How to Get Blood Out of Shoes

It’s no new experience getting your shoes stained with mud, coffee, blood, etc. Especially on a rainy day, the roads are messy and muddy or missing a step that ruins your shoe.

Children occasionally stain their shoes in the playground or sustain injuries that bled out down to the shoes.

Getting rid of blood stains can be really annoying and challenging. Ultimately stressful to get off especially in shoes with so many parts the blood can get stocked into.

In respect to blood, fresh blood is quite easier to clean up compared to dried blood which has been there for a longer period of time.

The end result will be getting blood, fresh or dried out of shoes.

General ways to get blood out of shoes

So, do not trash that shoe yet. Here are some things you can do to get the stains off for good:

Using a damp cloth to blot the stain

stains should not be scrubbed, it will only make it worse. This should be done gently, so as not to spread the stain.

Whether or not the bloodstains are fresh or dried, damping with clots should get some stains off. Making the rest of the cleaning journey a bit easy to handle.

Remember not to spread the stains, use a new part of the damp material when it is soiled by the stain.

Make use of Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide over time has been used to take off abrasions and stains from surfaces.

It is very potent. To cease doubts, you can test it in a hidden place to see if it ruins the spot. In several cases, it doesn’t damage the shoe then you proceed.

Take a little amount of hydrogen peroxide into a cloth that is clean and dry. Once again dab, always dab, do not scrub.

This is to prevent the stains from getting worse.

Working space should be from the edges to the inside.

Use water and a clean cloth to rinse the shoe and allow to dry

If the hydrogen peroxide worked effectively, you’ll have a clean spot on the shoe with no residue left and no stain.

If some stains are still there, repeat the procedure again this time till it is totally gone. In the process of drying the shoe, do not use heat. Shoes are not heat stable.

Heat can destroy the shoe. It causes the stain to be tougher than it should and ruins the fabric.

With the stains off, use a clean cloth wetted a bit with soapy water to scrub. For areas the cloth cannot reach, use a toothbrush. This works great too by getting to the far ends of the shoe.

You can now resume scrubbing the shoe as there’s no risk of damaging the shoe or the fabric entirely.

Rinse with water and allow the air to dry

How to get blood out of Nike shoes

Getting rid of bloodstains can be a handful but with the correct tools, you can get it done as soon as possible.

Things needed include;

  • Brush /toothbrush
  • Soft foam
  • Hydrogen peroxide or sneaker remover spray
  • Water

Procedure to get blood out of Nike shoes

  • Remove the laces and soak them in the bowl of water.
  • Hydrogen peroxide works just well for removing blood stains, pour a little amount of it into a clean damp cloth and dab the shoe.
  • Do this repeatedly, then rinse up using another clean damp cloth.
  • After getting the stains off, use soapy water to wash the shoe, scrub with a soft brush or toothbrush. Then rinse.

Note: it is not advisable to throw your shoe in the washing machine or soak it in water because it ruins the shoe and weakens the material.

Another yet great alternative is the sneaker remover spray.

Spay the sneaker stain remover on the sneaker. The sneaker stain remover has activated enzymes that remove tough stains in no time.

After spraying leave it to soak into the shoe for some minutes. Approximately 10 – 15 minutes.

Grab your brush and scrub the shoe. The soft foam can be used to clean up the sole of the shoe if it’s also dirty and requires washing. Scrub well to remove the stain. Doing it gently is not so hard.

After scrubbing, rinse off with water. Leave to dry.

How to get dried blood out of white shoes

How to Get Blood Out of Shoes

Baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and water make a good cleaner and stain remover for white shoes.

You can make the paste with just baking soda and water in the absence of hydrogen peroxide.

If you have hydrogen peroxide you should use it.

Things needed to get blood out of white shoes

  1. A bowl
  2. Baking soda
  3. Hydrogen peroxide
  4. Brush or toothbrush
  5. Warm water

Steps to get dried blood out of white shoes

  • In a bowl, add 1 tablespoon of baking soda, add 1 and half spoon of hydrogen peroxide, you can leave it if you don’t have it.
  • Add warm water to the mixture.
  • Stir well until you form a paste.
  • Using a brush or toothbrush, dip into the paste and apply on the stained area. Scrub in a circular motion to get rid of the stain
  • Do this for a few minutes. Allow the paste to soak into the shoe for some minutes preferably 30 mins.
  • Thereafter clap the shoe to remove the excess dried paste. Proceed to rinse thoroughly with water or use a clean cloth to do so.
  • Do this repeatedly if there are leftover bloodstains using baking soda and hydrogen peroxide mix only for the paste.
  • Apply till it is totally gone.

Alternatively, baking soda and vinegar mix paste can also be used to remove stains including bloodstains.

Things needed:

  1. Baking soda
  2. Bowl
  3. Vinegar
  4. Hot water
  5. Toothbrush or brush

The procedure is not a hectic one to carry out


  • In a bowl, add 2 tablespoons of baking soda, one tablespoon of vinegar, and one tablespoon of hot  water
  • Mix thoroughly to make the paste.
  • Using a toothbrush or brush, dip into the paste, scrub In a circular motion till the paste is incorporated in the stain.
  • Allow to dry in the sun for about 3-4 hours, clap them together to remove excess paste then rinse thoroughly with water.

How to get blood out of leather shoes

How to Get Blood Out of Shoes

Some leather shoes can hide dark stains thereby making the stains tough to remove when at it.

This can be a turn-off when it comes to acquiring leather shoes.

Things needed to remove blood stains from leather shoes are:

  1. Water
  2. Mild soap
  3. Soft brush or sponge
  4. Clean soft cloth preferably cotton material
  5. Isopropyl alcohol
  6. 3%Hydrogen peroxide

Steps to get blood out of leather shoes

  • With mild soap and water, make a mix
  • Allow to generate a large volume of foam.
  • Apply the foam with a sponge and gently run it into the stained area. Be Careful not to spread the stain.
  • Wipe with a clean dry cloth
  • Thereafter if the stain is persistent longer, apply isopropyl alcohol or hydrogen peroxide rub gently into the surface of the stain to get rid of the bloodstain totally.
  • Afterwards, you clean again with a clean dry cloth or towel and allow it to dry.

How to get blood out of Birkenstocks

If it’s a suede Birkenstock, it can be easy to work on.

Things needed to get blood out of Birkenstocks

  1. Suede cleaning brush
  2. Suede eraser
  3. White vinegar
  4. Microfiber cloth or a cotton cloth

Steps to get blood out of Birkenstocks

  • Use the brush to remove seemingly loose stains by brushing gently.
  • The eraser comes next.  In a gentle back and forth movement, get it deep to penetrate the stain.
  • If the stains are still obviously present, use vinegar and microfiber cloth.
  • Apply the vinegar to the cloth and in a gentle back and forth movement rub on the stain.
  • You can always add more vinegar where it is not enough to do the job.
  • After rubbing, allow to dry

How to get blood out of mesh shoes

How to Get Blood Out of Shoes

Mesh shoes are made of nettings or mesh.  People wear them as everyday shoes or sporting shoes most of the time.

When stained, it can smell and grow mold or bacteria.

Things needed to get blood out of mesh shoes

  1. Brush(Soft brush )
  2. Paste of baking soda and vinegar
  3. Dry towel or cloth

Steps to get blood out of mesh shoes

  • Use a soft brush to remove the already dried bloodstain.
  • In a bowl, make a mix of baking soda and vinegar.
  • Apply the Mix with a towel to the affected mesh part.
  • Leave on the stain for about 20 minutes
  • Thereafter, wet the towel and rinse the paste off.
  • Towel dry to remove excess water.
  • Allow to dry thoroughly by air.

What makes blood get into shoes?

Blood can get into shoes through various means. It ranges from injury spreading from knee to shoe.

This is in the case of hurting the knee or upper part of the body like the legs and the blood gushes out right down to the shoes. This is often experienced in children.

They play carelessly, hurting themselves in the process. Sometimes road accidents can lead to bleeding from various parts of the body which eventually get to the shoes if it’s so bad.

In the case of a bruised foot, the blood can ooze out of the injured spot and spread to the shoe if it is not bandaged.

Also if there’s so much pressure on the affected area, the blood can spill out to the shoes.

Wearing the wrong footwear apparently can lead to blood under the skin of the soles of the feet.

This specifically occurs due to stress on the skin during walking a distance or running.

This is why it is encouraged to wear the correct footwear. As improper ones will pose a great challenge health-wise and otherwise. It can also cause Shoe bites.

Shoe bites don’t necessarily lead to bleeding. It can also be caused by puncture wounds under the foot or basically trauma to the foot.

On rare occasions bleeding disorders and where the patient wears a shoe, the shoe gets stained. If there are rough edges in the shoe it can cause an injury leading to pressure and friction, shoe bites.


Shoes are man-made and are bound to experience any form of spill, splash or stain considering how often we use them and the purpose for which it is made to be used.

Even the fabric used to make the shoe can determine if it will be easily stained or absorbs stain.

It can be soiled accidentally, be it an adult or child. This scenario cannot always be avoided. Nevertheless, shoes should be taken care of so as not to wear away in a short time.

Items mentioned in the above article should be made available at home, kept in a storeroom should in case the need for it pops up someday.

Some stains are very easy to get rid of while others like coffee, blood can be so much of a headache hence, this article

The whole agenda is to bring that badly stained shoe back to life and be well rocked by the owner.

Hydrogen peroxide should be kept away from the reach of children as it can cause great damage when exposed to children.

It is meant for external use only. It should be kept in a storeroom.

When walking, one should check the paths he follows to avoid missing steps, getting injured and what have you.

Nike shoes are quite tough. Provisions such as sneaker stain remover have been made available to remove tough stains from the shoe where using hydrogen peroxide is not an option.

Although hydrogen peroxide is a potent remover for many stains.

Other strong stain removers not mentioned are Wine Away, coca-cola, lemon soda.

The “wine away” applied for about 20 minutes to sit into the stain and then rinsed off. It contains enzymes too that remove stains.

Lemon soda is a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda. The mixture sits for up to 30 minutes then rinse off. The process is repeated as many times as you want the stain off.

Getting dried blood out of white shoes should not be a problem anymore following the steps in the article.

For Birkenstock, weather suede, or leather Birkenstock the procedure is the same.

Bloodstain removal is not impossible, hopefully, this knowledge helps out there.

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