what they have on the original insoles. So, if it’s your first time trying out the brand, I’d recommend you go for the Hefe Luxx Starter insoles.

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Now, over to you…

Which is better overall? Which one will be taking a trip to the counter when you visit the store?

I’ll leave that up to you.

All I can do is provide a comparison of the two insoles and my own personal opinion about them, as revealed in the article above.

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