Tricker’s vs Cheaney: Comparison

Tricker's vs Cheaney

Trickers and Cheaney, are two of the finest quality shoe-making companies operating in the UK. Yet, many don’t know about them – or their equally distinct styles of footwear. For few users that know about the two brands, they can attest that they provide quality. Both Tricker’s and Cheaney are iconic British shoemakers. Both companies … Read more

Teva Hudson vs Katavi Sandals: Which is Better?

Teva Hudson vs Katavi Sandals

Boots and typical dress shoes are normally too formal for outdoor tours and camping,  during such outings you need light, comfortable sandals like Teva’s so your feet can feel the atmosphere. Teva’s Hudson sandals are simple, they have openings for your legs to flex in them without strain while Katavi sandals have more materials at … Read more

10 Shoes Similar to Alegria Shoes – Best Alegria Alternatives in 2022

Shoes Similar to Alegria Shoes

The purpose of wearing shoes is to obtain comfort, reduce stress, and complement your fashion style. The Alegria brand aims at achieving these purposes with the beautiful styles and comfortable shoes they produce. They make working shoes for nurses and other medical professionals. These shoes are made suitable for long-standing hours and running up and … Read more