Are Guess Shoes Good Quality?

Yes, Guess shoes are good quality.

There’s an awful little written about the quality of Guess shoes perhaps because it is a luxury brand.

Little known fact about the Guess brand is that they pride themselves on quality. If you wear Guess shoes you can be easily distracted by the style and how beautifully the shoes are made. The fact is they are durable as well.

What makes Guess shoes good quality?

No brand can survive in the cutthroat world of footwear without making quality an important part of its offering.

Guess footwear is known the world over as a luxury brand even though they also offer low-budget footwear for the general market.

Guess offers a wide range of footwear from women’s heels and wedges to men’s sneakers and sock sneakers.

Guess shoes are good quality for the following reasons:

  • Distinct products
  • Durable construction
  • Durable materials

Distinct products

The Guess brand employs cutting-edge styles every time they release a new shoe style. No two Guess shoes styles are exactly alike.

You can tell a Guess shoe though by the triangular logo on the side of the shoe with the question mark in the middle of it.

The combination of stitches and zippers for example is a feat Guess has mastered over the 40 decades they’ve been in business.

The zippers don’t get stuck and fall off shoes like the Guess Men’s Million Sneakers shown below.

Durable construction

Since Guess products target high earners and middle-class buyers, the brand knows to stay in the game their shoes must use durable materials.

Guess offers shoes with a diverse combination of leather to synthetic uppers. Most of their shoes feature rubber soles and boots with the best practice in welting. Guess Lodda sneaker for example features a construction shared by sneaker giants Adidas.

Guess Lodda is a luxury sneaker, as you can see from the glossy shine of the synthetic uppers, the logo side, and the mix of colors.

The stitching that runs around the side of the rubber sole allows for strong and durable wear. Guess always makes shoes that balance the scales between luxury and function.

Guess uses real leather sparingly in their other accessories like bags. Many of their shoes feature man-made leather as well. A few use real leather like the Denaly Court Shoe pictured below.

The upper on this shoe is leather. The lining is the fabric that allows continued freshness, and low smell possibility.

The sole is rubber which complements the whole construction for traction of 3.4 inches heel. Guess knows how to combine beauty and great construction in their women’s shoes.

Durable materials

You can absolutely trust that Guess uses durable materials in their shoes. Here you may find the answer to why the majority of Guess shoes do not feature outright use of leather. They have a commitment to sustainable use of raw materials.

Since the leather market which relies heavily on animal skin isn’t as sustainable as man-made materials, it is only expected that brands such as Guess will have to use synthetic materials, and produce a high level of quality that buyers expect.

Guess policy even includes not using materials from certain furry animals or exotic leather from endangered animals.

To stay in business with materials from other sources, they have had to make sure to keep on producing quality at the same level as brands that don’t share their animal policies as much.

Top 5 Guess shoes to buy

In recent years the Guess brand has not been in the news so much and many wonder if the brand has still got what it takes when it comes to shoes.

Of course, the market for bags, and clothes continue to experience highs and lows across brands.

If you have not encountered Guess shoes you’d love to buy, let me acquaint you with 5 Guess shoes you should add to your collection.

Guess Calidi

Are Guess Shoes Good Quality

Guess presents these high heels for the working woman who doesn’t compromise on style.

If you’re a Guess fan already, you’ll know shoes from the brand aren’t just about substance, they are also about the name. You want to wear a Guess shoe and turn heads.

Folks are going to be asking what shoes you’re wearing with these heels. The upper features man-made materials, a catchy leopard skin look, distinct arch cut for a more comfortable pull.

The 3.4 inches heel ends with a rubber tip for traction. It also offers a textile lining that prevents the shoes from developing an odor. The aim of these heels is a chic and stylish appearance.

These shoes can be styled with all manner of formal clothes as you choose; long and short skirts, dresses, and even pants.

It comes in different colorways as well; brown with the leopard skin pattern, black and light brown without the leopard skin pattern.

Guess Men’s Leddy Sneaker

Are Guess Shoes Good Quality

Here comes my personal favorite of the Guess sneaker lineup. It features a simplistic yet stylish approach to sneaker manufacture.

It’s got a combination of white plain materials and a shade of yellowish-brown patch on the side.

You’ll love the glossy feel of the round toe, the smoothness of the padded collar, and the cushioned footbed. The sole of this shoe is rubber.

The stitch ensures durability and a comfortable stride that allows the shoe to flex with your feet as you walk.

These aren’t running shoes, far from it, but you can be sure that you’ll enjoy a functional enjoyment that allows you to style with your own personal touch.

One of the things you’ll enjoy wearing Guess shoes is they are easy to style with everything in your wardrobe; jeans and all types of denim clothes, shorts, baggy and slim trousers, and pants too.

The shoes allow you to either wear them with socks or not.

Guess Loven

Are Guess Shoes Good Quality

Get ready to smile at compliments for wearing these shoes until your face hurts.  This is Loven from the Guess brand. These women’s shoes are designed for an active outdoor life. They are versatile shoes too.

They feature synthetic and textile uppers that combine feminine color elements. The use of silver colors in the back of the heels allows the shoe to be worn with skirts, pants, or skinny jeans.

They’d look good with dresses as well for the daring woman. It features a non-cluttered approach to style, a lace-up closure, and tongues that protects the feet.

The Guess logo is on the side of the shoe, in full lettering. The rubber soles allow you to strut confidently with these sneakers, the round toe silhouette compliments everything you wear with the shoes. 

G-Chain Ankle Strap Pumps

Are Guess Shoes Good Quality

Here’s an ankle strap pump from Guess, a dress shoe designed to suit the taste of both high rollers and middle-class folks.

It comes with all the features that make Guess a luxury brand. The design exudes class, style, and importance.

What sets these pumps apart from any other shoe like it is the strap made for the ankles. The metallic color of the strap sets it off, giving the pump the classy look. The heel also features that slight off-color tinge too, completing the look.

The materials on this shoe are synthetic in keeping with the Guess custom. The faux leather upper also sets the silhouette of the shoe off in that neutral color, allowing for a wide styling range.

It features a back zipper as well; zippers are a well-known feature in Guess shoes – allowing for easy on and off. Ladies would love the pointed toes, the arch support, and the stiletto heels.

Made Faux Suede Sneakers

Are Guess Shoes Good Quality

Did you know Guess made running shoes as well?

Here’s a sneaker I’m recommending, a suede-covered sneaker. Typical of Guess, this suede feature offers many stitched parts.

The Guess G letter is a prominent embroidery on the side of the shoe. It is an amalgamation of suede panels and canvas.

These sneakers are versatile, they can be used to burn calories as you run with them. They are also stylish enough for casual outings. The shoe can be styled with pants, shorts, and jeans.

You’d love the generous cushioning in the footbed, midsole, and from the heel to the forefoot. The collar and tongue feature moderate padding to keep your feet safe inside the shoe.

Concluding thoughts

Keep it moving with Guess shoes. They never left the stores even though the buzz around the brand isn’t what it used to be.

As the foregoing has shown, Guess shoes are not just luxury items. Beyond the flashy labeling and glittery shade of color, you’ll appreciate the construction, utility, and comfortability that Guess shoes provide.

All you need to do is check the shoes out in the links provided and see for yourself.

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